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10 DIY BBQ Island Plans You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

BBQ Grill

A cooking island is a griller’s dream come true, as it contains a large grilling area and room to store your equipment and other items. Purchasing a commercial unit can be quite expensive, but if you like to take on DIY projects, there are several plans that you can follow to help cut costs.

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The 10 DIY BBQ Island Plans You Can Build Today

1. Stone Grill BBQ Island

Materials: Cinder blocks, flat rocks
Tools: level, tape measure
Difficulty: Easy

The Stone Grill BBQ Island is one of the easiest projects to complete on this list. It only requires a few cinder blocks and flat stones to create the countertop. You can have it finished in just a few hours and even paint it to help make it look more attractive while creating a moisture barrier.

2. DIY Grill Station

DIY grill station
Image By: The Handyman’s Daughter
Materials: Boards, concrete pavers, exterior clue, castor wheels
Tools: hammer, screwdriver, saw, tape measure, level
Difficulty: Easy

The DIY Grill Station is a fairly easy-to-build project that results in an attractive and portable BBQ Island from which you are sure to get plenty of use. It’s small but has a durable concrete top that can handle high temperatures. While there are no fancy drawers or cupboards, there is still plenty of space to hold your tools and supplies, and you can add shelves later if you feel that you need them.

3. DIY Outdoor Kitchen

DIY outdoor kitchen
Image By: This Old House
Materials: Plywood, mortar, metal feet, construction adhesive
Tools: hammer, screwdriver, saw
Difficulty: Moderate

The DIY Outdoor Kitchen is one of our favorite projects because it is only moderately difficult to complete, is customizable, and looks fantastic. It has a stone finish that will look great on any property, and the author takes the time to explain each step in detail, so the plan is easy to follow. There aren’t many steps, but it can take a day or two to finish while you wait for the mortar to dry.

4. Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ Island

DIY outdoor kitchen and bbq island
Image Credit: dengarden
Materials: Plywood, pressure-treated lumber, wood screws
Tools: hammer, screwdriver, saw, level
Difficulty: Moderate

The Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ Island is a moderately difficult plan that results in a versatile and useful island that will last many years. The author walks you through determining the right size island for your property and even explains how to choose how many drawers you need and how to design them.

5. DIY Outdoor BBQ Island

Materials: Plywood, 2×4, cement board, fence board
Tools: hammer, screwdriver, saw, level
Difficulty: Moderate

The DIY Outdoor BBQ Island is an easy-to-follow plan due to the author providing each step in video format. Several videos walk you through the entire process, and it isn’t too hard to complete if you have basic tools. Finish it with paint or stain for a better appearance and a longer lifespan.

6. Steel Stud BBQ Island


Materials: Steel studs, steel tracks
Tools: hammer, drill, screwdriver, C clamps
Difficulty: Advanced

The Steel Stud BBQ Island is an attractive island that looks harder to build than it is. It uses steel studs and steel tracks primarily to create the island. You can customize it to make it larger or smaller, and the author explains how to plant the frame so it is more stable and durable. The finished product looks professional and has room for a sink, plenty of drawer storage, and even cabinet space, along with the BBQ grill.

7. Cedar BBQ Island

Materials: Cedar structural posts, boards, screws, nails, wood glue
Tools: hammer, drill, screwdriver
Difficulty: Advanced

The Cedar BBQ Island is a great project that helps you use your standing grill as a starting point for the island. It’s highly customizable and makes room for a pressure cooker, smoker, and more. The instructions call for primarily cedar wood because of its attractive appearance, but you can use another variety if it is easier to find or less expensive.

8. Outdoor Kitchen

DIY outdoor kitchen
Image Credit: The Cow Spot
Materials: Cinder blocks, boards, nails, plywood
Tools: hammer, drill, screwdriver, saw
Difficulty: Advanced

The Outdoor Kitchen plan shows you how to create a BBQ island from cinder blocks and 2 x 4 boards. It has plenty of counter space, a grilling area, and even a pizza oven. It’s an advanced build, but the instructions are detailed and easy to follow.

9. Grilling Island

DIY grilling island
Image Credit: HGTV
Materials: Plywood, pressure-treated lumber, nails, countertop
Tools: tape measure, bit driver, hand saw
Difficulty: Advanced

This Grilling Island plan walks you through the building process from the ground up. It’s customizable, so you can make it larger or smaller, depending on your needs, and it provides plenty of counter space on either side of the grill to prepare your food. The finished product looks great and has plenty of storage space.

10. DIY Backyard Kitchen

DIY outdoor kitchen
Image Credit: At Home with The Barkers
Materials: Plywood, 2x4s, nails, screws
Tools: hammer, screwdriver, saw, tape measure
Difficulty: Advanced

The DIY Backyard Kitchen plan is an amazing project that not only produces a great grilling area but also provides shade to help you stay out of the sun. It helps keep snow and rain out of your grilling area too, so you can use it all year long. The instructions are easy to follow, but it’s considered advanced because there are many steps, and some will require you to work high in the air as you build the roof.

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There are many DIY plans for creating a BBQ island. If this is your first project, we recommend starting with the Stone Grill BBQ Island or the DIY Grill Station, as they are both easy-to-build projects that are quite useful when finished. Neither requires many materials, and they are both inexpensive, so you can try building them a few times without breaking the bank. Once you get accustomed to the work, we recommend trying some of the other projects on the list, as many will produce amazing results if you have the tools and skills, like the Outdoor Kitchen and the Grilling Island.

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