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10 Brilliant Uses for Old Jeans – Reuse & Repurposing Ideas (with Pictures)

Worn out old jeans

Everyone has extra blue jeans sitting around their home that they don’t wear anymore. Instead of tossing them, find great ways to reuse and repurpose your old jeans. By repurposing your jeans, you get to stretch your dollar and make the most of the fabric you have lying around.

Whether you are interested in quilts, purses, or knitting, there is likely a brilliant use for old jeans for you. Below, learn the top 10 best uses for reusing and repurposing your old blue jeans.

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The 10 Reuse & Repurposing Ideas for Old Jeans

1. Denim Quilt by This DIY Life

Materials: Upholstery weight thread, old jeans
Tools: Heavy-duty sewing scissors, sewing machine
Difficulty: Intermediate

Everyone could do with a few more blankets or quilts in the home. If you have a lot of blue jean material sitting around, you could make a denim quilt using This DIY Life’s plan. This plan is extensive and tells you everything you need to get the job done.

This plan is easy to follow and perform. We ranked it as intermediate difficulty because it does require a sewing machine to complete, which not everyone has. If you have a sewing machine, this task should be a breeze.

2. Upcycled Denim Feathers by TamaraBerg

Materials: Old denim, heavy string
Tools: Pins, seam ripper, scissors, rubber glove, sewing machine
Difficulty: Intermediate

If you love unique, DIY jewelry, you will love these Upcycled Denim Feathers by TamaraBerg. The earrings are unique, lightweight, and make the most of the fabric you have. The instructions are extensive and even offer ideas for how to use the feathers.

If you don’t want to make jewelry, these feathers make great accessories to add to bags, clothes, or items around the house.

This plan is intermediate because it requires a sewing machine, but it only requires elementary sewing machine skills. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to make these feathers with ease.

3. Denim College Bag by My Own Styles

Materials: Denim, thread
Tools: Tape measure, scissors, chalk, sewing machine
Difficulty: Intermediate

As of late, denim bags have become popular. Instead of wasting your money buying one, make your own by reusing your old jeans. This bag is perfect for work, college, library visits, or trips to ALDI.

This plan is in the form of a YouTube video. The video tells you everything you need in order to get the job done. Once again, this is intermediate because it requires a sewing machine, though the skills are easy.

4. Old Jeans Cute Purse by Simple Practical Beautiful

Materials: Old jeans, old belt, screw posts
Tools: Pencil, awl, masking tape, scissors
Difficulty: Intermediate

Another great denim purse idea is by Simple Practical Beautiful. The final result is a small purse that you can easily sling over your shoulder. The instructions are thorough and tell you everything you need to do to complete the project.

This plan is a bit more advanced than the above purse. It requires more specialized skills, but the instructions are thorough enough that you can figure out how to do it if this is your first time with a more difficult project.

5. DIY Denim Laptop Bag or Clutch by EZ2Make

Materials: Old denim, fabric for lining
Tools: Scissors, measuring tape, pins, sewing machine
Difficulty: Intermediate

Laptop cases are insanely expensive. Save some money by making your own from old denim. This idea can double as a laptop bag, clutch, or wallet. In other words, it makes a great bag for many purposes.

You will learn how to make this product through a YouTube video. The video is clear so you should be able to make the project relatively easily. It does require a sewing machine, though.

6. Coin Purse by Liz Inspiration

Materials: Old jeans, coin purse clasp
Tools: Sewing machine, scissors
Difficulty: Intermediate

If you need something to store your coins in, use your old jeans to make this coin purse. Blue jean pants or blue jean shorts will work fine. Not to mention, this plan is great for jeans that have embellishments.

The instructions aren’t incredibly thorough, but the project is rather intuitive. It takes about two hours to complete and only costs a few dollars for the clasping hardware. Because this task requires a sewing machine, it is intermediate.

7. Jean Pocket Placements by Cook & Craft Me Crazy

Materials: Old denim. thread
Tools: Scissors, needles
Difficulty: Beginner

If you have a rustic, farmhouse-inspired home, you will love these Jean Pocket Placements by Cook & Craft Me Crazy. The final result is super cute, and it is pretty easy to complete.

The instructions are thorough and include pictures and written instructions for every step. You do not even need a sewing machine for this project, making it the perfect option for beginners.

8. No-Sew Jean Pocket Placeholders by Teach Me Mommy

Materials: Old jeans, backing
Tools: Fabric glue
Difficulty: Beginner

Another rustic idea to try out is these No-Sew Jean Pocket Placeholders. These placeholders are easy enough that you can make them with your children. With just a few tools, the project will be completed.

Of all the ideas on our list, this one is the easiest since it does not require any sewing. You do not need a sewing machine as a result.

9. Recycled Blue Jean Apron by Scavenger Chic

Materials: Old jeans, extra fabric for lining
Tools: Thread, scissors, sewing machine
Difficulty: Intermediate

Everyone could use a great apron for cooking, painting, and other messy tasks. If you are looking for an apron to add to your collection, try out this Recycled Blue Jean Apron by Scavenger Chic.

The plan includes extensive pictures and instructions so you understand exactly how to make the apron. The task is relatively easy, but it requires a sewing machine.

10. Upcycled Knitting Needle Case by Get Smitten

Materials: Old jeans, lining, thread
Tools: Scissors, measuring tape, chalk, pins
Difficulty: Intermediate

The last plan to try out is this Upcycled Knitting Needle Case. This plan is perfect if you are looking for a new way to keep your needles organized without spending a fortune. Plus, the case is super cute.

This plan is incredibly extensive, meaning it answers all of your questions and tells you in detail every step of the process. It is intermediate because it requires a sewing machine.

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Get Crafting!

Now that you know 10 great plans for upcycling your old blue jeans, it’s time to get crafting. If you don’t like these plans exactly, you can use them as inspiration to create your own recycled blue jean design.

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Featured Image Credit: Jacqueline Macou, Pixabay

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