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How to Store Scarves (14 Smart & Simple Tips)

four scarves tied on the hanging bar

Scarves are comfortable, beautiful, easy to collect, and cheap. They can easily be described as one of the most utilized fashion items for both men and women globally. You may easily get addicted to purchasing several until there are so many, and you have to deal with the ordeal of storing them effectively.

If you are here, you must be interested in beautiful, inexpensive, creative ways to store your scarves. This is after you have tried almost a dozen ways that seem not to be working for your scarf collection. Not to worry, if you have hundreds of scarves giving you a hard time in your closet, we have you covered.

Read on for great tips on scarf storage. Click to jump to a section:

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Top 3 Tips to Prepare for Scarf Storage

Before we jump into hacks or tips for scarf storage, below are quick organization tips to ensure the illustrated storage ideas become easy for you. Remember, the preparation process is not mandatory, especially if you already have your own quick arrangement ideas when storing. But it ensures easy management and reduces chaos when storing and later accessibility.

1. Sort Out the Scarves

various scarves
Image By: JamesDeMers, Pixabay

Find a flat, clean surface and lay all your scarves on it. Go through them one by one, identifying the ones you need, those you rarely use, and those you still find appealing. You will be shocked at how many scarves are piling up in your closet, yet you don’t use them anymore.

Others do not even look attractive to you anymore, and you don’t need them. You can place such scarves aside and give them as gifts or donations to the less privileged. Those that are no longer in good condition can be disposed of, while you only remain with the useful scarves.

For easier storage and accessibility, proceed to sort out the scarves that you wish to keep in the following manner:

  • Sort according to the seasons of the year: Place aside the scarves that can be worn during spring, summer, fall, or winter. It is obvious the types of scarves you will need during winter cannot be worn comfortably during summer; therefore, when storing, they will need to be stored separately until it’s time for winter.
  • Sort according to use: Apart from sorting scarves according to the season, you may sort them according to their use. For instance, separate the scarves you use on your head from those on your neck, shoulders or those used as a belt. That way, you can store them in labeled storage boxes and only access the type of scarf you want, depending on how you want to use it.
  • Sort according to their colors: Suppose you prefer matching your scarves to the color of your outfit. In that case, you may consider sorting them according to colors, where you can easily store and access them depending on the color of the outfit you are currently wearing.

2. Identify Ideal Storage Space

When the scarves are sorted to your likeness, you should identify a space in your drawer, shelf, or behind your bedroom door. There must be a specific space where you must be thinking of storing the scarves, or else the entire storage preparation process is useless.

Ensure the storage location is not directly facing sunlight. The space should be dark, or the container should be translucent so that it does not let in sunlight. When your scarves are exposed to too much sunlight, they lose their color and feed off.

Avoid Ziploc storage bags. They may look like a perfect idea for storing your scarves, but they are airtight and can easily begin to form an unpleasant smell that prevents you from wearing your scarves comfortably.

3. Wash the Scarves Before Storage

scarves hang to dry

Make sure the scarves that have been selected for storage have been washed and thoroughly dried before storing. You do not want to store them dirty, only to go and use them after a few months. Make it a habit to wash all the scarves you used at the end of every season before storage.

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The 14 Simple Scarf Storage Tips

The tips below will help you store your scarves in an orderly manner for easier accessibility without having to go through a pile of tangled-up scarves.

1. Install Some Towel Bars

Towel bars are often found in the bathroom or powder rooms. However, they can also be helpful when holding scarves, and you wouldn’t believe just how many scarves one bar can hold. They take up very little space, and you do not have to install them in your closet.

Simply install several towel bars on a small portion of a wall in your bedroom, and they will create enough space to hold most of your scarves.

2. Allocate One Drawer in Your Dresser or Closet

scarves arranged in drawers
Image Credit: Antonello Marangi, Shutterstock

You will definitely need a huge space if you have a large collection of scarves. Instead of mixing them with the rest of your outfits in the closet, identify a drawer and set it aside. Neatly fold the scarves and arrange them there.

Suppose some space in your drawer is underutilized; consider using the space. On most occasions, there is often more than enough space in our closets that we rarely use.

3. Invest in a Clear Plastic Bin

Clear plastic bins neatly arranged on top of each other in the corner of your room or in a closet is also a perfect idea. You can easily identify the scarf you want from a distance since the bins are transparent. They also make your closet or room more organized and presentable. You may even label the boxes for easy accessibility.

4. Get a Transparent Front Storage Box

transparent font storage boxes
Image Credit: beauty Natalya, Shutterstock

Apart from a clear plastic bin, a transparent front storage box can also work. The front part of the transparent storage box is clear, allowing you to view and identify the scarf inside. The box will come in handy when it is time to move; you won’t have to unpack the scarves since they are packed and ready to move. The boxes have well-secured lids, protecting the scarves from dust.

5. Use a Fabric Bin

Like a clear plastic bin and a transparent front storage box, a fabric bin can also play the same role of storing scarves. The bin has a fabric lining that protects delicate scarves from snagging or ripping. Label the bin with the type of scarves stored inside for easy accessibility.

6. Get Drawer Inserts or Dividers

empty drawer organizers
Image Credit: Svetlyachock, Shutterstock

Drawer inserts or dividers will help you organize your scarves in your drawer more appealingly. You may use one compartment of the drawer for light scarves or those you rarely use, while the other may hold heavier scarves used during winter.

7. Use Scarf Rings

Scarf rings are specifically designed to hold scarves. Hang them on hooks or closet rails, then tie or loop your scarves through them. You may hang a scarf individually or several on a single ring. You may also use the scarf rings to separate the scarves by color, material, style of wear, and how frequently you use them.

8. Use a Rolling Cloth Rack

rolling cloth rack
Image Credit: Billy333, Shutterstock

A rolling cloth rack will not only be perfect for your scarves but also for other outfits. All you need are multiple rails installed on the rolling cloth rack. With the available rails, you have more than enough space to hang your scarves. Rolling cloth wracks are always handy, especially when your closet is fully packed.

9. Use Hooks

Wall hooks are often helpful, especially when storage space is tight. Install them in the mudroom, on the back of your closet door, or in your bedroom. The hooks will be used to hold light scarves and those that you often use.

Ensure the hooks are huge and professionally installed so they can stay in place without getting damaged easily.

10. Get Over-the-Door Hangers

Face towel isolated hanging on the round circle metal hanger in the restroom
Image Credit: Maria Studio, Shutterstock

Over-the-door hangers are also perfect for storing scarves when there is limited space. However, they should not be overloaded, or they will break under the weight of the scarves. Use them for lighter scarves made of silk or cotton.

You can also purchase some velvet hangers to hold expensive, delicate scarves.

11.  Install an Inbuilt Closet Drawer

Instead of purchasing drawer inserts or dividers, you may invest in permanent inbuilt closet drawers. With such a drawer, you can dedicate one compartment to the storage of the scarves. You may also use several compartments for storing different types of scarves depending on their color, use, and material—for instance, one drawer can store winter scarves, and another silk or cashmere scarves.

12. Use Wire Baskets

wire basket on carpet
Image Credit: Megan Lea, Shutterstock

There are different types of wire baskets; for instance, you may purchase one in white, black, gold, or chrome. Fold the scarves in a tri-fold manner and store them in the wire basket.

Suppose you do not have a wire basket; you can use a fabric-lined basket. Fabric-lined baskets are excellent for storing bulky scarves, primarily those used during winter. You can place it in the mud room or in your entryway for easy accessibility. If possible, each household member should be given at least one fabric-lined basket to ensure neat storage of scarves.

13. Purchase a Decorative Ladder

Decorative ladders may work the same as a coat hanger. However, the decorative ladder is more attractive and gives a unique appearance to the room. You can save plenty of space by hanging several scarves and shawls on it. You may place the ladder in the entryway where you can easily hang and access your scarves whenever you want to leave the house.

14. Have Some Entryway Baskets

entryway basket
Image Credit: Hank Shiffman, Shutterstock

Entryway baskets are perfect for storing scarves worn as often as possible. These baskets will not only help you store your scarves in your home, but they also add texture and decoration to your space.

For easy accessibility, simply wrap the scarves around your hand and loop the end of the scarf in the center. Place the rolled scarves inside the entryway baskets so they can all be visible to you whenever you need them.

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With the above tips, you will store your scarves neatly, and in a way, you can find them easily. However, before they are stored, ensure to sort them out according to the year’s seasons, use, or color. After sorting, identify the ones you want to keep, give away or dispose of. Finally, wash the scarves and identify a storage location. When choosing a storage location, avoid direct sunlight and Ziploc bags.

Among the tips for the storage of the scarves, consider using towel bars, drawers, bins, scarf rings, hangers, and baskets. Remember, the aim is to keep them organized, easily accessible, and away from the elements, such as sunlight and dust.

Featured Image Credit: Thiti Sukapan, Shutterstock


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