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20 Basement Bar Ideas & Design Tips (With Pictures)

Basement Bar

Basement Bar

If you’ve got some free basement space and you’re itching to transform it into your personal watering hole, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to create a sports bar, a sophisticated wine bar, or even a simple DIY setup, here are 20 fantastic basement bar ideas to inspire your project.

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The 10 Basement Bar Inspirations

Having an empty bar gives you a world of opportunities for design. Here are our top 10 favorite ideas to get you motivated to begin renovations.

1. Classy Modern DIY Bar

Hip and trendy basement bar
Image Credit: Karen Mclaughlin, Shutterstock

Sometimes, simplicity is key, and a no-frills DIY bar can be just as impactful as a high-budget build. Begin with a basic wooden bar, then pair it with metal stools to give it a chic, rustic vibe. For your walls, consider a unique décor that reflects your personality.

This project is one of the most affordable ways to set up a full bar in your basement while still making a statement in your home. Even better, its simplicity means that even DIY beginners can handle it with relative ease.

2. Rustic Style Bar

Man cave with pool table
Image Credit: Allison J. Hahn, Shutterstock

For the unattached or those with an understanding spouse, consider transforming your basement into your very own man cave. Key elements include comfy furniture, low-key lighting, and personal décor that brings you joy.

When it comes to the bar setup, it should mirror the same vibes—no need for anything too complex here—just a setup that reflects you. While the difficulty can vary based on your specific plan, remember that the best man caves are all about personalization and comfort.

3. Old School Garage Style

Garage basement bar with style
Image Credit: pics721, Shutterstock

Calling all gearheads and vintage lovers! This one’s for you. To create a bar with an old-school garage feel, lean into industrial elements. Sheet metal and rivets can give your basement a rugged, shop-like feel.

Old tool boxes make great storage for glasses, bottles, and other accessories, while a practical design keeps everything within reach. The difficulty level can vary based on how much transformation you want to do, but the result is a striking, functional space that’ll have your guests talking.

4. Western Saloon Set Up

Western saloon basement bar
Image Credit: BM_27, Shutterstock

If you’re dreaming of the Wild West, a saloon-themed bar could be just the ticket. Focus on incorporating elements like wrought iron and wood into your design. Find themed decorations to ramp up the authenticity.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a set of swinging saloon doors. The difficulty level is moderate, mainly due to the hunt for the perfect décor, but the end result will be a bar that transports you to another time and place.

5. Hidden Bar

An entertainment bar hidden behind a false wall
Image Credit: imging, Shutterstock

A secret bar hidden behind a false wall or unsuspecting bookcase can add an element of intrigue and fun to your basement. This project, although challenging, can transform a larger basement into a private club.

The difficulty comes in constructing the false wall or bookcase and making sure it’s properly concealed. If you can pull it off, though, your guests will be pleasantly surprised by your secret hideaway.

6. Neon Lights Themed Bar

Neon-themed basement bar
Image Credit: Marko Poplasen, Shutterstock

For those who prefer a casual atmosphere to a high-end one, a neon dive bar is a perfect choice. With this setup, you can recreate your favorite local bar right in your basement—without the sticky floors.

Neon lights, comfy seating, and a TV for sports games are all key elements. While the difficulty level is moderate, the relaxed and fun atmosphere it creates makes it well worth the effort.

7. Middle-Ages Style Bar

Old medieval inn man cave
Image Credit: IG Digital Arts, Shutterstock

There’s an undeniable elegance to a stone-centric bar design. Although this project involves a higher level of difficulty due to the masonry work required, it can result in one of the most stunning basement bars around.

Pair the stone design with subtle accents for a tasteful, sophisticated look. This is one underrated bar design that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on guests.

8. 80’s Lounge

Modern discotheque interior bar
Image Credit: Marko Poplasen, Shutterstock

For those blessed with ample basement space, consider turning your space into a full-on lounge. A lounge offers a classy yet funky place to relax and is perfect for entertaining friends and family or hosting parties.

The difficulty level here can vary, as it depends heavily on how complex your design plans are. However, the end result is a multi-functional space that provides both comfort and style.

9. Minimalist Bar

Minimalist bar island counter
Image Credit: ImageFlow, Shutterstock

Sometimes, less is more. For those with smaller basements, an unadorned, simple bar can be the perfect solution. This setup calls for basic essentials without fancy décor or themed memorabilia. The simplicity of this project also makes it ideal for DIY beginners.

10. London Style Bar

Old London bar
Image Credit: Dmitrijs Mihejevs, Shuterstock

If you want to make a statement, a curved bar setup might be just the ticket. It offers an elegant, stylish aesthetic that is sure to impress guests. However, creating a curved bar is a challenging project due to the precision required in cutting and assembling the curved bar components.

This project requires advanced DIY skills or professional help. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with a stunning creation that’s all your own—a true showstopper that enhances any basement space.

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The 10 Design Tips to Spruce Up Your Bar

Now that you have a good idea about the type of bar you’ll create in your basement, here are some additional design tips to put the icing on the cake.

1. Have an Arcade

Neon pink and cyan retro games arcade
Image Credit: solarseven, Shutterstock

Arcades aren’t just for kids! Incorporating your favorite arcade games into your bar can make it a local favorite. It does require careful planning in terms of space utilization and electrical wiring, hence a higher difficulty level. But once it’s done, your bar will be the go-to place for drinks at night and gaming.

2. Add a Custom Designed Bar Sign

Vintage wooden sign Pub and Bar
Image Credit: vso, Shutterstock

Every bar needs a sign, and a custom-made one can add a touch of authenticity to your basement setup. The key is to match the sign with the theme of your bar. Vintage-style bars can benefit from more old-school arrangements, while sports bars could use team logos and neon.

3. Make a Dart Board

Vintage retro dartboard
Image Credit: Dmitry Rukhlenko, Shutterstock

A custom-built dartboard is a great addition to any bar and not just as a decorative piece. It adds an element of fun to any gathering, providing a competitive game that guests can participate in. The difficulty level for this project can range from easy to moderate, depending on how fancy you want your dartboard to be.

4. Put in Specially Designed Cabinets

Tall wooden bar cabinet
Image Credit: home_sweet_home, Shutterstock

Instead of going with standard cabinetry, consider cabinets specifically designed for bar use. These cabinets can have features such as snug bottle drawers, hanging racks for glassware, and even built-in coolers. This project can be moderately challenging, especially if it involves installing new cabinets, but the added functionality is well worth the effort.

5. Add Booth Style Seating

Restaurant booth seating
Image Credit: Dirk Herzog, Shutterstock

Add a unique twist to your basement bar by introducing booth-style seating. Standard booth seats can lend a dive bar vibe or opt for carved wooden booths for a rustic or farmhouse style. The challenge in this project lies in sourcing the right booth seats and installing them properly, but the resulting cozy seating can greatly enhance the bar experience.

6. Get a Rollaway Bar Cart

Wheeled service trolley
Image Credit: Photology1971, Shutterstock

Turning your basement into a family room may require you to have a flexible bar setup. A rollaway bar cart is the perfect solution. It can be tucked away when not needed and rolled out during cocktail hours. Most carts have enough storage to hold all your party essentials.

7. Metallic Bar Backdrop

Metallic bar backdrop
Image Credit: OceanicWanderer, Shutterstock

Elevate your basement bar aesthetics with a metallic bar backdrop. Constructed from various metallic materials, it acts as an accent wall behind your bottle collection, making it stand out. The project requires some effort, but it’s worth it for the stunning effect.

8. Bar TV Setup

Bar TV Setup
Image Credit: Trong Nguyen, Shutterstock

Nothing beats watching your favorite sports while having a brew at the bar. Now you can install a TV within your home bar to keep up with all the games without leaving the comfort of your home.

9. Creative Wine Storage

Creative wine storage
Image Credit: haveseen, Shutterstock

For wine lovers, a home bar is not complete without some unique storage options. From custom-built shelving and racks to wine refrigerators, there are numerous ways to display your collection with pride.

10. Beer Taps

Beer taps in a row
Image Credit: Mladen Mitrinovic, Shutterstock

For beer enthusiasts, installing a beer tap can elevate the bar experience. Pulling your draft straight from the tap not only tastes great but can also save money in the long run. Custom tap handles can be added to make your home bar truly unique.

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Turning your basement into a personalized bar can range from simple and budget-friendly to ambitious and elegant, depending on your taste, budget, and DIY skills. From classic simplicity to complex elegance, these 20 fantastic ideas showcase a world of possibilities.

No matter what your preference may be, one thing is certain: a basement bar is an excellent way to add both function and personality to your home.

Featured Image Credit: Berg Dmitry, Shutterstock


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