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Does Renters Insurance Cover Water Damage? The Fascinating Answer!

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Renters insurance can help protect your property from damage when you don’t own your home. However, many renters might not be sure about what the insurance covers, with many wondering if it protects them from water damage. Fortunately, renters insurance does cover a few types of water damage but not all, so keep reading as we discuss what specific damage your insurance does protect you from.

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Do I Need Renters Insurance to Protect My Property From Water Damage?

Yes. Unfortunately, your landlord’s homeowners insurance will not cover your property, especially if damage occurs due to a broken toilet or busted pipe. However, renters insurance will help protect you from this kind of sudden damage.

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What Kind of Water Damage Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Most policies will protect your property from steam discharge that might occur due to a broken radiator or water overflow from a clogged toilet or plugged sink. They will also protect your property from burst or frozen pipes and even damage caused by a leaky roof or broken window. However, you must read over your policy carefully because they can vary significantly.

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What Kind of Water Damage Is Not Covered by Renters Insurance?

Your renters insurance will not likely cover property damage resulting from your negligence, like leaving the window open during a storm or forgetting to turn off the sink before it overflows. It is also not likely to cover damage that occurs due to a flood, so if you live in an area that floods frequently, you will need to purchase a separate flood policy through FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program. Renters insurance will also not cover damage due to a sump pump failure or sewer overflow, nor is it likely to cover damage due to an accidental sprinkler discharge.

What Kind of Damage Does My Landlord’s Insurance Cover?

Your landlord’s insurance policy will only cover damage to the building structure and not the items inside. For instance, the insurance might cover a broken wall or ceiling in your apartment, but it won’t cover any of the damaged property that the falling debris causes.

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Does Renters Insurance Cover Damage From a Fish Tank?

You might be surprised to learn that your renters insurance will cover property damage that results from a leaking or broken fish tank. However, it will only cover the cost of the tank if an intruder breaks it. The cost of the tank will not be covered if it springs a leak or gets knocked over. In any case, the insurance will not cover the cost of any fish or other animals inside the tank.

Will My Renters Insurance Cover Other People’s Property?

Your renters insurance provides liability coverage that will help protect other people’s property. For instance, if your toilet overflows, leaks into a neighbor’s property, and causes damage, your insurance will help cover the repair or replacement costs.

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Will My Renters Insurance Help Cover Living Expenses While My Apartment Receives Repairs?

Yes. If water damage from a burst pipe or another water-related event forces you out of your home while repairs are made, your renters insurance will cover living expenses until you can return.

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A renters insurance policy will help you cover expenses due to water damage so you can replace your lost property. It covers damage due to a frozen or busted pipe, toilet overflow, leaky roofs, and even fish tanks, but it won’t protect you from damage due to neglect, floods, faulty sump pumps, or sprinkler systems. The insurance can also cover damage to other people’s property and help pay for living expenses if you temporarily need to leave your home due to water damage.

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