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How to Store Blankets (11 Creative Ways)

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Blankets are great. They are cozy, warm, and sometimes even stylish. Throw blankets are a great gift, and most people have a small collection of snuggly blankets in their homes. However, if you do not store your blankets properly, they can quickly go from soft and inviting to messy, coarse, and unsightly. Blankets that are left out all the time are fodder for pets, will attract dirt and hair, and can get in the way. But how can you properly store blankets? There are many great ways to store blankets that are helpful and convenient.

Here are 11 great tips on how to store blankets in your home right now.

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11 Ways How to Store Blankets

1. Utilize Out of Sight Storage

One of the best ways to store blankets is by keeping them close but also keeping them out of sight. Out of sight storage includes things like under bed storage, linen closets, and built-in drawers. It is a good idea to try and hide some of your blankets because chairs and couches that are covered in blankets can be unsightly and unusable. Keeping blankets out of sight removes them from view but keeping them close ensures that you can still easily grab them if the temperatures drop.

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2. Vacuum Seal Them

A good long term storage solution is to vacuum seal your blankets. You can fold your blankets, put them into a vacuum seal bag, and suck out all the air. This reduces the amount of space that the blankets take up while keeping them fresh and folded for as long as you need them to be. This is a great way to store blankets before a move or if you have a rental property that won’t be used for some time.

3. Use Them as Decoration

Blankets do not always need to be stuffed out of sight to be stored. You can store blankets in a way that makes them decorative. You can use a blanket ladder to fold the blankets and hang them up in a main area. You can also use clotheslines or hooks to hang your blankets up on the walls. Hanging blankets as decorations can have noise dampening benefits and, depending on the style and pattern of your blankets, can also be a complimentary aesthetic upgrade to your design.

4. Roll Them Up

Blankets roll very well. Rolling up your blankets makes them more visually appealing, makes them smaller, and allows you to store them in areas in which folded blankets simply don’t fit well. All you have to do is fold your blanket into quarters long ways and then roll them into tight spirals. Small rolled-up blankets can be displayed, put into a basket, or neatly stacked in a bay window or shelf.

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5. Store Them in a Drawer

Drawers are great places to store blankets. If you have any drawers on an old console or entertainment center or a part of a built-in, they are great places to stick blankets. Folding blankets into a square makes them super easy to put into a drawer, the same way you put your clothes into a dresser drawer. In fact, an old antique dresser is a great way to add some character to your den while also adding ample blanket storage space.

6. Place Them with Winter and Cold Weather Gear

If you live in a warm climate, you might not have the use of thick blankets or down comforters for large portions of the year. Instead of having the blankets sit around and take up valuable space in your house, you can store them away with your cold weather gear. Fold the blankets and put them with your winter coats, gloves, and boots. This way, when you need to grab your jacket back out from the closet, your warmest blankets will be there, ready to go. Most people have a spot where they keep their seasonal gear. Simply add your extra blankets to this stash to instantly save some space.

7. Use Basic Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins aren’t sexy or stylish, but they are useful. If you are sick of moving your blankets from seat to seat or room to room, you can simply store them in a basic storage bin. You can buy simple storage bins at your local hardware store for cheap. Buy a bin, stuff your blankets in, and store the bin away. If you get a tight locking lid, you can store your blankets in a garage or shed.

plastic storage bins
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8. Buy a Stylish Blanket Basket

Baskets are one of the best ways to store blankets. Many baskets can fit in a corner or under an end table for easy access. You can get rustic wicker baskets or large boho chic baskets to fit your style. Large baskets can hold folded blankets, and small baskets can easily hold and display rolled blankets. Blankets can be a timeless classic addition to your style or a fresh new take to blanket storage. There are tons of different options and customization potential with this tip.

9. Antique Blanket Trunk

Another classic way to store blankets is in an antique trunk. Trunks have been used to store blankets for decades, perhaps even centuries. Whether you have a hand-knitted family blanket or an old heavy wool blanket, an old trunk is the perfect way to store them. Antique trunks can add a ton of character to a room and can even double as a coffee table in some instances. Trunks can also hold a ton of blankets and even throw pillows.

10. Use an Easily Accessible Ottoman

Ottomans with storage are an effective and versatile storage option for blankets. Ottomans make great additions to various seating arrangements, including love seats, chairs, and couches. Ottomans with storage are a great way to keep blankets nearby without having them clutter the room. Simply fold your blankets and throw them into the ottoman when they are not in use. Storage ottomans are also highly customizable and have a ton of varied looks to match your particular style perfectly.

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11. Repurpose Unique Storage Containers

One way to add blanket storage and show off your creativity is to utilize old and unique storage containers. You can repurpose many different bins to fit blankets in a stylish way that is completely unique to you. For example, you can use an old firewood holder to keep rolled blankets in. You can refinish an antique chest, find an old dresser, or even use old milk cartons or planters. The sky’s the limit, and you are only constrained by your imagination.

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Short Term vs. Long Term Storage

The biggest thing to consider when choosing a storage option or tip is whether you are storing blankets in the short term or in the long term. Sometimes people want to store blankets for weeks or months at a time. Those solutions will look different than if people want to store blankets for a few days.

Short term storage usually entails keeping the blankets nearby, out of sight, but accessible. That way, people can grab blankets as they need them without them lying around and getting dirty all the time. Long term storage solutions usually include bins and putting the blankets out of sight and out of reach. These solutions are for people who do not need blankets for entire seasons. Long term storage keeps your blankets safe and ensures they will be ready when the weather turns cold again, no matter how long that takes.

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There are tons of great ways to store blankets. From stylish trunks to vacuum storage bags to simple bins, there is a solution that will fit everyone’s unique needs and styles. Some of these tips will help you simply get your blankets out of the way, and others will allow you to make blanket storage a permanent and attractive part of your room’s overall design. The choice is up to you.


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