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Zodiac Baracuda G3 Pool Cleaner Review 2024 – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

suction side pool cleaner

Review of Zodiac Baracuda G3

We give the Zodiac Baracuda G3 Pool Cleaner a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. 

Build Quality: 4.1/5
Power: 3.6/5
Features: 4.3/5
Price: 4.1/5

Review Summary

Quiet, powerful, and well connected, the Zodiac Baracuda isn’t a heavy with your local organized crime ring but the grit and grime at the bottom of your pool might not get that. This suction-side pool cleaner goes about its business, not making a fuss about the debris in the bottom of your pool unless it hits a big leaf or some other vent or filter at the bottom of your pool. It’s not complicated and it’s quiet, but it is durable and it’s got pretty good suction power thanks to its 36-point fin. It also won’t set you back a whole lot of money.

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Zodiac Baracuda G3 – A Quick Look

  • Great value
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Quiet
  • Cleans corners
  • Doesn’t work well with large leaves
  • Can get stuck


Brand name: Zodiac

Model: Baracuda

Type: Suction side

Pool type: Inground

Dimensions: 41.5 x 8 x 18 inches

Weight: 18.2 lbs.

Zodiac BARACUDA G3 top view

Quiet operation

There are no moving parts for the Zodiac Baracuda G3. Connect it to the suction side of your pool’s circulation system and let it go. That means a simple, low-hassle operation. As a pool owner, that offers a pretty serious upside, which is quiet operation. The G3 will clean your pool as quietly as a mouse in church, allowing you to sit next to it and get some valuable time off for relaxation.

Long-life diaphragm

With only one moving part, there is no need to worry about gears, wheels, flippers, gadgets, or whatsits. No moving parts mean less time you have to spend on maintenance, and less money spent replacing worn-out components. Simple, silent, low-cost operation translates into no-stress pool cleaning, which is quite a boon considering that pool cleaning is such a headache for pool owners.

36-fin disc

Ensure a secure, 36-point connection between your cleaner and the pool itself to ensure the strongest, best adhesion to the lining. This guarantees a quality cleaning while minimizing hangups from lights, drains, and fittings.

Flow-keeper valve

Prevent declines in performances when water pressure drops with this flow-regulating feature. This guarantees peak cleaning performance when pressure from the pool’s circulation pump drops

suction side pool cleaner

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How good is the warranty that comes with this model?

It has a one-year warranty.

How does this work on steps?

The Baracuda G3 is primarily designed to work on the flat surfaces of a pool, the floor, and walls. It doesn’t do very well when it comes to cleaning spaces where a lot of delicate movements are called for, like stairs.

Does this require a separate booster pump?

The Baracuda G3 is a suction-side pool cleaner, which connects to the pool’s circulation system on the inbound side. Pool cleaners that connect to a pool circulation system’s outbound system, called pressure-side pool cleaners, usually require a separate booster pump. Suction-side pool cleaners don’t. So, no.

What the Users Say

The Zodiac Baracuda G3 is, based on online reviews, a very popular pool cleaner. It’s worth going into this understanding a couple of things, starting with the fact that pool cleaners as a tool tend to be pretty unpopular. People spend a lot of money on them and do it hoping that it will address a lot of problems. Ultimately, a lot of disappointment is the result.

The Baracuda G3 is, among pool cleaners, really inexpensive. This creates the potential for unrealistic expectations in terms of underspending and overexpecting. But, this one does a good job in matching investment with expectation. People don’t spend an arm and a leg to buy it, but get a good cleaning from it regardless.

About three-quarters of people who leave online reviews say they had positive experiences with it. That is a really good percentage. Most of the positive reviews were as uncomplicated as the cleaner itself. It just does a good job of cleaning without creating a lot of associated drama.

There were, of course, some people unhappy with their experience. A lot of these people said they couldn’t get it to fit the floor to get it working properly. Others said that it didn’t do a complete job cleaning pools. Mostly it was a matter of getting this cleaner’s suction properties to operate correctly for their pool.

For the majority of users, however, the Zodiac Baracuda G3 was a very positive experience. Even accounting for the fact that pool cleaners tend to be unpopular products, it is beloved by people who buy it. It’s quiet, effective, and best of all effective. For a suction-side pool cleaner, that’s really as sound an endorsement as you can expect.

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Suction-side pool cleaners often get a bad rap because they tend to be uncomplicated, simple things. These days, people place a premium on gadgets that do a lot of the thinking and all the hard work, and those tend to be super expensive. This one is, on the other hand, affordable and able to just do the job without a complex brain backing it up.

It’ll get into corners and clean those out and won’t make a lot of noise. What it has a hard time handling, are large pieces of debris like leaves and twigs. That’s when the G3’s limitations really start to present themselves.

Beyond that, however, this is a great pool cleaner. It’s also cheap, and unlike a pressure-side cleaner that requires the purchase of an additional booster pump what see is what you pay for. Which, all things considered, is quite a lot.

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