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40 DIY Gifts for the Men in Your Life (With Pictures)



Trying to come up with a creative gift for the man in your life but drawing a blank? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The following 40 ideas are all great gifts that the men in your life will actually like to receive. You can copy exactly what you see here, or use these ideas as a jumping-off point to come up with your own special DIY creation that’s personalized for the men you love most.

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The 40 DIY Gifts for the Men in Your Life

1. DIY Sore Muscle Warming Rub

If the men in your life are hard workers, then they almost certainly have sore muscles. A nice DIY sore muscle warming rub would feel great, but it would probably be even better if you apply it during a relaxing massage.

2. Hardware Beverage Coasters

You want him to keep his drinks off the table, so give him some beverage coasters that he’ll actually use. These are made by gluing some nuts together, making for an interesting and unique coaster that’s as manly as any coaster could be.

3. Cordless Drill Charge Station


Not every man has an extensive collection of drills, but most of us are pretty disorganized. If your man does have a collection of cordless drills, help him make it more accessible by building him a cordless drill charge station.

4. Rosemary Pine Beard Balm

We can’t all grow majestic beards, but the ones who can will definitely appreciate this rosemary pine beard balm. Of course, there are many other DIY beard balm recipes available online, so find the one with the scents that your man will love best. After all, he has to smell it all the time.

5. Magnetic Wristband

If your man is often working on projects of any type, then he’s guaranteed to be losing fasteners, bits, hardware, and all sorts of other small metal objects on a daily basis. But if you make him this magnetic wristband, he’ll never lose another fastener…well, hopefully.

6. Magic BBQ Rub

Not all men like to cook, but most like to grill, which is why this magic BBQ rub is a great gift for just about any man. It goes well on anything he might throw on the grill, from corn to chicken and more.

7. DIY Wood Slice Serving Board

This serving board is the perfect present for the mountain man in your life. He’ll be more apt to participate in the kitchen if he’s got great instruments to work with that make him feel like he’s back home in the woods.

8. Beer Bottle Glasses

Glasses made from beer bottles are a cool and inexpensive gift that any man will enjoy drinking out of. Plus, the thick glass is much harder to break than most of your standard glass cups.

9. Bottle Openers

If he likes beer, he has lots of bottles to open. Build him a bottle opener and he’ll be thinking of you every time he breaks open a cold one.

10. DIY Men’s Body Wash

Do you love the smell of your man’s body wash? If not, here’s the perfect opportunity for you to change it. He’ll use whatever you hand him, so make a DIY body wash that you can both enjoy the smell of.

11. Scrabble Coasters

Coasters made from scrabble letters are the perfect way to send a direct message through your gift. You can literally spell out the message you want him to take away from it. Best of all, he’ll see it and think of you every time he lifts his beer.

12. DIY Hammock

One thing that all men love to do is relax. Why not help the men you love relax by building them this DIY hammock? It’s a gift that they’ll use again and again.

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13. Belt Chair

Got an old wicker chair that needs refinishing? Get creative with it and use some leather belts to cover it. Just be careful about what your man might think you’re implying when he sees all that leather.

14. DIY Wooden Tool Carrier

Do you worry that your man doesn’t think about you enough while he’s working? Well, now you can put yourself on every project he undertakes by building a wooden carrier for his tools. He’ll have no choice but to think of you every time he reaches for another tool.

15. It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

On this clock, it’s always beer thirty. This is the perfect clock for any man cave, so help your man decorate by making it special for him.

16. Yard Dice

Yard dice can be used to play a wide range of backyard games, offering the opportunity for you to enjoy your DIY present with your man. They’re also perfect for parties where everyone can join in the fun.

17. Spiced Soap for Men

He might seem like he’s always dirty, but he does shower and try to get clean. You can help by making this spiced soap that will help your man stay clean and fresh.

18. Leather Tool Roll

Sometimes, the toolbox is too full and heavy to want to lug around for small jobs around the house and vehicle. So, make your man this leather tool roll that will hold just the most essential tools that he’s always losing and wasting hours searching for.

19. Wooden Sudoku

Men are physical creatures, and we enjoy playing games we can actually touch. Leave this wooden sudoku game in the bathroom and it’s guaranteed to see plenty of use by your man.

20. Zip Essentials Bag From a Necktie

Men don’t carry purses (usually), but we still have essentials to carry around. So, make this zip-up essentials bag for the man in your life from an old tie he hates. Don’t use a tie he likes though — he still wants to wear that one.

21. Docking Station

If you build this organized charging station for the man in your life, he’ll think of you first thing every morning when he reaches for his phone, and again at the end of each night as he plugs it in before bed.

22. Wallet

Your man carries a wallet, so why not give him a wallet that makes him think of you every time he opens it? You can design the wallet however you like, adding a touch of your own personality to personalize the gift.

23. Book With a Secret Compartment

” target=”blank” background=”#FF6600″ size=”10″ center=”yes” rel=”nofollow”]Check Instruction Here

You probably don’t want your man to keep secrets from you, but if you make the hidden compartment where he hides his secret stuff, you’ll always know exactly where it is.

24. Watch Display

Does your man have a collection of watches that he keeps in a drawer by the bed? Help him to show them off and keep them in great shape with this DIY watch display instead.

25. Liquor Dispenser

The more your man likes to unwind after a long day of work, the more appreciative he’ll be of a DIY liquor dispenser gift. He’ll love it the most if you even use it to pour drinks for him. Most men can’t create the same level of concoctions their women can come up with.

26. Stress Squeeze Ball

Even if it seems like your man isn’t stressed out, he’s probably keeping some of that stress boiling just beneath the surface. Help him find a safe outlet for it by making this simple stress squeeze ball as a gift for him.

27. Knitted Beanie

Many men wear beanies all winter long. But if you knit or crochet a beanie for him, he’ll always reach for the special beanie that you made instead of any others.

28. Braided Leather Bracelet

Not all men wear jewelry, but this braided leather bracelet is low-key and your man will love it just because you made it. It’ll give him a small smile each time he looks down at his wrist and remembers how much you care.

29. DIY Men’s Shave Kit

Most men shave; some more than others. If your man has to shave often or has a lot to shave, then this DIY men’s shave kit will offer him a level of luxury that he might not have ever experienced before.

30. Flavored Toothpicks

Flavored toothpicks are a great way to get the last of the beef jerky out from your teeth. You can infuse them with whiskey if that’s your man’s favorite drink. But you can just as easily go with something a little more appetizing instead.

31. Whiskey Soap Dispenser

Sticking with the whiskey theme, you can make this soap dispenser out of an old whiskey bottle to encourage your man to wash his hands after using the bathroom!

32. Man Cave Storage Shelves

Every man cave needs storage, so, why not make some unique rolling storage shelves to offer your man a great way to keep organized?

33. Handmade Gift Box

You can pick out every item in a gift box for your man to be something special that they’re guaranteed to love. Take it a step further by also making the actual box you give it to him in by hand.

34. Hanging Grill Tool Display Sign

You can easily make this hanging sign that offers your man a quick and convenient place to store his grilling tools while he’s grilling up steaks out on the back porch. All it takes is some wood, copper pipe, and some paint.

35. Memory on a Natural Wood Slice

Men aren’t usually as into photo memories as women, but your man is guaranteed to cherish any photo that’s printed on a natural wood slice. It adds a whole new level of special to a moment that was already special to start.

36. Guess Who With Friends and Family

Who doesn’t love a good game of Guess Who? The only thing that can make Guess Who even better is playing the game with the actual faces of people you know in real life! Make this silly Guess Who game for your man and you can enjoy playing it with him and having a great laugh together.

37. Infused Alcohol

Infused alcohol is a great way to give your man a unique drinking experience that’s special because it comes from you. There are many flavors that you can infuse into all sorts of different alcohols, so search the internet for some unique ideas.

38. DIY Finger Hockey

Building an enjoyable game to gift the men in your life is a great way to give them something that will allow you to spend more time together. You can have a great evening playing DIY games like finger hockey, and it will mean even more because you took the time and effort to build it.

39. Homemade Mini Golf Hole

Is your man so obsessed with golf that he has a hard time taking his mind off the game for an entire day? Help fuel his obsession with a homemade mini golf hole. You can even use barriers that he can move around to keep the hole changing each day.

40. Snack Box Care Package

Men love to snack. It might seem like a last-minute, low-budget gift to you, but to your man, it feels like all he’s ever wanted. Feel free to think of your own cheesy message to really drive the point home how much your man means to you.

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It doesn’t take much to make the men in your life happy, so don’t overthink your DIY gift. Trust your instincts and make whatever gift you think they’re going to enjoy. You’re practically guaranteed to be right. Personalize any of these ideas to better fit your man and give that extra special touch to your gift so that they know exactly how much you care.

Featured Image: Pixabay

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