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How Much Does Home Depot Charge to Install a Door? Regions, Facts & FAQs

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Home Depot provides a variety of services on top of supplying common household needs. For instance, they provide door installation services in many areas. The price does tend to vary based on region and the cost will largely depend on where you live.

There are other factors that affect the price, as well. Patio doors can be extremely expensive in some cases, while interior doors tend to be much less expensive. Exterior doors tend to be the most expensive, as they require more work and accessories to install correctly.

Below, we’ll take a complete look at what Home Depot charges for installing a door.

house divider How Much Does Home Depot Charge to Install a Door?

The average cost for getting Home Depot to install a door at your house depends on the type of door, first and foremost. Different doors require different levels of work and materials, hence the differing costs.

Here is a quick look at what you can expect to pay:
  • Interior: $178–$398
  • Exterior: $398–$998
  • Patio: $498–$1,298

Interior door installation costs much less than exterior door installation in most cases. The type of door also has an effect on the price. Some doors simply require far more work to install than others. However, you can save money by installing multiple doors at once.

Usually, if you have Home Depot install six or more doors at a time, you can save a lot of money.

Other factors that occasionally affect door installation prices include things like the condition of the home. If you have an older home, there may be extra complications involved, which can raise your price.

Price also varies substantially per region. Here is a quick run-down of all price estimates, based on the region and type of door.

Region Price Range
Western Interior: $110–$330

·       1–2 Doors: $170–$330 each

·       3–5 Doors: $140–$300 each

·       6+ Doors: $110–$270 each

Exterior: $370–$920

·       Single Entry Door: $370–$700

·       Double Entry Door: $480–$920

Patio: $480–$970

·       Patio Door: $480–$920

·       Oversized Patio Door: $510–$970

Northern Interior: $110–$400

·       1–2 Doors: $160–$400 each

·       3–5 Doors: $140–$370 each

·       6+ Doors: $110–$350 each

Exterior: $380–$1,000

·       Single Entry Door: $380–$800

·       Double Entry Door: $500–$1,000

Patio: $500–$1,300

·       Patio Door: $500–$1,000

·       Oversized Patio Door: $520–$1,300

Southern Interior: $100–$270

·       1–2 Doors: $160–$270 each

·       3–5 Doors: $130–$250 each

·       6+ Doors: $100–$230 each

Exterior: $370–$730

·       Single Entry Door: $370–$560

·       Double Entry Door: $480–$730

Patio: $480–$770

·       Patio Door: $480–$730

·       Oversized Patio Door: $500–$770

construction worker installing sliding glass door

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Typically, there are not many additional costs to keep in mind when installing a door. Assuming that you have all the necessary materials and your door frame is ready to go, there should not be any extra costs. However, you never know when you’re going to find extra fees of some sort.

If you don’t have all the materials, you will have to pay extra before the door can be installed. For instance, doors typically need a handle/knob, hinges, door jamb, and other necessary hardware. Sometimes, you can get a discount by purchasing these materials in bulk. However, unless you’re installing multiple doors, this may not be possible.

Exterior doors need more materials than interior doors. For instance, deadbolts can cost as much as $300 each and are recommended for most exterior doors. If glass is needed for the door, you may have to purchase that separately as well. Not all doors come with glass installed in them.

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How Often Should I Replace my Doors?

Exterior doors usually have a lifespan of about 20 to 40 years. French doors have a bit longer lifespan, ranging from 30 to 50 years. Of course, different materials do have different durability. Large, metal doors will last longer than composite doors.

Interior doors can last for an extremely long time, as they do not have to withstand outside forces. If they are taken care of, interior doors can last for upwards of 50 years (assuming that the materials are high-quality). Interior doors rarely break. Often, the hardware fails before the door itself does.

You may need to replace the exterior door frame and weather stripping much more often, though. Usually, you can expect to replace the weather stripping about every 8 years.

asian man installing exterior door
Image Credit: Odua Images, Shutterstock

Does Home Insurance Cover Door Replacement?

It depends. If the door was damaged due to unforeseen events, then the door replacement may be covered. However, if you’re replacing the door as part of regular maintenance, then this will not be covered under home insurance.

Home insurance only covers unforeseen events, not regular home maintenance. Unless the previous door was damaged by a high-wind event or similar scenario, then you’ll be footing the bill yourself.

How to Make Doors Last Longer

Simply put, the easiest way to help a door last longer is to clean it. Regular maintenance does a lot to keep doors in tip-top condition, especially exterior doors. Preferably, you should clean the door at least twice a year with water and gentle soap. Many people perform this job as part of their spring and fall cleaning routine.

Do not use an abrasive cleaning solution, as this may damage the door itself.

After you clean the door, always check the finishing. The finishing protects the underlying material of the door. Therefore, you may need to renew the topcoat regularly. Obviously, this step does not apply to interior doors.

You’ll likely need to replace things like the weather stripping before the door. Be sure to check the condition of your weather stripping regularly and change it as needed. This stripping is vital for the energy efficiency of your home.

Lubricate all the hardware at least yearly. This includes latches, hinges, and handles. Otherwise, the hardware may wear down faster, which will cause the door to fail sooner.

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Home Depot does not charge very much to replace a door. However, it does depend on your location and the price of the door. Southern areas usually have a lower cost than Northern areas, while Western areas are somewhere in the middle. Simple, interior doors are the cheapest to install (and the fastest).

However, if you have large, complicated doors, you can expect prices to be raised. Exterior doors are usually much more expensive to install than interior doors. In some areas, an interior door may only cost around $100 to install, while an exterior door costs significantly more. Entry doors can cost as much as $500 on average.

These average prices do not include the cost of the door itself, and doors range from very cheap to considerably expensive depending.

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