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10 Best Water Filter Pitchers for Well Water in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

A woman using a water filter pitcher

A woman using a water filter pitcher Having your own well can be a major blessing, providing you with nearly limitless water on your property. But well water has its drawbacks. Many wells are contaminated with bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and more. Naturally, you don’t want to drink these contaminants, as they can be harmful to your health. So, what are you to do?

On one hand, you could install a home filtration system, but these are expensive, complicated, and require a good bit of knowledge and upkeep. Water filter pitchers are much cheaper and easier to use, and they’ll still provide you with clean, safe drinking water.

Not all pitcher filters are created equal though. Differences in the level of filtration, capacity, and filter lifespan all make some pitcher filters superior to others. To help you figure out which ones are the best, the following reviews will compare 10 of the best pitcher water filters for well water.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
LifeStraw Home Activated Carbon Water Filter Pitcher LifeStraw Home Activated Carbon Water Filter Pitcher
  • Fits in most fridge doors
  • The main filter lasts 264 gallons
  • Doesn’t remove essential minerals
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Nakii Water Filter Pitcher Nakii Water Filter Pitcher
  • 150-gallon filter lifespan
  • Removes mercury, rust, lead, and fluoride
  • BPA-free pitcher
  • Third place
    ZeroWater 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher ZeroWater 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher
  • Removes 99.6% of total dissolved solids
  • Filters out herbicides and pesticides
  • Five stages of filtration
  • Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty
  • Filters out pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, and cysts
  • Removes over 230 contaminants
  • LEVOIT Upgrade Water Filter Pitcher LEVOIT Upgrade Water Filter Pitcher
  • 5-layer filtration system
  • Leak-free pouring
  • Filters out pollutants
  • The 10 Best Water Filter Pitchers for Well Water

    1. LifeStraw Home Activated Carbon Water Filter – Best Overall

    LifeStraw Home Activated Carbon Water Filter Pitcher

    LifeStraw is a brand known for producing the LifeStraw; a revolutionary product when it was first created that allowed the user to safely drink from any water source. Now, that same type of filtration has made its way into a water filter pitcher in the form of the LifeStraw Home. It’s available in both plastic and glass versions, with the plastic pitcher costing quite a bit less.

    One of the reasons that this filter pitcher is our favorite for well water is because of all the contaminants it removes. The filtration from this pitcher is really superior, removing all sorts of harmful and unwanted things like pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, parasites, and much more. However, the essential minerals remain in the water, leaving you healthy, safe, and delicious drinking water.

    This pitcher is the perfect size to fit in most fridge doors. It’s got a seven-cup capacity, though it takes three refills to get that much water. The filter inside is good for up to 264 gallons, though the activated carbon and ion exchange filter will have to be replaced after just 40 gallons.

    • Filters pesticides, heavy metals, parasites, and bacteria
    • Fits in most fridge doors
    • Doesn’t remove essential minerals
    • The main filter lasts 264 gallons
    • Priced reasonably
    • Takes three fills for seven cups

    2. Nakii Water Filter Pitcher – Best Value

    Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

    Water filter pitchers are an affordable solution to provide you with clean drinking water from your well, but even some of these pitchers can be pretty pricey. If the high cost of a premium pitcher filter is turning you off, then you might try something that’s priced very affordably, such as the Nakii water filter pitcher. It’s our budget-buy pick because it’s a great performer that’s priced considerably lower than much of the competition.

    Don’t let the low price fool you, this is still a great filter pitcher. The filter has a lifespan of 150 gallons. During that time, it will remove all sorts of contaminants from your well water, including mercury, rust, lead, and fluoride. Unfortunately, it doesn’t remove bacteria or pesticides, so you might want to get your water tested for dangerous bacteria before relying on this pitcher.

    If you’re not the patient type, then many of the slow-filtering pitchers on this list could be a frustration for you. Luckily, the Nakii pitcher filters 1.3 liters of water in a single minute. Completely BPA-free, this pitcher is safe and won’t add any chemicals to your freshly filtered water, making it a great choice on a tight budget.

    • Priced affordably
    • 150-gallon filter lifespan
    • Removes mercury, rust, lead, and fluoride
    • BPA-free pitcher
    • Takes just one minute for 1.3 liters of water
    • Doesn’t remove bacteria
    • Won’t filter pesticides

    3. ZeroWater 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

    ZeroWater 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

    Many of these pitcher filters are only available online, but the ZeroWater water filter pitcher can be found in many large box stores, making it very easy to find replacement filters. Unlike many filter pitchers, the ZeroWater filter removes 99.6% of total dissolved solids (TDS) from your water with five stages of filtration. There’s even a TDS meter included for you to test your water and see for yourself.

    Of course, it’s not just particulates that get filtered out with the ZeroWater pitcher. It also removes other unwanted impurities that often infest well water, including herbicides, pesticides, and even bacteria. However, all of that thorough filtration takes some time, and this pitcher filters your water much slower than others.

    This pitcher holds 2.3 liters of water when full. An easy-pour spigot can be found on the rear of the pitcher, allowing you to pour water into your cup or bottle without moving the pitcher. Overall, it’s a great filter with thorough filtration that’s a great option for anyone who needs to purify their well water for drinking.

    • Removes 99.6% of total dissolved solids
    • Five stages of filtration
    • Filters out herbicides and pesticides
    • Prevents bacteria from growing
    • The pitcher has an easy-pour spigot on the back
    • It filters quite slowly

    4. Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

    Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

    There’s a lot to like about the Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher, though one thing we aren’t fans of is the high price tag that accompanies this pitcher. Still, it’s protected by a lifetime warranty, so even though it’s pricey, it should be around for quite a while.

    When it comes to filtration, the Clearly Filtered pitcher is a definite winner, removing over 230 contaminants from your water. This includes harmful impurities like pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, and cysts, which are all commonly found in well water.

    For the price, we were expecting a glass pitcher, but this one is made from BPA-free plastic. The filters have a lifespan of 100 gallons, but even they’re very expensive. If it weren’t for the outrageous overall cost of this filter pitcher, it would probably be one of our top choices.

    • Protected by a lifetime warranty
    • Removes over 230 contaminants
    • Filters out pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, and cysts
    • Pitcher is BPA-free
    • 100-gallon filter lifespan
    • Far pricier than alternatives

    5. LEVOIT Upgrade Water Filter Pitcher

    LEVOIT Upgrade Water Filter Pitcher

    Protected by a two-year warranty, the LEVOIT Upgrade Water Filter Pitcher is a well-made product that offers excellent filtration through a five-layer system. Unlike many pitchers, this one doesn’t leak or spill when you pour it, thanks to the leak-free lid. The pitcher is BPA-free, though it’s still made from plastic.

    This filter removes many pollutants, including fluoride, chlorine, lead, heavy metals, and more. There are two layers of activated carbon in the filter that trap bacteria, pesticides, and chlorine. The upper micronet filters out large particulates like sand and dirt. Anything leftover will be removed by the lower micro net.

    While this filter is pretty thorough in terms of the pollutants it removes, it won’t decrease the total dissolved solids in your water. Still, the filters do tend to clog up rather quickly, leading to exceedingly slow filter times. Thankfully, the pitcher has a 2.5-liter capacity, so it can hold enough to fill up several water bottles at once.

    • 5-layer filtration system
    • Leak-free pouring
    • Filters out pollutants
    • Doesn’t decrease TDS
    • The filters tend to clog

    6. NAKII Elegant Water Filter Pitcher

    NAKII Elegant Water Filter Pitcher

    A Nakii water filter pitcher earned our budget buy pick at the second position of this list, but this Nakii filter pitcher didn’t impress us much. Granted, it’s a very affordable option, priced much lower than alternatives. Despite the low price, you get eight stages of filtration, allowing this filter to remove pesticides and organic compounds. It also filters out copper, lead, sand, silt, and more, though it doesn’t remove bacteria.

    One thing we really liked was the large capacity of this pitcher which holds up to 17 cups of filtered water. Because of this, it’s pretty large, causing it to take up quite a bit of fridge space. We also found the construction to be second-rate since the lid doesn’t fit securely and tends to pop off when you pour. Finally, the filters are pretty pricey and must be ordered online, though they will last for nearly 1500 cups before needing to be replaced.

    • Priced affordably
    • Provides 8 stages of filtration
    • Filters out pesticides and organic compounds
    • Ample 17-cup capacity
    • Takes up a lot of fridge space
    • Filters are expensive and hard to find
    • The lid doesn’t fit securely

    7. The Alkaline Water Pitcher

    The Alkaline Water Pitcher

    The biggest problem with many water filter pitchers is that they don’t just strip contaminants from your water; they generally strip away vital minerals like calcium and magnesium. Alkaline water pitcher filters like this one from Lake Industries replace those lost minerals so you can still get them through your water. This is a feature we prize, helping you to consume healthier water.

    As your water goes through this pitcher filter, it will experience seven stages of filtration. It’s alkalized at the same time, which is when the minerals are reintroduced. Simultaneously, the pH of your water is increased. But this filter removes only 90% of pollutants, which is pretty lackluster compared to others that remove 99% or more. Plus, the lid on this pitcher likes to fall off when you pour, and that can get annoying pretty quickly.

    • Alkalizes and filters your water
    • 7 stages of filtration
    • Increases the pH of your water
    • Only removes 90% of pollutants
    • The lid falls off when pouring

    8. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

    Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

    With two NSF certifications, both NSF 42 and 53, we had high hopes for the Aquagear water filter pitcher. It’s a great pitcher filter overall, but probably not one we’d recommend for well water. While it’s supposed to filter out fluoride, chloramines, and mercury, this filter won’t remove cysts and bacteria that are commonly found in well water. Independent testing also seems to show that the fluoride filtering of this pitcher is quite overrated.

    Water through this pitcher still has a slight taste of chlorine, which is a major disappointment when you consider the outrageous expense of this filter pitcher. It costs several times more than alternatives. At least you get the lifetime guarantee with it!

    • Certified NSF 42 and 53
    • Filter lasts for 150 gallons
    • Removes fluoride, chloramines, and mercury
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • Outrageous pricing
    • Doesn’t prevent the taste of chlorine
    • Testing shows that fluoride removal isn’t as advertised

    9. PUR Ultimate Filtration Water Filter Pitcher

    PUR Ultimate Filtration Water Filter Pitcher

    PUR is one of the biggest names in water filtration today. They make a variety of different filters, but their Ultimate Filtration water filter pitcher is the only one we’d consider for use with well water. Unlike other PUR filters, this one removes pesticides, particulates, and even microbial cysts, which makes it a great choice for those on well water. Best of all, replacement filters are affordable and easy to find; very important when you have to replace the filter every 40 gallons!

    That said, we aren’t impressed by this pitcher’s performance. It filters extremely slow, even compared to slow filters like the ZeroWater pitcher. The PUR filter doesn’t remove nearly as many contaminants though. We also have issues with the pitcher itself. The lid refuses to stay put, falling off whenever you pour. This pitcher filter has potential, but we think there are many options available that perform better.

    • Removes pesticides, particulates, microbial cysts
    • Replacement filters are easy to find
    • Filter cartridges only last for 40 gallons
    • Super-slow filtration
    • The lid doesn’t stay in place

    10. Brita Longlast Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

    Brita Longlast Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

    Brita is the only name in water filtration that is more recognized than PUR, but that doesn’t help this pitcher to perform any better. On one hand, we do like the Brita Longlast cartridges since they last for 120 gallons. Plus, they’re readily available at many different retailers. These filters don’t remove any cysts, bacteria, or pesticides that are often found in well water.

    This pitcher also seems to be poorly made and designed. The lid doesn’t stay put, popping off every time you pour water from it. Thin plastic means that these pitchers are prone to cracking. Even the filter doesn’t seat correctly, often requiring multiple tries to get it to attach right. After just a month, the filter slows down to a snail’s pace, even though it’s not filtering nearly as many contaminants as other brands. In the end, it’s our least favorite pitcher filter for well water, even though it carries the Brita name.

    • Filters are readily available
    • Longlast cartridges good for 120 gallons
    • The lid is poorly designed
    • Cheap construction leads to cracked pitchers
    • Filters slow down after just a month
    • The filter often seats incorrectly

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    Buyer’s Guide – How to Pick the Best Water Filter Pitchers for Well Water

    When you live with city water, you can be reasonably certain that your water has undergone some purification and is relatively safe to drink. Even still, it can contain unwanted impurities such as heavy metals, chlorine, and copper. Getting rid of these basic contaminants can usually be done with any filter pitcher. Well water, on the other hand, is different. You’ll need a filter that removes certain impurities that aren’t always filtered by filter pitchers. Don’t worry, in this short buyer’s guide, we’ll go over all the information you need to help you make a sound decision about which pitcher filter to purchase.

    What’s in Your Well Water?

    Before you pick a filter pitcher to trust with your health and safety, it’s a good idea to get your well water tested. That way, you know exactly what’s in it that needs to be removed. Some common contaminants found in well water include:

    • Herbicides
    • Pesticides
    • Chemicals
    • Heavy metals
    • Lead
    • Copper
    • Bacteria
    • Cysts
    • Nitrates

    What Does Your Filter Remove?

    Knowing what contaminants are lurking in your well is the first part of the battle. Next, you have to remove those pollutants. You’ll need to find a filter pitcher that’s capable of filtering out the contaminants you know are in your well water. Luckily, manufacturers list what pollutants their filters remove, making it much easier for you to determine which filters will meet your needs.

    How Much Does Your Pitcher Hold?

    It’s pretty annoying to fill up a water bottle and find that your filter pitcher is now empty. Even worse is when you attempt to fill a large bottle only to realize that your pitcher doesn’t hold that much water! If you live in a large family, this probably happens a lot, as people empty the pitcher and forget to refill it. For this reason, we prefer filter pitchers with large capacities; at least as large as the biggest bottle you’ll need to fill.

    actual photo of Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

    Are Replacement Filters Easy to Find?

    Replacement filter cartridges from major brands like Brita, ZeroWater, and PUR are generally easy to find. If your pitcher is from a lesser-known brand, you might have a harder time locating replacement filters. Make sure to consider this before purchasing a pitcher.

    See also: the best water filter pitchers for all purposes.

    Let’s Talk About TDS

    TDS stands for total dissolved solids, and this is a measure of all the solid particles in your water. However, it’s not a measure of the contaminants your water holds. Many filters remove contaminants without reducing the TDS of your water. Other filters even increase the TDS of your water by adding back in minerals that are good for your health. Still, some filters will remove everything, which can make you feel safer if you’re worried about anything being left behind in your water.

    Alternatives to Water Filter Pitchers

    While water filter pitchers are inexpensive and easy to use, they’re not the only solution for your well water purification problems. Plenty of other types of filters exist. For instance, you could install a whole-house filter, which will allow you to get filtered water from any tap in your house. Another alternative is an under-sink filter, which fits under the sink and filters the water coming from a single tap. You could even opt for a countertop filter, which generally holds far more water than a pitcher, though they also take up a good bit of counter space.

    See Also: Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher Review

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    After reading our reviews, you know enough about the top water pitcher filters for well water to compare them and make a sound decision. Given the choice, our top pick is the LifeStraw Home water filter pitcher. It’s affordable, has a 264-gallon filter lifespan, filters out contaminants including bacteria and parasites, but doesn’t strip essential minerals like potassium and magnesium. For the best price on a strict budget, try the Nakii water filter pitcher. The filter lasts for 150 gallons removing mercury, rust, lead, and more, and it can filter 1.3 liters in a single minute.


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