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9 Ladder Shelf Décor Ideas to Get You Inspired (With Pictures)

decorative ladder in the bathroom

Whether you’re thinking of adding a ladder shelf to your home or trying to figure out how to use one you already have, there are tons of options out there. We’ve highlighted 12 different ladder shelf décor ideas for you below. Look through the ideas here, get some inspiration, and then set up the perfect décor for your home!

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1. Use Planters

Image Credit: blog.mytastefulspace
Cost Moderate
Ease of Completion Moderate

If you want to add a touch of nature to the décor, then adding some planters to the ladder shelf is a great way to do it. But while there’s no denying the results of a plant-filled ladder shelf, it does take a bit more work and vision to set up.

You need to get the right pots and plants to get the perfect look, and since plants constantly grow, this requires a little vision of how everything will look when it’s blooming and in season. Additionally, finding enough pots and plants to fill up the shelf can drive the cost up a bit.

2. Make It a Bar

Serve Cocktails Like an Adult With A Classy Vertical Bar
Image Credit: brit
Cost Moderate
Ease of Completion Easy

If you don’t have a bar cart or a dedicated space for you to hold your drink supplies, a ladder shelf can be just what you need! It allows you to put everything on display for easy access and a stylish look.

If you already have everything you need, this décor won’t cost you a dime, but if you don’t, the cost of purchasing everything can quickly add up. In the end, the exact amount you spend comes down to the type of alcohol you want for your bar and, as you can imagine, this cost can vary quite a bit.

3. Add Some Books

HYNAWIN Book Shelf

Cost Moderate
Ease of Completion Easy

While you can’t turn a ladder shelf into a full library, it’s a great choice if you have a smaller library or collection of books you want to display. Whether it’s your kid’s books or yours, a ladder shelf is a great way to show them off them in a sophisticated way.

4. Towel Rack

Vintage White Blanket Ladder
Image Credit: mygift
Cost Low
Ease of Completion Easy

A simple ladder can be easily used as a towel rack in the bathroom. The best part about this decor idea is that you do not need a large ladder or one with wide steps. A basic ladder will do the trick! Well, you might need a fresh coat of paint to spruce up the ladder if it is quite worn out!

5. Add Seasonal Décor

Beautiful Christmas Village Ladder Displays
Image Credit: craftymorning
Cost Moderate
Ease of Completion Moderate

As the seasons change so should your décor! Whether it’s floral notes during the spring, gourds in the fall, or snowmen for the winter, a ladder shelf is an excellent rotational décor piece.

It does cost a bit more to get all the different décor for each season, and it does require you to pull things out and put them away every few months. Still, when you get the proper décor and swap it out as the weather changes, it really adds a nice element to the feel of your home.

6. Create Additional Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage Ideas to Help You Declutter on a Budget
Image Credit: bhg
Cost Low
Ease of Completion Easy

Does your kitchen not have enough storage? If so, using a ladder shelf might be the perfect solution. It creates a ton of vertical storage where you can put various appliances.

Even better, chances are you already have all the kitchen appliances you need to put on the shelf, so you don’t need to spend anything on the décor. Still, while it’s a great solution for some homes, it’s certainly not the right fit for everyone.

7. Dedicate It to Family

Kitchen Storage Ideas to Help You Declutter on a Budget1
Image By: bhg
Cost Low
Ease of Completion Easy

Whether it’s a memorial to a family member that’s passed on, a space for family photos, or a collage of your kids growing up through the years, a ladder shelf makes the perfect piece to highlight all your precious memories.

Adding lots of photos and mementos to each shelf creates a homey feeling and gives the décor of your home a more personalized touch. However, if you don’t have the pictures already, they’re not really something you can just go out to a store and purchase.

8. Add Some Toys

The Cs’ IKEA Big Boy Room Reveal
Image By: justagirlandherblog
Cost Low
Ease of Completion Moderate

Are you finding that you’re constantly picking up your kid’s toys from the floor? Why not reinvent the typical toy box by using your ladder shelf? While we don’t recommend just throwing toys on each shelf, if you add a few containers a single ladder shelf can hold a lot of the mess. This will free up space throughout the rest of the room and help eliminate a good portion of the clutter from the floor.

9. Make It Vintage

Junkers Unite with a stepladder side table
Image By: funkyjunkinteriors
Cost Moderate
Ease of Completion Moderate

If you’re a collector of older things and antiques, a ladder shelf can be the perfect way to show them off. This décor idea really pops if you have an aged or distressed ladder shelf, as the shelf then really matches the décor.

This isn’t the easiest look to pull off if you don’t already have the décor pieces, but a few trips to yard sales, flea markets, and antique shops should get you everything you need. If you bargain shop, you shouldn’t even need to spend a ton, but then you will have to put a bit more effort into finding everything.

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Now that you have a few ladder shelf décor ideas, all that’s left is for you to find the perfect way to incorporate one into your home! When you use them properly, they look beautiful and can really elevate the look of an entire room.

Try a few out and see which one you like the most—you might just find that you want a few more ladder shelves for your home!

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