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20 DIY Christmas Tree Stands Plans You Can Make Today

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Most people have some generic tree stand for their Christmas tree kicking around. These stands are usually nothing fancy, and more often than not, they’re hidden under a festive tree skirt anyways.

If you’re looking for a fun DIY project for this holiday season, consider building your own tree stand. When you make your own decor, you’re free to inject as much personality into it as you like. And you may be surprised to find how inexpensive it is to make a DIY Christmas tree stand.

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The 20 DIY Christmas Tree Stands Plans You Can Make Today

1. Farmhouse Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: 1×6 and 1×2 pine boards, stain and wood conditioner of your choice
Tools: Nail gun, tape measure, circular saw or miter saw, glue, clamps
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

You don’t need to use pine boards for this farmhouse Christmas tree stand. However, pine is one of those woods that is great for those farmhouse or barn-style projects, which is exactly what this DIY stand aims for.

The concept for this project is really quite simple. However, unless you already have some DIY knowledge, the plans could be difficult to keep up with in some places. That’s the primary reason we’ve suggested this as an intermediate project. Other than that, this is not a difficult project, and the finished project is highly customizable regarding the color and finish of the stand.

2. Pallet Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Pallet wood, plastic bag from box of wine, screws
Tools: Miter saw, drill,
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This pallet Christmas tree stand is the perfect project for someone just dipping their toes into the DIY world. Outside of the box of wine, there is basically no cost to this project. Many businesses allow you to take pallets for free, and most people will have three screws kicking around.

A miter saw will be the easiest tool for this project. However, if you have a circular saw or even a jigsaw, you can make either of those work as well. Sanding the wood and giving it a finish could add to the aesthetic appeal of the stand. But once the tree is up, you could also cover the whole stand in a tree skirt.

3. DIY Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: 2x4s, screws, wire eye lags
Tools: Allen wrench, miter saw, drill,
Difficulty Level: Beginner

It doesn’t get much simpler than this DIY Christmas tree stand. If you’ve done any DIY woodworking projects before, this should take you less than an hour—it probably won’t take even a half hour. And cost-wise, you only need a couple of 2x4s for lumber and some hardware.

This plan is similar to the pallet stand we just covered in the sense that it’s not the most beautiful finished product. It will hold a nice big Christmas tree, though! If you want it to be a little fancier, you can hit it with some paint or stain. Otherwise, cover the stand with a lovely festive skirt once the tree is up.

4. Metal Bucket Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Galvanized bucket, clothesline hooks with nuts, marble rocks or garden gravel, 8-inch round plastic container, drill bits
Tools: Drill, tape measure,
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Wood isn’t the only material we can work with on our DIY project. This metal bucket Christmas tree stand proves that unexpected materials can make fun decor and practical items. The nice thing about this project is it requires very little tool use, which increases the safety factor.

A simple project like this doesn’t take much to customize. For example, you could use suitable metal paint to color the bucket. Or you could decorate it with festive ribbons to give it a little flair. Either way, this isn’t a project that will break the bank.

5. Christmas Tree Basket

Materials: Heavy-duty 2-gallon bucket, PVC pipe and cap, quick-dry cement, round basket
Tools: Saw to cut PVC, level
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This Christmas tree basket is a super sturdy stand that’s unlikely to topple over—even if the cat starts using the tree as a jungle gym. In addition, it looks absolutely wonderful and gives your festive decor a great rustic feel (depending on the type of basket you use).

The nice thing about this project is that it’s easy to do and requires almost zero knowledge. Some cement-mixing experience would be good, but the bags usually have pretty good directions. Another great thing about this Christmas tree basket is that it’s easily customized just by decorating the basket.

6. Sturdy Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Planter or bucket without holes, rocks,
Tools: Pruning saw
Difficulty Level: Beginner

A sturdy Christmas tree stand doesn’t have to be fancy. Take this plan, for example. It uses a bucket and rocks to keep your tree in place. This particular DIY project could be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be.

Other than buying a basic bucket or planter, you could simply go collect rocks. On the other hand, you could spend the money on fancy, polished rocks and buy a nicer planter. Just remember to ensure it doesn’t have holes so you can water your Christmas tree without leaks.

7. Christmas Tree Collar Box

Materials: Various dimensional lumber, screws, pre-stain conditioner, gray stain (or personal preference), matte topcoat
Tools: Kreg Jig, drill, measuring tape, miter saw
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Making a Christmas tree collar box is a great way to stand your tree up and ensure it takes center stage this holiday season. All while discouraging cats from climbing the tree because of its height.

This isn’t an overly difficult project. However, it uses a Kreg Jig, which not everyone has lying around. It’s possible to complete the project without the jig but creating pocket screw holes makes a much nicer finish.

8. DIY Christmas Tree Planter

Materials: Dimensional lumber, plywood, screws, glue, stain or paint of choice
Tools: Drill, miter saw, clamps, circular saw, orbital sander
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This DIY Christmas tree planter would be a beautiful addition to your family room for the tree this holiday season. Not only does it have a nice rustic feel, but you can also customize it with color to match many different interior decoration styles.

Most of these projects can be created easily with a miter saw. However, to cut the plywood to size, you will need a more mobile saw such as a circular saw or jigsaw. Even a hand saw would do the trick if you don’t mind the extra work.

9. Heavy Duty Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Dimensional lumber, screws, brad nails, bucket
Tools: Miter saw or circular saw, drill, nailer
Difficulty Level: Beginner

If you’re not as concerned about looks as you are with the stand being able to hold a big tree, this heavy-duty Christmas tree stand is the project for you. With this project’s design, you’ll be able to put up pretty much as big a tree as any house can hold.

It doesn’t look great, but at the end of the plan, where the creator shows a picture of the finished product, they give a great idea of how to incorporate it. In their house, they wrapped a sheet around the stand and boxed it in with a planter-style box.

10. Faux Barn Wood Christmas Tree Collar

Materials: Giant cardboard box, hot glue, binder clip, imitation wood paper,
Tools: Utility knife, hot glue gun
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Wood is great project material, but not everyone can work on a wooden project. This faux barn wood Christmas tree collar allows everyone to have “wooden” holiday decor. The most expensive part of this project will likely be the imitation wood paper. But the plan’s creator gives several good options for where to get the materials.

11. Concrete Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Bucket, concrete mix, PVC pipe
Tools: Saw for PVC, water
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Suppose you’re looking for a sturdy stand. In that case, this concrete Christmas tree stand is about the sturdiest you will get without making a heavy-duty wooden one. The nice thing about a concrete stand like this is that you’re free to box it however you want.

Remember to wear a mask when dealing with concrete powder. It’s terrible for your lungs if you breathe it in. Besides wearing the mask, the best way to prevent dust is to ensure you’re using adequate water in the mix.

12. Rope Christmas Tree Collar

Materials: Cardboard, hot glue, white rope
Tools: Utility knife, hot glue gun
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This is a perfect example of a collar that would pair well with the previous concrete bucket stand. A rope Christmas tree collar is a time-consuming but inexpensive holiday project. Still, the finished project is a unique way of hiding the base of your festive trees.

One neat feature about this plan is that the creator ends the article with some tips on decorations that go well with a white and black rope design.

13. Scrap Wood Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Scrap dimensional lumber, screws, glue, preference of stain or paint
Tools: Drill, miter saw or circular saw, clamps, Kreg jig
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

It doesn’t get much cheaper than scrap wood, hence the major draw for this wooden Christmas tree stand. The plans show pocket hole screws, which is the ideal way to construct panels like this. However, you can complete the project without a Kreg Jig if you do it carefully.

A nice bonus of this particular design is that the plan’s creator has left it open for customization regarding color. They also include a section to guide you through building a concrete tree stand inside the box if you don’t already have one.

14. Picture Frame Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Picture frames, fabric, cardboard, staples
Tools: Stapler, utility knife or scissors
Difficulty Level: Beginner

If you have extras lying around, this picture frame Christmas tree stand would be a fun holiday DIY project. There are a couple of ways you could approach this project—both are shown in the plans.

You can go the route of using your choice of fabric and cover each frame entirely. On the other hand, you can get creative with the different types of frames and allow each to be a part of the project without covering them.

15. Simple Christmas Tree Collar

Materials: Plywood, trim, preference of paint or stain, staples, screws
Tools: Cricut or similar crafting machine, drill, levels, stapler
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This simple Christmas tree collar is easy to do and highly customizable. The creator uses a crafting machine that cuts out decals in the plans. That’s the beauty of this particular project, though. If you don’t have one of these machines, you can easily customize the collar with other decorations to make it your own.

The panel construction is slightly advanced. But as long as you have a reasonable amount of DIY experience, you shouldn’t have any problems.

16. DIY Drum Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Quilting loops, metal flashing, cup hooks, choice of paint, rope trim
Tools: ainter’s tape
Difficulty Level: Beginner

One of the more unique and original plans on this list is the DIY drum Christmas tree stand. It uses some unexpected materials to get a fantastic result. One word of caution with metal flashing. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s very sharp. So, it’s a good idea to wear gloves.

We’ve labeled this one as a beginner project. However, it does require an artistic flair with tape and painting. If this isn’t your strong suit, you’ll want to take extra time with this project to prevent any mistakes.

17. DIY Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Pine crate, tarp, spray paint, stain, decorations
Tools: Hot glue gun, stapler
Difficulty Level: Beginner

If you’re looking for simple and easy, head to your local Home Depot and get everything you’ll need for this DIY Christmas tree stand. The nice thing about this plan is that it uses mostly ready-to-go materials, so there is very little “construction” knowledge needed.

It also leaves it open for whatever customization you want regarding color and other decorations. A bonus is that the plans include several pictures that show you several ideas on how to decorate the box to get your creative juices flowing.

18. Tapered Wood Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Wooden slats, choice of paint or stain, staples
Tools: Miter saw, stapler, sanding block or orbital sander
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Wooden tree stands and boxes are awesome, but a tapered wood Christmas tree stand adds a whole new dimension to the project. The creator of this project even includes a handy download of her drawing that shows all the measurements she used, which takes a lot of the effort out of the project.

Of course, you can change measurements and sizes to suit your needs like any woodworking project. Maybe you’ve got a bigger tree, or you want a sturdier stand in the center. The possibilities are endless.

19. DIY Christmas Tree Collar

Materials: Galvanized metal tub, toilet bowl cleaner, rocks or bricks
Tools: Steel wool, rubber gloves
Difficulty Level: Beginner

It doesn’t get much simpler than this DIY Christmas tree collar. It’s as simple as buying the tub and using the toilet bowl cleaner to change the finish. One neat thing is that after using the cleaner to change the galvanized finish, you could also use a stencil and paint to further customize the tub.

After you’re done with the design, all you need to do is weigh the tub down and set up your tree in your new DIY tree collar.

20. DIY Christmas Tree Stand

Materials: Various types of wood, corner brackets, screws, glue, choice of paint or stain
Tools: Drill, saw, sandpaper, clamps, sander
Difficulty Level: Beginner

You might just call this DIY Christmas tree stand another box. But it’s another box with endless opportunities to customize. Honestly, there are several boxes on this list, but if you look at each of them, you’ll notice slight design differences. This is where you get to add your own personal touch to the project.

Whether that’s color choice or the way you do the finishing trim. There are no rules for most DIY projects, and this tree stand is no different.

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Closing Thoughts

There you have it: 20 different DIY Christmas tree stand ideas to get your creative juices flowing. The beauty of any DIY project is that there aren’t a lot of rules. You can customize anything to your personal taste. We recommend that you read through several different plans that interest you and see how you can combine various elements to get a tree stand that is 100% you!

Featured Image Credit: sincerely-media, Unsplash

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