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How to Hang a Heavy Mirror Without Nails: 5 Expert Tips

mirror hanging on the foyer

Hanging a mirror can be a pain, but it gets even more difficult if you don’t want to put any holes in the walls. Whether you’re a renter or just a cautious homeowner, hanging up a heavy mirror without using nails can be a conundrum. We’re here to tell you that it can be done! With the right equipment and preparation, you can hang even super-heavy mirrors without dealing with nails.

Let’s check out exactly how to do it and what you’ll need below.

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The 5 Expert Tips on How to Hang a Heavy Mirror Without Nails

1. Glue

PVA Glue
Image Credit: Scott Sanker, unsplash

This one depends on your mirror. If it’s extremely heavy, it’s better not to risk using glue to hang it—at best it’ll work, but at worst you’ll end up with a broken mirror when it falls. For lighter mirrors, you can use a superglue or epoxy resin to attach your mirror to the wall. Simply clean the back of the mirror thoroughly and let it dry, then apply the epoxy or glue and stick it on the wall. Hold it tightly in place for as long as the glue takes to dry, and slowly let go of the mirror to test whether it will stay in place before fully letting go.

2. Adhesive Strips

Sometimes called command strips, adhesive strips are capable of holding much more weight than they used to. Weigh your mirror before going to buy them, because they have a clearly labeled weight limit on the package. We’d recommend buying strips that are rated for a higher weight, just in case. Place as many strips on the mirror and wall as you wish, but more is generally more effective.

3. Drywall Hooks

plastic expansion drywall anchors
Image Credit: am in Korea, Shutterstock

Drywall hooks or anchors are darlings in the DIY space because they can bear a ton of weight. So, if you need to hang a very heavy mirror and don’t want to use nails, you can opt for drywall hooks—simply screw the hook into the wall until it fits flush with the face of your drywall. These are somewhat similar to toggle bolts but require enough space to latch behind your plaster. Check to make sure drywall hooks are a feasible option for your walls before buying them. This method requires D-rings or picture wire on your mirror.

4. Mounting Tape

Move over, duct tape. Double-sided mounting tape is specifically designed to hold heavy objects on walls without needing nails or screws. All you have to do is unpeel the backing and put it in place on the mirror or wall. As with any adhesive solution, more is always better. Heavier mirrors might give the tape a challenge so you should check the tape’s weight limits before using it. Better safe than sorry!

5. Toggle Bolts

steel toggle bolt for drywall ceiling
Image Credit: Hans Geel, Shutterstock

Toggle bolts are possibly the safest option for hanging a heavy mirror, but it requires drilling a hole in your wall. We know you probably wanted to avoid that, but toggle bolts are truly the only thing that can hold some heavier mirrors. You drill a pilot hole first, then fit and insert the toggle bolt. It blooms or spreads on the other side and becomes an anchor. You’ll need D-rings or picture wire on the back of your mirror to use this method.

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Large mirrors can be both heavy and delicate, making it hard to hang them safely without nails. Toggle bolts are the sturdiest and safest option but require drilling a hole in your wall. Drywall hooks are a great alternative, though. Adhesives are better for lighter mirrors, and we’d caution you to check weight limits before committing to an adhesive or command strip solution.

Featured Image Credit: Cat Han, Unsplash


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