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9 Cottage and Cabin Interior Design Ideas (With Pictures)

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A cabin or a cottage in the woods can truly be inspiring, and almost everyone would love to be able to relax and unwind in such an environment. Other than the stunning nature around cottages and cabins, the interior design of the space is what is going to determine your overall feel of the space. That’s why you should try to make your cabin/cottage stand out.

Although it might seem like a challenge, there are simple ways that you can turn your cottage or cabin into a stunning, functional space.

If you’re thinking of redesigning and redecorating your cottage/cabin, check out the rest of the article to get some inspiration on cabin interior designs.

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The 9 Cottage and Cabin Interior Design Ideas

1. Combining modern and rustic

Although many people believe they have to choose a particular style for their cabin/cottage, you shouldn’t be afraid of combining different styles and mixing old with new. Your space would look stunning if you add modern and rustic details that are well-balanced to make a cohesive, classy, but contemporary environment.

The great thing about mixing modern and rustic is that you can use such a design in any area of your cabin/cottage to make it more beautiful. As cottages and cabins already have a rustic design with wood details, adding modern touches would enhance the whole aesthetic appeal of the area.

Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild and play with different options until you achieve a perfect balance.

2. Adding cozy pillows

Most people go to cottages/cabins to unwind, relax and forget about their busy day-to-day life. When people think about cottages and cabins, most imagine a cozy, comfortable space where they can slow down and curl up with a good book. That’s why adding cozy pillows to your cottage/cabin is an excellent way to enhance the overall interior design of the site.

You can purchase pillows in different sizes and patterns or choose a color scheme that will match the rest of the space. The pillows will make the whole area modern while adding extra comfort and making the place inviting and sheltered. Pillows are a great, inexpensive way to add charm and increase the overall comfort of your cottage/cabin. They work well with any other design you have, and you can easily incorporate them into any style or theme.

3. Go for a natural look

One of the best ways to transform the interior design of your cabin/cottage is to simply go for a natural look. That means you should allow all the wood details to shine through. Instead of trying to cover up or paint over wooden walls and floors, try to enhance them and bring out their natural beauty.

Wood is inviting, warm, and pleasant to look at, so a natural look would work stunning for a cottage/cabin in nature. Add plants and minimalistic furniture to embellish the design to make the space stand out even more. It will also be a great way to connect the indoor area with the outdoor environment. You can use other organic materials and reclaimed wood and re-purpose old items into new accessories.

Natural designs will never go out of fashion and will help you feel more connected to the nature around you. Cottages/cabins are typically located in natural environments; adding a bit of the outside to the inside is a perfect way to decorate the interior.

4. Choosing a navy-inspired look

Navy is a great style option for any cottage/cabin, and it would work the best if the location was near water. Colors such as blue and white can enhance your cottage/cabin space and make it feel cheerful and vibrant. Also, if the area is near water, the navy-inspired look can add a beachy feel to the site.

You can paint over the walls with different shades of blue, adding unique blue/white pillows and even adding finishing touches such as anchors or a helm. Navy looks are always fashionable, so you won’t have to worry about your cabin/cottage going out of style.

5. Allow the wood to be the main focal point

Another excellent way to decorate the interior of your cottage or cabin is to keep the color scheme warm. Keeping the color scheme warm includes allowing the natural wood to be the main focal point of the space.

Wooden tones look and feel inviting and charming, so your cottage/cabin will look timeless. You can add various wooden furniture details and accessories from different wood species. The most popular options are typically cedar, redwood, spruce, pine, oak, teak, birch, etc.

Other than looking beautiful, wood will also allow your cottage/cabin to breathe, and it will help with heating and cooling the space. Wood looks inviting, and it’s eco-friendly, helping you live a more sustainable life. Also, wooden details can be rustic or contemporary, and you can adjust them to your personal style preferences.

6. Create a reading nook

Every cottage and cabin should have a designated reading spot, and what’s better than creating a relaxing reading nook where you can enjoy your favorite books. When it comes to making the nook, there are various options and styles you can go for. Our suggestion would be to make the nook next to a window so that you can enjoy the nature around you while reading.

You could also take an extra step and create a small library space where you can lay out your favorite writers.

7. Layer different textures

This style is perfect for people with eclectic and eccentric styles. By layering up different textures in your cabin/cottage, you’ll make the space fun and exciting. A great thing about this look is that you can play with materials, and you could have wooden walls, a stone fireplace, and a leather couch.

The options are limitless, and you can adjust the whole look to your preferences.

Multiple textures add warmth to every space, making your cabin/cottage look even cozier. You can choose from various pieces with different textures and surfaces until you reach a cohesive look.

8. A spa bathroom

Many people believe that cottages and cabins cannot have modern bathrooms, which is not true. You can actually make a stunning, spa-like bathroom in your cabin/cottage by mixing new fresh details and contemporary finishes with the rustic charm of your cottage/cabin space.

Putting a bathtub or a walk-in shower with modern details while keeping wooden beams exposed is an excellent way to achieve a sanctuary-like environment in your cottage/cabin bathroom. If there are no neighbors nearby, you can even place the tub next to a large window so you can admire your surroundings.

As people mostly go to cottages/cabins to relax and enjoy, it’s essential to have a spot where you can unwind and forget about the rest of the world. A modern, spa-like bathroom will provide you with precisely that.

9. Adding windows and mirrors

When designing a specific area of your cottage/cabin, you want to make it inviting and add that indoor-outdoor feel to the space. There’s no better way to do that than adding large windows and mirrors that will allow light to flow throughout the area, making it bright and spacious.

This idea is especially beneficial for smaller cottages/cabins as they will appear larger and more appealing. Large windows allow natural light to come into the space, while the mirrors reflect it through the whole area. This design is excellent for cottages/cabins as they can sometimes appear small and dark.

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There are tons of different options and styles that you can choose for your cottage/cabin. Before starting the makeover project, consider all the options to find something that will suit you the best. You can even mix a couple of different ideas to achieve your dream cottage/cabin interior design.

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