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15 DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures)



If you’re a lover of darts, you must have a professional setup at home. Dartboard cabinets allow you to keep your darts and accessories stored neatly in one spot. Actual pro models can get a bit expensive, however. Luckily, building your own DIY dartboard is possible and a great way to save some money.

There are plenty of ways to learn how to build dartboard cabinets – even if you don’t have much DIY experience. Luckily, these things are relatively easy to build and don’t even take many tools. If you have a plan to follow, you should be able to put one of these together with little problem.

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The 15 DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plans

1. Wooden Dartboard Case

Dartboard Cabinet
Image Credit: Woodsmith Plans

This plan is quite similar to the last one. However, the wood does have a few more details that make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing. It is plenty large for most dartboards and accessories, so you should have no problems there. The board is absolutely a bit more refined than other options, but it will take a bit more to put it all together as well.

Still, even with some essential DIY experience, you should be able to put this dartboard case together. It is not difficult in the least, especially with the high-quality instructions included.

2. Chalkboard Case

How to Build a Dartboard Cabinet
Image Credit: Family Handyman

With the chalkboard inserts along the inside of this case, you can’t get much more practical than this. The chalkboards allow you to easily keep score during games, as well as write anything you want. If you need a quick place to write down a to-do list, this cabinet can take care of that as well.

The small holes for the actual darts are a minimalistic way to handle storage. However, we did not find that they were a remarkably stable storage option. Sure, they’re easy to do and don’t require much extra work, but the darts can fall out with relative ease.

3. Simple Dartboard Cabinet

How To Build A DIY Bottle Lamp, Dartboard Cabinet & YETI Patio Cooler Stand
Image Credit: Crafted Workshop

This simple dartboard cabinet is perfect if you just want something that works. It is smaller than many other designs, making it perfect for situations where you need to save your wall space – or when you don’t want a vast cabinet hanging on your wall. There is a spot to store your darts and other accessories and from a piece of paper to keep score.

This isn’t quite as elegant as some other options. For all accounts and purposes, it is merely a plain, black dartboard. However, if you’re looking for something sleek and simple, it is a reliable option.

4. Pallet Dart Cabinet

Pallet Dart Cabinet
Image Credit: Discarded Development

If you have some extra pallets laying around (or can quickly find some for free or for a cheaper cost), then this is the plan for you. It is relatively simple and can be done very cheaply. You don’t need expensive materials or anything of that sort. Instead, you’ll be using wood from pallets almost exclusively.

There is also plenty of storage for darts and similar accessories. It is quite large, mostly because it concentrates on using the pallet’s full length, which can make it seem a bit oversized. This cabinet will also shift in aesthetic depending on what your pallet wood looks like. If you happen to get lovely pallet wood, your cabinet will be gorgeous. Otherwise, it may look like you shoved a pallet on your wall. It’s the luck of the draw mostly.

5. Extremely Simple Design

Extremely Simple Design
Image Credit: WWGOA

This simple design is perfect if you don’t want to spend much time working on a dartboard case, but still, want one that can keep your case hidden from view and have enough room for all your accessories. This case isn’t precisely beautiful. However, it is convenient and comes with plenty of storage.

You can stain this cabinet to fit your aesthetics. It is effortless to fix this cabinet up if you have the time and skill to do so. Otherwise, this is a straightforward case.

6. Fancy Pallet Dartboard Cabinet

How to Make a Dartboard Cabinet using Pallets
Image Credit: Ideas2live4

Similar to a previous option we previously listed, this plan is made out of dartboards almost entirely. For this reason, it is incredibly inexpensive. You will likely find pallets for free if you don’t always have some lying around. However, this case is a bit fancier than many others that are made out of pallets.

It is stained to make it look professionally done, and the doors are cut a bit fancier than many of the other options on the list.

7. White, Simple Cabinet

DIY Dartboard Cabinet
Image Credit: The Inspired Workshop

This simple case looks like something you may find in a kitchen or bathroom. It is quite simple and doesn’t stand out when hung on a wall. It is plenty big enough to hold a dartboard, however. Plus, it also has plenty of room for blackboards and darts. Like most, the doors stay closed using a magnet, so you don’t have to worry about them swinging open.

Even if you don’t have much DIY experience, this is an excellent option for those who want to learn how to build a dartboard cabinet from scratch. It is easy to make and fits most user’s needs exceptionally well.

8. Fancy Dartboard Cabinet

Another Dartboard Cabinet
Image Credit: Lumber Jocks

This dartboard cabinet is much fancier than most other options on the market. It is cut in a complicated manner that makes it overly stylized. There is room for you to store your darts and keep track of your scores. The area behind the dartboard is quasi-brick, which gives it a more traditional and fancier feel.

This plan is excellent for those that want a professional-level cabinet, have the time to commit to this complex project, and have a bit of DIY experience. This isn’t particularly suitable for new to building things, as there is some complexity involved. However, it looks much better than most other options if you have the time and skill necessary to build it.

9. Rustic Low-Budget Dartboard

diy dartboard
Image Credit: Naptime Decorator

Technically, this isn’t a dartboard cabinet, but if you’re looking for a quick-to-build, simple, and cheap DIY plan, this rustic low-budget dartboard will be worth your while. Start by looking for a wooden cable reel. On average, these are available for $40–$50. Or, better yet, ask around: if you’re lucky, some of your neighbors might have a reel that they’ll gladly give away. A round table top will also work.

To attach the shooting target to the dartboard, and the board to the wall, use a frame mounting hardware kit. Go over the wood with a sander to make it smoother, and stain it for a “rural” touch. Measure everything using a pencil and tape. This project will take 1–2 hours to complete depending on your skill level and tool set.

10. Retro-Style Dartboard Cabinet

diy dartboard cabinet
Image Credit: Scavenger Chic

Feeling a bit nostalgic? Then let’s embrace the vintage vibes with this retro-style dartboard cabinet. It’s going to take a bit more time compared to the previous plan (like 5–6 hours) as you’ll have to do some cutting with a miter saw and a jigsaw. But it’s not very hard. Craft the cabinet doors from plywood; the back of the board, in turn, can be built from cheap pallet wood. The trim will look great if you cut it from a galvanized tin.

Once the cabinet is cut to shape and glued together, use a combination of wood stain, spray paint, and polyurethane to make it more durable and long-lasting. The wood will look better this way, too. If you get the materials from a yard sale or a local retail store (like the pallets), this project will cost next to nothing.

11. Dartboard Cabinet with Tall Doors

For the most part, all dartboard cabinets are the same, but this DIY plan stands out thanks to the taller-than-average doors. They give the cabinet presence and put it in the center of attention. To build this dartboard cabinet with tall doors, start by getting your hands on some cedar fence slats. A wooden dowel will also come in handy. To attach the doors, use a set of standard-issue hinges (two on each side).

As always, a little bit of painting and staining will go a long way. This project will be perfect for someone who knows their way around saws, drills, planers, and sanders but aren’t yet ready to take on the more complex DIY plans. Fire up the miter saw to cut the slats. The jigsaw will help shape the doors, while the sander is there to make the wood smoother.

12. Minimalistic Modern Dartboard Cabinet

diy dartboard cabinet
Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

The name says it all here: this dartboard cabinet has a minimalistic design that’s easy to put together. Plus, it looks great and will fit in most environments. We’ll be using plywood boards for this minimalistic modern dartboard cabinet project, and you can paint them whatever color you like (white is a safe choice). To keep score, consider buying a set of whiteboards. We recommend cutting the boards with a circular saw, but a chop saw will work as well.

Or, you can always have the wood cut by a pro. Also, don’t forget to order a pack of hinges (four in total), handles for the cabinet doors, and latches to keep the doors closed. And one more thing: the 10-pointed star cutout does make the cabinet look better, but it’s only optional. You’re free to add whatever wood detail you see fit.

13. Barn Door Dartboard Cabinet

Cedar is an excellent choice for all kinds of DIY projects, including this barn door dartboard cabinet. It’s highly resistant to weather elements and lasts forever. Cedar fence posts don’t cost much, by the way. So, start by measuring the wood with tape and a pencil and cutting it with a miter saw. Once you have enough boards for the cabinet, apply a generous amount of glue to stick them together. Use clamps or something heavy to help the process.

The cedar boards will be slightly rough on the edges, but that’s ok: the jointer will make the surfaces nice and smooth. And if you feel like the glue isn’t enough, a brad nailer can help solve that problem. Are the doors ready? Then attach them to the cabinet with the hinges. If you have the time for it, stick a dry-erase board on each side with double-sided tape and add thin wood strips with holes in them for the darts.

14. Viking Shield Dartboard Cabinet

If you want to put long hours into a project yet build something special, do consider this Viking shield dartboard cabinet. The most important part here is cutting. You’ll need quite a lot of tiny pallet wood pieces glued together to shape a circle. Three full circles stacked on top of each other should do the trick. Some sanding and grinding are also required, of course.

For the metallic accents, use whatever scrap metal you can find. The hinges will take some work. So, you can just skip that part and buy a set online or from a local store (it might not be easy to find the right size, though). To make the wood look like a real shield, use 2–3 layers of wood stain on the actual shield and 1–2 layers on the cabinet.

15. Glass Door Dartboard Cabinet

Are you a big fan of collecting cork? If so, we have just the right DIY plan for you. This glass door dartboard cabinet will take time and dedication, but it’s a fairly straightforward project. The cabinet isn’t the hardest part: it’s just four wood boards glued and nailed to a plywood panel. You can burn the wood a bit, but that’s purely for aesthetic reasons. Paint it, stain it, and cover it with as many corks as you can find.

The frames for the glass doors aren’t hard to build, either. Use the same wood boards but cut them first with a table saw. To turn things up a notch, add some strip LED lights across the perimeter to make the dartboard glow in the dark. The trickiest part here is finding enough corks to fill up the cabinet. The rest can be done in 3–4 hours.

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Darts is one of the greatest party games ever: we all love to try our luck shooting some arrows on the weekends. Now, there’s no shortage of dartboard cabinets on the market. However, if you want a unique, one-of-a-kind cabinet, you’ll have to build it yourself. That will take some cutting, sanding, grinding, and gluing, but if you’re up to it, our hand-picked DIY plans will help bring your ideas to life.

So, go ahead and pick one of the user-friendly, easy-to-build projects from our list, fire up your miter saw, sanding machine, and electric grill, and let’s build a DIY dartboard cabinet!

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Featured Image Credit: Tim_Bastian, Pixabay


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