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3 Luxury Interior Design Ideas (with Pictures)

luxury interior design

Changing up the interior of your home can be a great way to get a fresh outlook on life, and it enables you to decorate in ways that you normally can’t. However, most people aren’t decorators, so it can be challenging to come up with ideas that will improve the look of the home. If you need help getting started, keep reading as we provide you with several luxury interior design ideas.

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The 3 Luxury Interior Design Ideas


1. Custom Furniture- wood shop diaries

Custom Furniture- wood shop diaries
Image Credit: wood shop diaries

Custom furniture can be a great way to add a unique appearance to your interior. It can be extremely luxurious, and in many cases, you can build something using only a few tools. This DIY Couch from WoodShop Diaries is a great example of custom furniture that will help your environment be more comfortable and look more luxurious.

2. Lighting Fixtures- sugar and cloth

Lighting Fixtures- sugar and cloth
Image By: sugar and cloth

Many homes use traditional lighting that tries not to attract attention. However, adding designer lining can go a long way toward making the home feel fancier. Chandeliers are great choices, as are decorative lamps. Another advantage of lamps is that you can often find beautiful models for sale inexpensively at antique shops or yard sales. You can also build a lamp, like this DIY Pendant Light from SugarAndCloth. It only requires a few supplies, like a woven basket and a lamp mounting kit, to create something that no one has.

3. Extra Storage- come stay a while

Extra Storage- come stay a while
Image By: come stay a while

One of the best current trends in modern interior design is adding hidden storage spaces. It helps eliminate clutter, and you can hide storage spaces in chairs, footstools, etc. The options available are nearly limitless. For instance, ComeStayAWhile provides a step-by-step tutorial for creating a fireplace with hidden storage compartments that is surprisingly easy to build and looks amazing.

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Design Tips

  • Start small. In many cases, a new paint job will work wonders, so see how it looks if you don’t have any pre-design plans. It may be all that you need to do.
  • Look at pictures of people’s homes shared on the internet to find ideas that you like.
  • Ask your friends for advice, especially if you like how they decorate their homes.

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Redecorating the interior of your home can seem like a big job at first, but you can start small and tackle bigger jobs as needed. In many cases, a neutral paint color or contrasting scheme will give the environment a new life at a low cost. If it still needs more changes to look good, try reducing the amount of furniture around and switching to biodegradable materials. Extra storage space can help reduce clutter, and changing the lighting can be as effective as new paint. Custom furniture and larger windows are also good options but can be expensive and labor-intensive.

Other interior design ideas:

Featured Image Credit: Victoria Borodinova, Pexels


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