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What Can a 7,500-Watt Generator Run? Facts & FAQ


When the lights go out, generators help you resume your life like nothing ever happened. Well, in some cases. Small generators are only suitable for running essential equipment, but 7,500-watt generators are capable of so much more. We’ll get into the wattage breakdown in a bit, but what will a 7,500-watt generator run?

A lot, as it turns out. The exact energy load depends on what you run, but generally, you can either run a lot of small appliances or a few energy hogs off a 7,500-watt generator. They can even run your central air conditioner, but that uses a lot of power. Let’s get into what typical home appliances use in watts so you can estimate what you can run with your 7,500-watt generator.

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Home Appliance Energy Load Breakdown

Every home appliance has an energy load, and their precise energy usage varies widely. Let’s list some of the most common appliances you probably have at home and roughly what they use in watts.

Home Appliance Wattage Use:
  • Microwave: 625–1,000 watts
  • Refrigerator: 700–1,200 watts
  • Electric stovetop: 1500 watts
  • Toaster oven: 750 watts
  • Dryer: 3,000 watts
  • TV: 200 watts
  • Dishwasher: 300 watts
  • Water heater 1,500–4,500 watts
  • Central air conditioner: 3,000–3,500 watts
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So, you could run your central A/C and your fridge, or run numerous of the other, smaller appliances. For instance, running the stovetop, fridge, and water heater uses about 4,000 watts, so you could run the TV and toaster oven at the same time on a 7,500-watt generator.

Let’s check out a sample of what you can run on a 7,500-watt generator in your home.
  • Water heater: 1,500 watts
  • Refrigerator: 700 watts
  • TV: 200 watts
  • Microwave: 1,000 watts
  • Toaster oven: 750 watts
  • Central A/C: 3,000 watts

This adds up to 7,150 watts, which is within the range of power produced by a 7,500-watt generator. Keep in mind that some appliances pull a lot of power initially and then level off, like a refrigerator. Mix and match the precise wattage of your devices or use the above estimates as a rule of thumb to figure out what your generator can run.

Are 7,500-Watt Generators Enough for the Whole House?

In most cases, yes. We just illustrated how you can run a lot of appliances off a 7,500-watt generator. Generally, they’re considered one of the more powerful home generators. You can run most of your home’s essentials, stay connected, and live normally in blackouts, hurricanes, or other disasters that could cut your connection to the power grid.

Other uses for a 7,500-watt generator include powering events in remote locations, powering remote job sites, and keeping refrigerated products cool at grocery stores during blackouts.

An important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need enough fuel to power the generator during an emergency, and 7,500-watt generators burn through fuel quickly. Dual-type generators that can use propane and gasoline are recommended so you can get the most use out of your generator. They might be on the pricey side, but 7,500-watt generators are expensive to begin with, so you may as well spring for the better model.

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As you might have guessed, 7,500-watt generators are one of the most powerful and versatile pieces of emergency equipment you can own. In the event of a blackout or emergency, you can run your entire house for several hours or even days if you have enough fuel. Add up the wattage that your appliances use to check what you can run at the same time or use our estimates as a rough guide.

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