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How to Hang a Tapestry on a Ceiling: 7 Expert Tips

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Tapestries on the ceiling aren’t something you see much today. However, they’re a great way to add interest and texture to a room, especially if it is pretty bland otherwise. Bedrooms are a popular place to hang tapestries. However, you can add them to just about any room. For very little work, tapestries can make a room feel exotic and luxurious.

But hanging a tapestry on a ceiling requires some pretty specific measures. There are only a few ways to hang a tapestry on a ceiling safely and easily. You can accomplish this without much effort if you follow the right method.

Here are some tips for hanging a tapestry on the ceiling.

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The 7 Tips to Hang a Tapestry on the Ceiling

1. Use the Right Tapestry

We recommend utilizing lightweight tapestries for ceiling decorations. These tapestries are easier to keep on the ceiling. Heavier tapestries will fall down more, and you may have to utilize heavy-weight hangings.

If you still haven’t picked out your tapestry, take the time to choose a lightweight option. Polyester-style tapestries often fall into this category.

2. Measure Carefully

tape measure close up
Image By: José Manuel de Laá, Pixabay

You’ll need to measure your tapestry before attaching Velcro or anything else. Be sure to measure carefully before you apply Velcro to your ceiling. You’ll have to redo at least one of the sides if it’s off. Therefore, we recommend measuring twice or even three times. Be sure the tapestry is also stretched to the proper length. On the ceiling, the tapestry can be tight or loose, depending on the style. Keep this in mind when measuring it.

3. Use Velcro

black velcro
Image By: EvaFilms, Pixabay

Velcro is easily the best option for hanging tapestries. You can sew or glue the Velcro to the back of the tapestry. If the tapestry is lower quality, glue is often a fine choice. However, there is always the chance that glue will harm the tapestry, especially if you use hot glue. Sewing is often the better choice but you’ll have to hand-sew the tapestry, as machines may tear the fabric.

You’ll want to fix one side of the Velcro tape to the ceiling using the measurements you took of your tapestry. You can do this by stapling the Velcro directly to the ceiling (a staple gun works great in this case). Often, this is the easiest method since there are few other ways to safely adhere the Velcro to the ceiling.

Now that the Velcro is on the ceiling and tapestry, you should be able to attach the tapestry to the ceiling.

4. Consider Multiple Velcro Strips

If you used Velcro for the attachment, there is a chance that one strip won’t be strong enough. It depends on the tapestry’s weight and the Velcro’s width. If the tapestry falls from the ceiling, consider adding another Velcro strip near the first. This will increase the holding power of Velcro.

You can technically use as many strips as you want. However, if you want the tapestry to hang down in the center, you can only go so far before this hanging is disrupted. Luckily, you don’t usually need to take it this far.

5. Enlist Some Help

Hanging a large tapestry onto the ceiling alone can be nearly impossible. Therefore, we recommend enlisting help. This job requires at least two people but three or even four can make the job much easier. Having one person for every corner can prevent the tapestry from falling and wrapping around one of the hangers.

This is a job best tackled by a group of friends.

6. Wash the Tapestry

If your tapestry is washable, we recommend pulling it off the ceiling occasionally. Even though nothing should get spilled on it, dust and debris can lodge into the fabric. Over time, the tapestry can release this dust back into your home. This can directly impact your home’s air quality. Therefore, keeping the tapestry clean is a must.

If you sewed the Velcro onto the tapestry, it should survive the wash just fine. You can pull the tapestry down and put it back up when it is clean.

If you used glue, you’ll have to handwash it in lukewarm water. Most glue cannot survive a hot washing machine.

7. Watch for Vents

white ceiling
Image By: Sven Brandsma, Unsplash

Many homes now have vents in the ceiling. If you place the tapestry too close to one of these vents, you risk the chance of hot air heating the tapestry up. In the best-case scenario, this will only keep your room from getting warm. However, in some cases, it may make the tapestry catch on fire. Obviously, this is the last thing you want.

Remember, safety should be the priority so be sure to consider the vents in your home.

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Hanging a tapestry on the ceiling can seem complicated. However, you only need Velcro tape, sewing supplies, and a staple gun. After installing Velcro on your ceiling with the staple gun and sewing Velcro onto the tapestry, you can put the fabric on pretty easily.

You should also wash the tapestry regularly, which is why we recommend using Velcro. Velcro allows you to easily take the tapestry off the ceiling and put it back up quickly.

Featured Image Credit: KrimKate, Shutterstock


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