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4 Expert Tips on How to Hang Posters The Right Way

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Posts can be effective, personal, and fun if used for advertising, artwork, or just being displayed on a bedroom wall. Hanging them is not as simple as throwing them on a wall with some tacks, however.

If you want to avoid having uneven posters that distract from the art of the piece, unnecessary holes in the walls, and possible damage to the print, follow these tips so it looks like an expert did it.

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The 4 Expert Tips for Hanging Posters The Right Way

1. Match the Hardware to the Type of Wall

Whether you plan to hang your poster on a mortar wall or on drywall, be sure to use the proper hardware. To hang your art posters, you can use things like screws, nails or anchors.

Be sure the hardware is sufficient for the weight of the poster so it holds properly. Otherwise, you could end up with your posters on the floor, broken poster frames, or damage to the wall.

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2. Arrange the Posters Before Hanging Them

It is important to have a plan. You want to avoid having numerous holes because the arrangement was undesirable. These steps will ensure a successful arrangement:

  • Arrange the posters on the table or floor.
  • You can get a feel for the best arrangement as you move them around on your surface.
  • Once you have your desired plan, use wrapping paper to trace the dimensions.
  • Lightly tape the paper to the wall.
  • Place the posters in the designated spots.
  • Remove the wrapping paper, and the posters will be arranged according to your plan.

3. Hang the Posters at Eye Level

For posters to be the most effective for those viewing them, the standard height for wall exhibits is at eye level. To achieve this height, which should be comfortable for most people, place the poster between 60 and 65 inches from the floor.

If you put the posters or artwork at a height that is good for you, it may not be appropriate for others.

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4. How Does the Poster Relate to Everything

Whether you are hanging the posters in your office or home, achieving a professional look requires considering other things in the surrounding area. If the art is used to decorate a space, think about where you want it to go. This will determine the height of the poster.

Are you hanging the posters or artwork in a hallway, staircase, or dining room? Is it an area where you frequently sit or stand? Consider hanging the poster about 60 inches from the floor for a hallway. Gallery walls should be grouped so the furniture and the bottom of the picture gallery match. The posters should be grouped together to create one large picture.

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There you have it, four expert tips to hang your posters. Get busy, follow these tips, and create a professional-looking wall with all your favorite posters and prints. When you are finished, your single print or gallery wall is sure to look unique and stylish. You will showcase your posters so the fine detail of the artwork is not obstructed by crooked frames or improper height.

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