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Is Rid-X Good for Septic Tanks? How It Works, Benefits & FAQ

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Producing Rid-X was to develop a substance to maintain a healthy bacteria balance in the septic tank. It is designed to be tough on household waste but gentle and safe to use in a septic tank. It breaks down the waste from your house into the septic tank, it will not damage the tank’s walls.

In this article, we will talk more about Rid-X, how it works, its uses and benefits, and other related questions.

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How Does Rid-X Work?

Rid-X Treatment Enzymes

Rid-X contains natural bacteria and advanced enzymes that break down household waste, including oil and grease, paper, and protein, to prevent septic backup issues.

Once it gets in contact with water, it begins to function 2–4 hours later, depending on how favorable the temperature conditions are in the tank. The tank condition may take the Rid-X bacteria up to 4 days to reach their maximum functioning level.

When you add Rid-X to the septic tank, you restore the balance of beneficial bacteria and enzymes required to ensure efficient functioning.

The following ingredients in the Rid-X are scientifically proven to break solid waste:

  • Protease: Protease has been proven to break down proteins; therefore, when you add Rid-X to the septic tank, protein food materials like eggs, fish, meat, dairy products, nuts, etc. will be broken down.
  • Amylase: Amylase will break down starches; therefore, household waste containing food items like cereals, potatoes, pasta, bread, and rice will be broken down when they get to the septic tank.
  • Cellulase: Cellulase in the Rid-X is strong enough to break down toilet paper and vegetable matter like stalks, peels, pits, and shell pieces.
  • Lipase: The Lipase in the Rid-X is designed to break household waste made of fats, oils, and grease; therefore, you will not have to worry about gravy, sauces, meats, cooking oil, margarine, butter, and lard that has gone down the drain causing a backup in the septic tank.

Will Rid-X Damage the Septic Tank?

Rid-X is not designed to damage your septic tank; it is safe¹ for your tank. As earlier stated, this product is made up of bacteria and advanced enzymes that break down solid wastes of proteins, starches, toilet paper, vegetables, fats, oils, and grease.

One sachet of Rid-X contains a specified amount of Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, and Lipase. None of the mentioned bacteria is designed to break down the walls of any septic tank. Most septic tank walls are fiberglass, concrete blocks, high-density plastic, or fiber-reinforced plastic. The bacteria in a sachet or two of Rid-X are not enough to damage any septic tank of the materials mentioned above.

However, before adding it to your septic tank, ensure that the septic tank really needs it. Most septic tanks already have their own natural bacteria that keep the balance and ensure the system works well. Therefore adding Rid-X to it blindly may not make much difference.

Suppose your septic tank needs a boost of Rid-X; you also need to find out what killed the previous natural existing bacteria or enzyme. Or else, adding a sachet of Rid-X to such a harsh environment will be useless since the introduced bacteria will still die due to the unsolved issue. In most cases, the bacteria in your tank die from harsh and harmful substances like bleach.

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How to Use Rid-X

Rid-X usage is straightforward, and not much of it is required. The process is indicated on the sachet, so you can always use the provided instructions.

The product comes in three forms, powder, liquid, or gel. Whichever sachet you buy, all you need to do is add down your toilet.

There is no need for mixing or waiting for a reaction to occur. Once you add your Rid-X to the toilet, flush it immediately. Whether in powder, liquid, or gel, it has the same equal ingredients that will be equally effective.

All types of toilets can use Rid-X apart from chemical toilets. Using the product on composting is also not advisable as it may interfere with the normal compost’s functioning.

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Benefits of Adding Rid-X to Your Septic Tank

Below are benefits¹ linked to adding Rid-X to your septic tank at least once per month.

Rid-X Is a Reliable Product

According to Rid-X manufacturers¹, the product has existed for over 50 years. Septic tank owners have relied on the product for years and still do, making it one of the most trusted and relied-upon septic tank additives. With occasional septic tank pumping, Rid-X can serve you for years.

Rid-X Contains Cellulase Enzymes

Cellulase enzyme is the only enzyme that can really be efficient when breaking down paper. With Rid-X in your septic tank, you are assured that the tissue papers that run down into your septic tank from the toilet will not be the reason you need to pump your septic tank often. Like most waste products, they, too, will be broken down to prevent septic backup.

Ease Of Use

To use a Rid-X sachet, you just need to add it down the toilet and flush it. There is no need for additional actions like mixing or waiting for a specific reaction before it begins to function.

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No Damage to the Septic Tank or the Drainage Pipes

Rid-X is only designed to digest or break down household waste. The product is not made of any harmful or harsh chemicals that will damage your drainage system. The natural bacteria and advanced enzymes in the product cannot break down the septic tank walls or damage the drainage pipes as it flows down the septic tank.

Prolongs the Lifespan of Your Septic Tank

The primary function of Rid-X is maintaining a healthy bacteria balance in the septic tank. It does this with the help of natural bacteria and advanced enzymes that break down household waste. Therefore it prolongs your septic tank’s lifespan by increasing the time it will take before you have to pump it again.

Restores the Bacteria and Enzymes Required In a Septic Tank

A septic tank has bacteria and enzymes that digest solid waste to reduce the chances of septic backup. However, there are occasions when these bacteria and enzymes no longer function like they should, especially after using harsh chemicals that interfere with their normal functioning. Adding Rid-X to the septic tank will boost their function and restore the bacteria and enzymes’ functions to normal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Rid-X Unclog Drains, Pipes, or Toilets?

Rid-X does not unclog drains, pipes, or toilets. Once they are clogged, look for alternative ways to unclog them. You may also look for a professional to help you with the clogging problem.

The furthest Rid-X can go to slow down the process of filling up the septic tank by breaking down or digesting solid waste. The tank will eventually get filled up and will need to be pumped.

Therefore, the more you use Rid-X, the more it helps break down solid waste preventing the organic build-up in pipes, toilets, and drains before they happen.

2. Should I Pour Rid-X in All the Toilets in the House?

Suppose you have more than one toilet in your house; you do not have to pour a sachet of Rid-X in all the toilets to flush them down the drain. All the waste from your home ends up in the septic tank, be it from the kitchen sink, the bathroom, or the toilet.

Once you have poured your Rid-X sachet into one toilet, flush it, and it will go down the drain straight to the septic tank, where it will work on digesting all the waste despite where it came from.

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3. Do I Have to Pump My Septic Tank After Using Rid-X

Pumping your septic tank is something that you cannot avoid. Assuming that it is unnecessary to pump a septic tank just because you used Rid-X will cost you dearly in the future. An average septic tank should be pumped at least every 2–3 years. However, the frequency may depend on factors such as the number of people in a home, the quantity of waste being emptied in the tank, size of the tank, and water going down the drain.

Rid-X is not meant to prevent the accumulation of waste in the septic tank. The product is only designed to slow down the accumulation of waste by digesting solid waste in the septic tank.

4. What Is the Best Time to Use Rid-X?

It is best to use Rid-X when you no longer plan to continue using your drainage system for at least three hours. For instance, you may pour Rid-X down the drain before you sleep. That way, you will not run lots of water or waste down the drain.

You can also pour Rid-X down the drain before leaving for work. The Rid-X will have adequate time to flow down the septic tank and begin the digestion process without any interference or probably being flushed out of the tank before finally performing its purpose.

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Final Thoughts

Rid-X contains natural bacteria and advanced enzymes that maintain a healthy bacteria balance in the septic tank. It breaks down household waste to reduce the accumulation of solid waste in the septic tank and prevent backups. It is safe for the septic tank because no known harsh chemicals are used when making the product.

However, do not assume that Rid-X stops you from frequently pumping your septic tank like you are supposed to. The product only breaks down the solid waste and reduces the accumulated debris in the septic tank. You are always responsible for ensuring that your septic tank is pumped at the right time.

Finally, it is best to pour the Rid-X down the septic tank when you are sure you will not be flushing anything down the drain for at least three hours to give it time to function.

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