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5 Expert Tips on How High to Hang a Towel Bar

towels hanging on the wall of a bathroom

The height of a towel bar may not seem that important. However, the room can feel quite off if a towel bar is at a weird height. Of course, what exactly counts as the right height can vary. While there is a standard, that standard may need to be adjusted occasionally.

Experts do differ a bit on how high a towel bar should be. We’ll discuss some of their best advice and help you determine how high your towel bar needs to be.

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The 5 Expert Tips on How High to Hang a Towel Bar

1. Use the Standard

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Image By: Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd., Unsplash

The standard height for a towel bar is 48 inches above the floor. Usually, this height is suitable for most people, which is why it is considered the standard. We recommend hanging your towel bar at this height in most situations. Even if your family tends to be taller or shorter than average, putting the towel bar at this height helps ensure that your guests are comfortable, too.

There are several reasons why this height is suggested beyond this, however. For instance, standard towels will not hit the floor when hung on a towel bar. Even oversized towels won’t hit the floor. You can also add a vanity underneath the towel bar. If everything is at the average height, they shouldn’t intersect or have any problems.

You can also hang the average hand towel on the towel bar above a vanity without touching the floor. Of course, this assumes that everything is the average height.

For all these reasons, sticking to the standard is the best option in most circumstances.

2. Consider Disabilities

a person in a wheelchair
Image Credit: Marcus Aurelius, Pexels

With that said, you should lower the towel bar if you or anyone in your home has disabilities. The height should be lowered to 44 inches in these cases to accommodate, but no lower than 15 inches. These heights assume that the bar is not located near a vanity.

If the bar is located on a wall near a vanity, it should only be 20 inches deep from the front of the vanity. You should adjust the height as necessary to accommodate this. It should still be no higher than 44 inches, though you may need to make it lower.

These height guidelines help ensure that those with disabilities can easily access the bar’s towels.

3. Families with Small Children

mother drying off child with towel in bathroom
Image Credit: Ketut Subiyanto, Pexels

You may consider moving the towel bar even lower if you’re redoing a children’s bathroom. In this case, you can lower the bar to 36 inches off of the floor. At this height, children will be able to reach the towels more easily. You can move the towel bar height as they become older, however.

For 5- to 8-year-olds, we recommend adjusting the towel bar no higher than 40 inches. You can move it up to 44 inches for 9- to 12-year-olds.

Of course, your child’s specific height matters too. You may have to adjust these numbers if they are particularly tall or short. Having the child nearby can help you determine the correct height for them.

4. Consider the Towel Size You Use

green towels of different data-load-sizes
Image Credit: Denny Müller, Unsplash

Towel bars used for washcloths may need to be hung at different heights than those used for oversized towels. Knowing the type of towel you will put on the bar can make the finished product look much more intentional. You want the towel to be reached easily from the towel bar without stretching. This goes for everyone in the house, as well.

While this isn’t always a vital consideration and shouldn’t always trump the other tips, it can be essential in some designs. When figuring out how high to hang your towel bar, we recommend having a general idea of its purpose in the back of your mind.

5. Feel Free to Customize the Height

luxurious bathroom with a bathtub
Image Credit: William LeMond, Pexels

All of these suggestions work for standard bathrooms. However, they may not make much sense if you don’t have a standard bathroom. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends placing towel bars anywhere from 30 to 48 inches off the floor. However, placing full-sized towels on a towel bar hanging 30 inches off the floor may lead to the towel touching the floor.

As you can see, even the recognized standard won’t work all the time.

Therefore, we recommend putting the towel bar at a height that leaves your towels hanging at least 8 inches off the floor. This suggestion is a minimum; higher is often better.

Today, there are more and more custom bathrooms. Therefore, the idea of a “standard” height is obsolete. You should feel free to adjust your towel bar to give the impression you’re looking for. When adjusting, having a second person holding the towels where you want them can be very helpful. Have your friend move the towels around until you find the perfect height, mark the spot, and then install the towel bar.

This process ensures you don’t have to do the installation more than once.

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The standard height for a towel bar is 48 inches. However, this isn’t always the best height for a towel bar. It depends on your bathroom layout, which towels you use, and who will use that bathroom. You may need to lower the towel bar in a children’s bathroom to ensure they can reach the towels without help. If you have anyone disabled in your home, you’ll need to consider the height they need, too.

Standard height recommendations only work in standard bathrooms, of course. If your bathroom has a unique or custom design, you’ll need to adjust the towel bar height to match. Feel free to make these adjustments as necessary.

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Featured Image Credit: Dayvison de Oliveira Silva, Pexels


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