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How Much Is Car Insurance in PA? (Updated in 2024)

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If you are considering moving to Pennsylvania or just getting your license in the state, you likely have questions about the cost of insurance and how it might vary from company to company. The average insurance rate for adults with a clean driving record in Pennsylvania is $1,073 per year. Keep reading as we look at the insurance rates of several companies and discuss a few of the factors that will affect your premium.

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The Importance of Car Insurance

Every motor vehicle that is not within the limits of your private property requires insurance. If the police stop you on any public roads or parking areas and you don’t have proof of insurance, you may receive a fine. They might also impound the vehicle to prevent you from driving until you can provide proof of insurance, which will cost you storage and towing fees. More importantly, motor vehicle insurance helps you pay for repairs and medical expenses in the case of an accident, which can often be quite expensive.

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How Much Does Pennsylvania Car Insurance Cost?

Your annual insurance rate can vary considerably based on several factors, including age, type of vehicle, and driving history. Using a 2015 Hyundai Accent and a 2020 Kia Ria for quotes where possible, we found that the average rate for adults with a good driving record is around $1,073 per year, or a little over $89 per month. Some brands, like Geico and Nationwide, gave quotes well below the state average, while others, like Allstate and Progressive, were much higher.

What Factors Affect My Insurance Premium?


The age of the insured driver is one of the biggest factors affecting the annual cost of insurance. Young inexperienced drivers will pay the most, and it will start to come down when they reach the age of 25 if they have a clean driving record. Teenage drivers can expect to pay at least $150 more than the average rate per year. Seniors have much lower insurance rates due to their years of experience and tendency to drive less frequently. In many cases, seniors can expect to receive savings of more than $125 per year over the state average.

Driving Record

A low-cost insurance policy is essential for a clean driving record with no accidents or citations from the police for not following traffic laws. For example, a single accident or DUI can raise your insurance premium by more than 50%. In some cases, the provider may refuse to cover you in the future because they consider you too high a risk.

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Vehicle Type

Another thing that can affect your insurance premium is the type of vehicle that you want to insure. For example, a sporty two-door with a turbocharged engine will have a higher insurance premium than a base model 4-door. R-title cars, reconstructed vehicles that were totaled, can sometimes have higher insurance premiums, as can kit cars, which are projects that you construct from parts.

Insurance Provider Average Annual Rate Rate for Young Adults Rate for Seniors Rate After an Accident
Allstate $1,772 $1,930 $1,627 $2,292
Geico $906 $1,053 $797 $1,721
Nationwide $966 $1,172 $823 $1,557
Progressive $1,287 $1,607 $1,064 $2,042
State Farm $1,101 $1,241 $978 $1,294
Pennsylvania Average $1,073 $1,241 $947 $1,529

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Car Insurance
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Additional Vehicles

If you avoid accidents and follow traffic laws, there should be no additional costs to anticipate unless you add more vehicles to the policy. However, adding a second car in many cases will result in a lower price than two separate policies.

Poor driving Record

If you were involved in an accident, even if it’s not your fault, it will likely result in a higher insurance premium. Subsequent accidents will drive the cost higher, and the provider may decline coverage, forcing you to look elsewhere. Problems with the police, like speeding, running red lights, and driving while intoxicated, will also make you a high-risk driver, causing the insurance company to increase your annual rate

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How Often Should I Renew My Car Insurance?

Most car insurance policies will last either 6 months or 1 year, and they usually renew automatically, so there is no lapse in coverage. As a result, policyholders can generally pay the fee annually or in quarterly or monthly installments.

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How Can I Reduce My Car insurance?

The best way to reduce your annual insurance premium is to maintain a clean driving record while avoiding accidents. Most insurance companies will reduce your premium every few years as a reward for good driving. Choosing non-sporty vehicles will also help eliminate higher prices.

What Insurance Companies Should I Choose?

We recommend reading over the policies offered by several different insurance companies before you decide to purchase one. Each company will provide different amounts of protection, and you will also need to consider how you will contact them and how they will process a claim.

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The average insurance rate for adults with a clean driving record in Pennsylvania is $1,073 per year. However, many factors will affect your final cost, including age, driving record, and vehicle type. The insurance provider that you choose will also affect your final cost. For instance, certain higher-priced companies like Allstate can charge almost twice as much as lower-cost providers like Geico, so read the policies carefully to ensure that you are getting a good deal and the coverage that you need.

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