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Jeep vs. Toyota: Comparing Quality, Style, and Sales

Jeep vs Toyota

One characteristic that Jeep and Toyota have in common is that they both build good off-road vehicles. Jeep has a decorated history of building vehicles for use in World War II, and Toyota has a history built on rock-solid reliability. However, Toyota takes the edge in many ways as the better brand.

Jeep is no slouch, however. They have respectable sales every year, and millions of people love the brand. There are many clubs around the country built around owning a Jeep, and the members gather for the sole purpose of getting muddy. Each brand has its strengths and weaknesses, and below, we will discuss them. Then, we’ll compare each brand head-to-head to see who takes the edge. We’ve also looked at various sources to see what other consumers like you say about each brand.

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At a Glance

Jeep vs Toyota side by side
Photo Credit By: (L) Steven Binotto, Unsplash | (R) Christina Telep, Unsplash

Let’s look at the key points of each product.


  • Founded: 1945
  • Starting Price Range: $24,195–$88,640
  • Standard Warranty: 36 months/36,000 mile
  • S. Sales in 2021: 768,713 units
  • Founded: 1937
  • Starting Price Range: $20,175–$50,500
  • Standard Warranty: 36 months/36,000 mile
  • S. Sales in 2021: 2.3 million units

Overview of Jeep

jeep in the midst of the forest
Photo Credit By: Dan Gomer, Unsplash

Jeep is part of a much larger family of vehicles. They are owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobile. The parent company also owns other major brands like Dodge and Chrysler. During World War II, Jeep started as one of the primary multi-role vehicles of the United States Army. Their production began in 1941.

Then in 1943, the patent was submitted, and in 1945, Jeep started production for the public. Since then, Jeep has been committed to producing some of the most rugged on-road vehicles with outstanding off-road capabilities.

With only 12 models to choose from, Jeep doesn’t have a broad line. However, because of this narrow niche, they can produce vehicles that excel at their intended jobs. Having fewer models to choose from, one might assume it would affect sales, but Jeep has respectable sales, even with only 12 models.


Even though their SUVs are rugged and designed for abuse, quality issues have long plagued Jeep. They are not known as a reliable brand. Overall, they receive mixed reviews from various “reliability” sources. A Jeep will take you to incredible places; just expect repair bills along the way.


Some manufacturers use tight, sculpted lines to give their vehicles smooth and aggressive styling, but Jeep doesn’t go that route. Instead, most of their vehicles have a rugged design that matches their capabilities. Their style isn’t for everyone, but Jeep is a brand with a loyal following that shows in its sales.

silver jeep
Image Credit: Sebastian Kurpiel, Unsplash


The last several years have been tough for many manufacturers. The Chrysler family was no exception. However, at over 700,000 units sold, Jeep only saw a slight decrease in their sales compared to the previous year. As supply chains strengthen, Jeep can pull their sales up.

Overall, Jeep’s vehicles compete in a more specialized market. They will never compete in sales with another brand that caters to every type of vehicle and budget.

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Overview of Toyota

white toyota fj cruiser crossing a river
Image Credit: Brice Cooper, Unsplash

Quality, dependability, and reliability are all words used to describe Toyota by its customers. Bringing a reliable engine to market has been Toyota’s goal since 1937. Just like Jeep, Toyota was used in the military, and some of their engines were even modified to be bulletproof!

Another prominent feature of Toyota is its accessibility. They have over 40 vehicles, with many trim levels on each vehicle, and provide options for almost any budget. They have hybrids for fuel economy and powerful engines if you’re into performance. They also have high-end options if you’re looking for more luxury without jumping into a luxury vehicle like a Lexus.

Toyota’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated in the awards they win each year. J.D. Power gives prestigious awards, and Toyota won five for quality and dependability last year. In addition to these awards, several vehicles in their line receive top ratings every year.


Many of Toyota’s vehicles, like the Corolla, have been produced for over 50 years. It’s also common for people to report their Toyota engines last for over 350,000 miles with minimal expenses. Toyota is one of the few manufacturers that has engines that last that long.

On-road vehicles aren’t the only type that Toyota excels in making; they are famous for producing some of the best off-road trucks in the industry. The Tacoma is a prime example. Year after year, it receives ratings as one of the most popular mid-size trucks on the market, and going off-road is one of the truck’s strengths.


Overall, Toyota vehicles have attractive designs. Because of how broad the line is, there are many styles available. They look great inside, but Toyota also has remarkable technology. So, if you’re looking for an excellent infotainment system, Toyota has what you need. If you don’t like what they offer from the factory, there are several aftermarket parts to change the exterior and interior of your new ride.

toyota tacoma pickup
Image Credit: Dusty Barnes, Unsplash


Toyota is one of the few brands that didn’t struggle over the last few years. They weren’t immune to supply chain issues, but they did pretty well at over 2.3 million units sold. With the demand for green vehicles going through the roof, Toyota is moving toward even better sales in the future as they expand their electric and hybrid vehicle segments.

How do Jeep and Toyota Stack Up?

As we’ve seen, both vehicles have their merits. What happens when we compare them to each other? Let’s see if one brand stands out as a clear winner.


Edge: Toyota

This one is almost a tie, depending on the type of vehicle. If you’re looking for incredible off-road capabilities, both brands have options, but Jeep has more options for aggressive off-roading. Overall, Toyota has a better range of performance from off-road to on-road speed and fuel economy.

red toyota tacoma off road
Image Credit: Kyle Winkle, Unsplash


Edge: Toyota

Toyota is the winner in the price category because of its comprehensive range of prices. They have options suitable for most budgets. Plus, each model has various trim levels to allow consumers to select upgraded components and features.


Edge: Jeep

Both brands have the same bumper-to-bumper warranty at 36 months/36,000 miles, but Jeep has a better mileage on their 5-year warranty. Instead of the standard 50,000 miles that Toyota offers, they have a 100,000-mile allowance. You don’t have to worry about racking up all those off-road miles.


Edge: Toyota

Toyota takes the edge in every way when it comes to durability. This is demonstrated by the awards they win every year and the trust that consumers have in the brand. This trust is well-earned since their engines last longer than others in the automotive industry.


Edge: Tie

When it comes to design, each brand comes through with strength. The designs are very different between the two brands, but they are loved by the consumers each is marketed to. Regarding the interior, Toyota often offers a better design on some of their models, but not enough of a standout to take a clear edge over Jeep’s designs.

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black jeep off road
Image Credit: Nikolay Dimitrov, Unsplash

What the Users Say

We don’t want you to take our word for it, though. So, we’ve gone through a few sources online, such as Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book, to find out what buyers like you have to say about these two brands.

  • “The parts are expensive, but the warranty is decent, and my Jeep goes anywhere I want it to.” -Jeep Review
  • “I own multiple Jeeps and use them for everything from off-road to RV hauling. They haven’t let me down yet.” – Jeep Reviews
  • “After purchasing one of the most expensive Jeep models, I have had nothing but problems, and Jeep hasn’t done much to make it right.” -Jeep Review
  • There are a concerning amount of Jeep reviewers reporting several safety features not working as designed.
  • Multiple reviews of the Toyota Rav4 have described it as noisy. Especially driving highway speed while passing.
  • “Reliable, nice to drive, and has a ton of safety features. Wouldn’t drive anything else.” -Toyota Review
  • “Problems right from the get-go. Not my first, but I’m disappointed in this Toyota.” – Toyota Review
  • “Excellent interior design and great technology options on every Toyota I looked at.” -Toyota Review

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Looking at the facts, Toyota is almost always the better buy. Overall, they are superior, whether it’s the price, appearance, or availability. However, as we mentioned, Jeep has a faithful following of millions worldwide who love the brand. Even with failures in reliability, the Jeep enthusiasts are not discouraged. So, if you give Jeep a shot, you might find yourself falling in love with the brand too.

Featured Image Credit: (L) Primo Vanadia, Unsplash | (R) Sadman Nafis, Unsplash


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