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How To Install Bifold Doors In 9 Steps (with Pictures)

closed bifold garage doors

Bifold doors are a great feature for any home, especially if it’s smaller in size and space is an issue. They are versatile, and can easily fit into any home decor. Bifold doors work great as closet doors, pantry doors, or even as a passageway to the porch or your deck. While they certainly look beautiful, they can be tricky to set up due to all the hardware required. Since installation can be a struggle, we have come up with a handy guide to install bifold doors in 9 steps.

Continue reading to learn more about the process, and you’ll be able to install your new bifold doors in no time!

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How To Install Bifold Doors (9 Steps)

1. Remove the old doors and hardware

The first step in installing bifold doors is to remove any old doors or hardware. You will need to clear everything out to prep the area for the new bifold doors. If the doors and the hardware you are removing are still good, you can keep them for your next project.

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Image By: Skyliz, Shutterstock

2. Measure

Once you have cleared the area and removed the old doors, it’s time to measure. Measure the height and the width to determine what size doors you’ll need. Once you have the width, simply divide it by two—you’ll need two doors of those dimensions. While measuring, a helpful tip is to mark a line down the center of the inside door opening. That way, you will quickly set the track. Make sure you do this carefully because wrong measurements can lead to the door being too tight and not functioning well.

3. Mount the door hinges

After measuring everything, you can install the hinges and attach the track hardware. It’s best to label the doors to know which side faces out and which installation order you should follow. Mark the inner edge of your side-door jamb, around 11 inches from the bottom and 7 inches from the top. Also, mark the center between the two. You should place the door with the marks facing up. Take a hinge, and attach its lower half to the bottom mark, with the knuckles facing back. It’s best to use a drill to drill pilot holes through the hinge holes. Screw them on the hinge plate and attach the middle and top hinges to their marks. Place the inner door on the edge to face the first door. Align them and put the hinges together. Screw the hinge plates to the door and repeat this for the second door.

removing hinge to uninstall door
Image Credit: Lost_in_the_Midwest, Shutterstock

4. Attach track hardware

First, check where the pivots should be positioned as every bifold door has a unique pivot placement. You should fasten the pivot plates and the locking arms to the bottom and top of each set of doors. They go at the bottoms and tops of jamb-side doors, while the locking arms go on the tops and bottoms of the leading doors.

5. Install the track

Before installing the track, cut it to fit the length of your door opening. You should slide the hanging hardware into the track. The small stops go into the center, and you should place track hangers with wheels around them. After that, put the pivot socket on the outside and use the provided screws to attach the track to the door opening.

Try to position it 1-inch or so from the door opening to have enough space to hide the track without limiting the door functionality. It’s always best to leave the screws loose to help you mount the door easier.

6. Place the floor brackets

When you finish installing the track, you should place the floor brackets. Position them next to the door jamb by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. To align the pinhole in the bracket, hang a plumb bob from the center of the track above the floor bracket. That way, you can ensure that the doors are properly aligned when installed. Screw the floor bracket to the proper spot and remove the screws to be able to attach it easier later on.

7. Place the doors

The next step is to place the doors. Bring them to the track and lift the jamb side. You should hook the pin of the top pivot plate to the pivot socket. Ensure that pin is all the way in before you push the lever on the side of the socket to lock everything in place. Once that is done, you will need to slot the pin from the track hanger to the locking arm on the inner door, and then twist it to lock it in. Close the doors and swing them forward to catch the floor bracket in the bottom pin pivot.

8. Attach the floor bracket and door aligner

Align the doors with the floor bracket marks and use a screwdriver to screw the bracket down. Place the other doors and adjust them along the track to even them up. Afterward, tighten the pivot socket on the ends of the track and the small stops in the center using a wrench. You will then need to mount the door aligners between the leading doors, around 6 inches from the floor. Check if they are set correctly and screw them in.

9. Install the doorknob

Usually, the manufacturer provides you with the doorknobs, and you just need to install them. If your doors are paneled, you should find the center of the middle rail and install the doorknob there. If your doors are flat, measure 36 inches from the floor for each leading door. Mark the center at that height and place the doorknob there.

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FAQ: Installing Bifold Doors

Are bifold doors easy to install?

Bifold doors are not hard to install, but they can be complicated for people encountering them for the first time. To ensure a smooth installation, learn about the installation process as much as you can to be prepared when it’s time to do the job. You should be able to set them up pretty quickly if you follow simple assembly steps.

Can I replace a window with bifold doors?

Many people wonder if they can replace a window with bifold doors, and the answer is yes. Bifold doors will look stunning as a new deck or patio entrance. Still, when you decide to turn a window to bifold doors, there are some things you should consider. You’ll have to get a permit to convert the window into bifold doors, for starters. Once you get the permit, you’ll need to contact an electrician to check the wiring under the window to make sure it’s all clear.

handyman installing window
Image Credit: Hryshchyshen Serhii, Shutterstock

Do all bifold doors need a track?

All bifold doors need a track because it guides the door rollers. That said, certain companies produce ‘trackless’ bifold doors, which use a top-hung system and do not need a bottom guide track.

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It might seem complicated to install bifold doors, but the truth is that anyone can do it by following simple instructions. Perform every step in order to avoid complications later on, take your time, and be patient, and you’ll have your bifold doors set up in no time.

Featured Image Credit: Jason Finn, Shutterstock


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