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4 Living Room Trends in 2024 (With 10 Ideas) – Design Ideas for a Modern Home

Living Room

If you want to make upgrades to your home, the living room is one of the best places to start. Most of us spend a great deal of time there, as it’s where we watch television, play games, and converse. If you’re looking to make upgrades but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we look at several living room designs to help give you a few ideas of modern trends.

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Top 4 Living Room Trends in 2024

1. Monochrome Colors

Rowan Homes Dreamy Olivia Sofa Set

The Rowan Homes Dreamy Olivia Sofa Set is an example of the current trend toward monochrome colors. This design sticks with traditional brown, but it still looks quite modern, especially with the unique rug and glass table, which are also extremely popular today.

Chanala10 Living Room

The Chanala10 Living Room is a great example of a monochrome design. It keeps the color light, so the atmosphere is more conducive to staying active than a dark color. It also has a uniquely patterned rug, which helps make the room more interesting and breaks up the monotony. We also like the wooden tables, which are another popular trend.

Point Design Nordic Living Room

The Point Design Nordic Living Room is an extreme example of the popular monochrome trend. It uses every shade of grey, from light to dark. Even the pillows on the couch and the carpet help accent the color scheme. The round table is also quite attractive, as are the faux plants.

2. Wood

Jose Pellicano Living Room

The Jose Pellicano Living Room design is a modern trend toward using more wood in the living room. A wooden entertainment center perfectly accents the natural wooden floor and is as functional as it is attractive. The black table looks elegant and goes well with the wood, and the plant on top is another popular trend this year.

Sonny Jade Living Room

The Sonny Jade Living Room is a great example of a design that uses a wood table to accent the room. Several plants are scattered throughout the room, which is another current trend that helps it feel more comfortable.

Home Décor Living Room

The Home Décor Living room uses a monochrome color along with plenty of wood to create a wonderful design that’s perfect for lounging around or entertaining guests. It uses multiple wooden tables and a large mirror to produce one of the trendiest designs on this list.

3. Mirrors

Art Piece Mirror

living room with refurbished furnitures
Image By: Sophia Kunkel, Unsplash

This living room trend uses a smaller mirror in place of a photo or piece of artwork to act as a feature in the room. It applies the current modern trend of using mirrors. The one in this design is a small square one that is sure to be a great conversation starter. This design also uses several other popular trends, including wood and plants.

Strawberry Chick Living Room

The Strawberry Chick Living Room shows you how to make the most of the current mirror trend by adding a larger-than-life mirror to the area. It will help you get ready to go out and makes a great conversation starter. It’s so big, it even helps make the room appear larger.

Amazon Living Room

The Amazon Living Room shows you how to use picture frame-style mirrors to create a modern design. The result is both functional and attractive. You can place them all on a single wall, like in this design, or scatter them around.

4. Plants

Pottery Barn Living Room

biophilic living room
Image Credit: Luisa Brimble, Unsplash

This design filled with plants is a great example of how you can use greenery to spruce up your living room design to bring in modern trends. This design also uses a wooden mantle and table, adding the popular wooden trend.divider 1

2024 Living Room Trends

Monochrome Colors

Beginning toward the second half of 2021 and continuing into 2022, the trend is to use a monochrome color in the living room to create a comfortable and relaxing area. It can be any color that you like, and you can use multiple shades to create a single-color living area that you can be happy lounging in.


A mirror will help you maximize light, which will help you reduce the number of lamps that you need around your home. Diffuse light is also more comfortable and doesn’t produce sharp glares. Mirrors can help the room seem larger, so they have been quite popular in the last few years.


Wood is a popular trend in many areas, including living room designs, because wood is more environmentally friendly than many other materials used to make tables, shelves, and other items. Wood biodegrades and is replenishable, so it’s become trendy with the recent push for a greener planet.


Plants instantly make any room more inviting, and in many cases, they can be great conversation starters. Plants can also add a nice fragrance to your living space.divider 1


Upgrading your living room can be fun, and it isn’t hard to keep up with current trends. Monochrome is one of the most popular trends, and there are several designs on this list that make use of it. Wood, mirrors, and plants are also quite popular, so try to add them to your design if you are creating something from scratch. We like the Point Design Nordic Living Room and the Joe Pellicano Living Room designs on this list.

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Featured Image Credit: Pexels, Pixabay


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