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7 Living Room Flooring Trends in 2024 – Design Ideas for a Modern Home

Building on more than a decade of growing popularity, hardwood floors are still a huge trend today, especially in heavily-trafficked areas like living rooms. While some people may utilize carpets in bedrooms, almost every modern home will have hardwood floors in the living room.

However, the exact hardwoods used over the last decade or so have changed. In the past, designers most used brown flooring that was made from real wood. Ten years ago, real wood was the thing to have.

But we are largely moving away from that today. Vinyl and “fake” wood have become very popular, especially since it is easier to take care of, has a longer lifespan, and come in more variations.

Keep reading for the biggest trends that are coming to the forefront this year.

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Top 7 Living Room Flooring Trends

1. Dramatic Colors

dramatic living room
Image By: Francisco De Legarreta C., Unsplash

Many designs are trying to get away from the monochrome palate that has been popular for the last decade or so. Instead of playing it safe with the color, more homes are featuring bold colors. On top of dramatic paint and furniture choices, some homes are utilizing unique hardwood grains and colors to make their space unique and memorable.

With vinyl and tile that looks like hardwood, you can do a lot. There are many variations available that aren’t possible with real wood, which allows you to make a statement.

There are many ways you can get dramatic coloration on real wood, too. For instance, staining and fuming are both easy ways to achieve interesting colors.

2. Bleached Wood

living room with bleached wood flooring
Image Credit: Sidekix Media, Unsplash

If the design elements of the room are not focused on the flooring, you may want to consider bleached wood. While the glossy brown stain used to be the most popular option, many people are turning to muted stains to achieve their desired look not.

Typically, these floorings are made with real wood that has been blanched, which makes it take on a monochrome tone. Of course, the exact style depends on the type of wood used. Blanching just gets rid of the artificial color that has been placed on the wood, making it look white-washed.

However, the charm and beauty of the wood are still there. It just isn’t as brown as other options.

3. Distressed Wood

Once upon a time, distressed wood was a sign that the floors weren’t being taken care of properly. However, today, many people are deciding to put pre-distressed wood in their homes. If you’re looking for a more rustic or farmhouse style, these cuts of wood can fit very nicely.

Usually, this look comes in vinyl or tiles. After all, you don’t want to beat up actual wood because it would mess with the durability.

Today, many people are opting for concrete tiles that look like wood, as they are extremely durable and still very stylish.

Either way, this trend only goes with certain styles, so be sure that it’s the style of your home before you decide to implement it. For it to look good (and not just like you beat up your floors), the rest of the design needs to match.

4. Patterned Floors

living room with patterned floor
Image Credit: Spacejoy, Unsplash

For a modern and interesting look, many designers are utilizing the usual vinyl wood but laying it down in a patterned matter. While this look isn’t terribly expensive (because you’re just using the same old stuff), it does bring a lot of interest to a home. We particularly like this design for coastal style, which tends to be a bit more whimsical anyway.

If your home is lacking in any statement piece, then doing patterned floors is a great way to make it more interesting. It works great in smaller areas, like kitchens, as the pattern can become a bit too much in wider spaces. (That doesn’t mean that some designers don’t make it work for larger spaces, though.)

Usually, you’ll want to pick a more monochrome piece of wood for this style since the interest lies in the pattern—not the wood itself.

5. Graphic Floors

Moving away from hardwood for a moment, graphic floors are coming back in style. These floors add a lot of interest to the room, making them a great option for those that want their living room to really pop.

You can find graphic floors of many different kinds. If you can dream up a pattern, you can likely make it into a graphic floor.

This design is extremely artful. Exactly how much it pops depends on the pattern you choose. Some are a bit hypnotic and considered a bit much by many of the uninitiated. However, they are well-loved by many designers, and we will likely see them grow in popularity over the next few years or so.

6. Large Tiles

large floor tile in the living room
Image Credit: Alex Quezada, Unsplash

Instead of hardwood or vinyl, some homeowners are opting for larger tiles. These can provide a bit of an industrial look, and they are extremely durable and easy to take care of. Plus, depending on what exactly you purchase, these tiles can be extremely inexpensive. Therefore, they are a great option for those looking to save a bit of money.

You can find large tiles that look like just about anything. Some homeowners choose tiles that are one solid color, while others select tiles that have some sort of pattern. Either way, you can do a lot with this trend, which is likely why it is becoming increasingly popular.

7. Natural Colors

Many people are deciding to go for a more natural design in their home, incorporating as many natural colors as possible. When it comes to flooring, this often means choosing something without a heavy stain. Cool-colored hardwood and natural-looking wood are all in for this year, and we expect to see this continue for some time.

You can expect to see less-dramatic colors continue right alongside the statement pieces that we’ve already discussed. Not everyone wants dramatic floors, after all. Cools tones are here to stay.

What Is the Most Popular Flooring for a Living Room?

A few years ago, the answer to this question would have been real hardwood – hands down. However, many people are turning to vinyl in droves. This material is easier to take care of and can be made to look exactly like wood. However, it can also be made to look like many other things too. Plus, it is extremely inexpensive, especially when compared to real wood.

Today, this is easily the most popular flooring for a living room, especially in newer homes.

There are many types of vinyl available, though, so you have a lot of choices to make if you decide to go with vinyl. Not all vinyl is popular, after all.

What Color Flooring Is Trending in 2024?

There are two streams of trends when it comes to flooring color. On the one hand, there are many designers that are moving away from muted colors and going for statement pieces. You’ll find a lot of very bold floorings for this reason. For instance, you can even find blue hardwood (and it’s actually quite popular for coastal homes).

However, on the other hand, there are many people that are making statements in other ways – such as with wall colors or furniture. In these cases, a more muted tone is often preferred. Blanched wood and natural colorations are still just as popular as ever and can make a great choice for many homes.

Our only recommendation is to steer away from the monochrome palate that has been so popular over the last decade. Many people are tired of everything just being white and grey. Therefore, choose at least some part of the design that is bold and makes a statement – even if that isn’t the flooring.

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Overall, floorings have moved away from the once-popular hardwood floors. Trends have also moved away from a monochrome palate, which has been extremely popular over the last decade. Instead, bold colorations, interesting patterns, and statement pieces are the most popular options on the market. If you want a stylish house, move away from the same-old whites and greys that have been around for years.

Simple, brown hardwood floors are difficult to find as well. Instead, many people are opting for vinyl or tiles of some sort. It’s much cheaper and easier to take care of, which is one reason that it is increasing in popularity.

Hardwood floors are still around, but they are often bleached or with an interesting stain. Glossy, brown floors are not all popular anymore.

Featured Image Credit: Sven Brandsma, Unsplash


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