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25 Basement Bar Ideas & Design Tips (With Pictures)

Basement Bar_shutterstock_Berg Dmitry

Basement Bar_shutterstock_Berg DmitryAre you tired of seeing your basement as a cluttered junk pile or laundry nook?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Basements are untapped gold mines of fun and entertainment. And with a bit of creativity and funky renovation, you can turn your drab basement into the envy of the neighborhood.

One of the coolest ideas around is to construct a bar within your basement. You’ll have your own personal spot for a night out or a party venue for you and your closest friends. But what’s the best setup for you?

There are a ton of ways to accomplish this, so we’ve compiled 50 of our favorite basement bar ideas and designs to help get you started.

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13 Awesome Basement Bar Themes

Selecting a common theme can be an excellent way for you to assemble your dream bar. They provide an inspirational source for all pieces and parts required.

1. Simple DIY

You don’t need to go all out to achieve the simple DIY look. A simple wooden bar paired with some metal stools and unique wall décor is all you need to get started here. This is the cheapest full bar setup you can build, but it’ll still make a major impact in your basement.

2. Man Cave

If you’re a bachelor (or have explicit spousal permission), turning your basement into a man cave is an excellent idea. A good man cave should have comfy furniture, chill lighting, and decoration that makes you feel good. And the bar setup should reflect that as well. No need to get overly complicated, just make it your own.

3. Garage Feel

Now, this look is super cool—especially if you’re into the mechanical scene. Using sheet metal, rivets, and practical design can transform your basement into an industrial paradise. One trick to set this over the top would be to use old toolboxes as bar drawers to keep glasses, bottles, other accessories.

4. Saloon

There’s nothing like an old-timey saloon for your bar experience. Wrought iron and wood can play a huge role here when designing. Try getting your hands on some themed decorations such as wagon wheels and vintage cash registers to complete the look. And there’s nothing like a set of swinging saloon doors to make you feel like Wyatt Earp.

5. Secret Bar

This bar is really exciting; although, it can be one of the more difficult to pull off. Hidden behind a false wall or unsuspecting bookcase can be an entrance into your private club. This works best for those with larger basements.

6. Neon Dive

Not everyone’s looking to head into a fancy place to drink. Tons of folks just love having a place to hang out, tip back a few cheap domestics, and catch the latest ball game. With this theme, you can turn your basement into your dive with all of the familiar comforts and none of the sticky floors.

7. Vintage

If you’re into Old World design, the vintage look is perfect for you. From hanging stemware to a rich hand-carved wooden bar, this look is super inviting. Top this theme off with a nice chandelier and a billiards table to complete the mood. Be forewarned though. This is one of the most expensive basement bar setups to complete.

8. StoneWorks

One of the most underrated bar atmospheres is the stone design. It’s hard to comprehend how elegant a stone-centric bar can be. Couple the masonry with subtle accents, and you’ll have one of the most attractive basement bars around.

9. Lounge

For those of you with large basements, you may want to produce a full-on lounge experience. A lounge can be a very class, yet funky way to unwind after a long day. It’s also the ideal setup for entertaining guests and hosting parties.

10. Simplistic

Sometimes, you’ve just got to keep things simple and go back to basics. You don’t need a bunch of fancy décor or themed memorabilia. These are great for smaller basements and go to show that you don’t need to go all out to have a nice place to settle in.

11. Pub Crawl

If you’re more of a pub-goer, this theme is right up your alley. Using base designs from the UK, you can instantly transform your basement into a room ready for anything. Just be sure to tack a few dartboards on the wall or have a shuffleboard table handy to complete the look.

12. Minimalist

Minimalist styles always provide the sharpest, cleanest looking venues. These bars don’t have any extra accouterments to distract from their elegance. Stock this bar with only what you need and let its beauty do the rest.

13. Curved Bar

If you’re looking to impress, nothing will compare to a curved bar setup. However, this won’t be the easiest project for home builders. But once complete, you’ll have one of the most beautiful bars—basement or otherwise—around.

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12 Fun Additions and Design Tips

Whether you go with a thematic standard or not, there are several things that you can add to your home bar to make it even more awesome.

14. Custom Bar Sign

Nothing screams “Bar” like a custom-made bar sign. The trick is matching up your created sign to your basement bar’s motif. Vintage style bars do well with chunky lettering and old-school bulb arrangements. Sports bars, on the other hand, can go well with some neon tubing and logos.

15. Custom Dart Board

If you’re a darter or just looking to have some great bar games, a custom-built board is essential. Dartboards aren’t just décor either as they can add a tangible element of fun to any get-together.

16. Specially Designed Cabinets

Instead of opting for stock cabinetry, look for cabinets that are specifically designed for bar use. You’ll run across drawers made to hold bottles snugly, hanging racks for glassware, and even some with built-in coolers for ice.

17. Booth Style Seating

Sure, you’ve got bar stools. But if you’re looking for a unique twist to add to your basement bar, why not go with some booth seating? Standard booth seats look great if you’re trying to achieve a dive bar look. Or try some nicely carved wooden booths for a rustic or farmhouse style.

18. Personal Arcade

Arcades are not just for kids! Putting an array of your favorite arcade games in your bar can make you the talk of the community. Everybody is going to want you to host Drinks Night, and who could blame them?

19. Rollaway Bar Cart

If you’ve turned your basement into a family room, you might want to opt for a bar cart. These are great for tucking away when not needed but rolling out when it’s cocktail time. Most carts will be able to hold just about everything you need to get a party going. However, you may need to look into a quality ice bucket.

20. Mini-Bar

Normally when you think about minibars, they’re in those fancy hotel suites and cost an arm and a leg per bottle. However, minibars get a bad rap. They’re perfect for basement bar setups—especially if you don’t have a bunch of room to spare. Many come with a chiller section as well, so you can even keep ice and cold ingredients.

21. Bottle Lights

You’ve probably seen these before around your favorite sports or dive bar. And if that’s the look you’re going for, your basement will be amiss without them. They’re super easy to make at home given the right tools or fairly cheap to buy online. Either way, these simple decorations can add a bunch of character on a budget.

22. Metallic Bar Backdrop

If you’re looking to elevate your basement bar to the next level, try using a metallic bar backdrop. It’s like an accent wall that sits behind your bottle collection and makes it pop! These can be constructed using all sorts of cool materials including nails, bottle caps, and coins.

23. Bar TV Setup

There’s nothing wrong with posting up on the bar, having a few brews, and watching the game. For many sports fans, this is the ideal way to keep up with their favorite team. So, it only makes sense to install a TV within your home bar. That way you can catch all the action on the field without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

24. Creative Wine Storage

Home bars aren’t just for beer snobs or cocktail drinkers. Wine lovers can get it on the scene as well. And one of the coolest things you can do with your wine is come up with some unique storage options. Whether it’s custom-built shelving and racks or wine refrigerators, you can display your collection with pride.

25. Beer Taps

For many beer drinkers, a good brew tastes best when it comes straight from the tap. Not only will you feel great pulling your draft, but you’ll also save money buying beer by the keg versus bottles and cans. You can also purchase or make custom tap handles that will give your home bar a real centerpiece.

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What’s the Best Basement Bar for You?

Choosing the bar idea for your home can be a little daunting because there are just so many cool concepts! However, you should look at it from a realistic standpoint.

  • Is your basement large enough to accommodate the setup?
  • Does your chosen theme match your personality?
  • Do you have the skill required to craft intricate designs if building it yourself?
  • What does your budget look like?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself before undertaking a large project such as this.

But once you’ve determined the right choice for you and have it built…we’d love to head over and toast to your final project!

Featured Image Credit: Berg Dmitry, Shutterstock

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