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8 Glam Interior Design Ideas You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

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Redesigning your interior can be a great way to change and improve your living space without moving to a new location or paying for an expensive remodel. While some plans are more involved than others, you can often get started with something small and inexpensive that you make yourself. There are many options out there, from rustic to modern designs, but keep reading as we show you how to create something glamorous so you can design the home of your dreams.

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The 8 DIY Glam Interior Design Ideas

1. Tufted Furniture by hometalk

How to Make a Tufted Anything Without Sewing
Image Credit: hometalk
Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Staple, hammer, nails

Tufted furniture and bedding is a great way to improve the appearance of any room in your home, and this project will show you how to do it quickly and easily without sewing. You can create this elegant design with only a hammer, staples, and nails, so it’s the perfect project to start with as a beginner. The finished product looks great and is quite comfortable.

2. Canopy Bed by shanty-2-chic

DIY Canopy Bed
Image Credit: shanty-2-chic
Difficulty: Moderate
Materials: Wood screws, nails, hammer, drill, saw

Another great way to create a more glamorous interior is to build a DIY canopy bed. It doesn’t require many tools, and if you’re handy with a saw, you’ll have no trouble seeing it through to the end. The directions are easy to follow, and you’ll be happy with the finished product, especially since it’s highly customizable.

3. Floor to Ceiling Drapes by sawdust2stitches

Image Credit: sawdust2stitches
Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Fabric, runner, rail

Few things look more luxurious than curtains that hang from the ceiling to the floor. Since it can be quite expensive to purchase these curtains new, it’s easy to think that they’re difficult to make. However, you can make these floor to ceiling drapes for just a few dollars and install them quickly following this easy plan.

4. Marble and Gold by itsagrandvillelife

DIY Marble Coasters
Image Credit: itsagrandvillelife
Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Clay, paintbrush, paper

Anything made from marble and gold always looks glamorous. However, these items can also be quite expensive. This DIY marble coasters plan shows you how to make realistic-looking coasters that will impress your guests for an extremely low cost. You can get all your supplies from the local hobby store and finish the project in a few hours.

5. Statement Walls by designertrapped

DIY Wood Plank Wall
Image Credit: designertrapped
Difficulty: Advanced
Materials: Plywood, stud finder, nails, saw, primer, paint

Statement walls are extremely popular because they let you add a unique touch while retaining a glamorous appearance. This wood plank wall project shows you how you can take a simple approach to create something magnificent. It only requires a few tools, but it can be a large project that can take a long time and use a large amount of wood.

6. Plush Flooring by addicted2decorating

DIY Faux Fur Rug (How To Fake A Flokati)
Image Credit: addicted2decorating
Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Faux fur, old rug

Plush flooring is a fantastic way to make your interior feel more luxurious, and this DIY faux fur rug plan perfectly achieves it. You won’t be able to wait until you can walk barefoot after creating this rug, and it only requires a few supplies, like faux fur from your local hobby shop and an old carpet. The directions are easy to follow, and anyone should be able to complete the project in a few hours.

7. Cascading Chandelier by homestolove

How to make a cascading indoor plant chandelier
Image Credit: homestolove
Difficulty: Moderate
Materials: Old wood, plant pots

Chandeliers always have the advantage of looking luxurious, but a cascading chandelier takes it one step further because the multiple levels can make it look massive. This cascading indoor plant chandelier is fun to make and will have all your visitors talking. You can recycle wood from around your property or purchase something new, and it’s highly customizable with many different kinds of plants. It will improve air quality while enhancing the appearance of any room.

8. Glamorous Bathroom

Difficulty: Easy
Materials: Scissors, glue, sparkly cardboard

Many people like to make the bathroom the most glamorous area of the house. As the name suggests, the DIY Dollar Tree glam bathroom set shows you how you can transform this area of your home extremely inexpensively. You also won’t need any tools besides scissors and gloves to complete the project, and you will be amazed at the results.

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Glamorous Interior Design Elements


When creating a glamorous interior in your home, keep things shiny by using plenty of gold, silver, and chrome objects. Glitter can also work if you’re careful, and mirrors can be a big help, making it appear like you have even more shiny things.

Soft and Fluffy

Another popular trend in glamorous interior design is to keep things soft and fluffy. Oversized pillows, tufted furniture, and bedding are huge, as are soft and thick faux fur carpets.


One more thing that many rich and glamorous people add to the interior of their homes is plenty of artwork. Placing artwork on your walls is fantastic because you can find or create something unique and personal. Art also retains its value better than many other objects.

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Creating a glamorous interior can be a great deal of fun and doesn’t require much skill or money. You can get started on many of these projects for little cost, and all the materials are easy to find. We recommend starting with the glamorous bathroom or the plush flooring, as both projects are extremely easy. Once you gain experience, the canopy bed and cascading chandelier will look fantastic.

Featured Image Credit: rhema kallianpur, Unsplash


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