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Milwaukee M18 Drill Review 2022 – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

Milwaukee M18 Drill

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Milwaukee M18 Drill a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Build Quality: 4/5
Power: 5/5
Features: 5/5
Price: 4/5

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Milwaukee M18 Drill – A Quick Look


  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee
  • Model Number:2801
  • Item Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 8 inches
  • Size:½ inch
  • Color: Red
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Voltage: 18 volts
  • Maximum Power:800 watts
  • Torque: 500-inch pounds
  • Speed: 1800 RPM

The Milwaukee M18 drill has an industrial build quality with pretty impeccable battery life. In exchange, the drill is a bit expensive, even though it is not the most powerful drill when it comes to drilling and driving. Even so, the Milwaukee M18 is considered a heavy-duty drill that is powerful enough for professionals while still being cordless.

DIYers can buy the Milwaukee M18 as well. Its cordless design, durability, and battery life mean that home users won’t have to worry as much about this product. However, it comes with an expensive price tag that is often too much for the regular buyer.

Because of the power and price range of the Milwaukee M18, it is better suited for professionals or serious enthusiasts who need a powerful but cordless model. Unfortunately, the weight and convenience of this model can make the M18 difficult to use over the long run, but it still may be worth your money if you need a durable, reliable, and powerful cordless model.

Read on for a complete review of the Milwaukee M18 drill.

  • All-metal chuck
  • Durable
  • Cordless
  • Long battery life
  • Battery level indicator
  • Not as powerful as some models
  • Heavy
  • Lacks many convenience features
  • Expensive

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Milwaukee M18 Drill Details

Drilling and Driving Performance

The Milwaukee M18 offers impressive drilling and driving performances, though it isn’t the most powerful of all drills in its class. Overall, the Milwaukee M18 can drill and drive into thick materials, such as solid doors and steel sheets, without any problems. It does not stall or struggle for most jobs.

Even though it can do these jobs, it takes a bit longer than other drills in its class. More specifically, the Milwaukee M18 takes twice as long on average than other high-powered drills of its caliber. For professionals, this doubled timeframe may be a dealbreaker, but it’s a minor inconvenience for DIYers.

For example, the DeWalt DCD 771C2 almost always worked faster, but there are some downsides of this model that the Milwaukee M18 beats. We say this just to prove that the Milwaukee M18 isn’t the fastest, but speed doesn’t necessarily correlate to the best model outright.


The durability of this model is very impressive. It is made with an all-metal chuck that makes it industrial build quality. Needless to say, the Milwaukee M18 certainly delivers in terms of durability. Unfortunately, this enhanced durability may make the drill more cumbersome for nonprofessional use.

Battery Life

The Milwaukee M18 has decent battery life. It isn’t substantially better than other drills of this price range, but its battery life is impressive enough that it won’t bother you. On average, the M18 can go through 4.5 cycles before needing a recharge. The recharge can take as little as 31 minutes to complete, making it one of the fastest batteries to recharge.

Plus, purchasing the Milwaukee M18 as a package comes with an additional battery. This allows you to switch out the batteries if you still want to work after your first one dies. Charge the second one while you continue working.

To put this together, the Milwaukee M18 battery is better than average, but it is not outright the best. For both professionals and DIYers, the battery life is a benefit of this drill set.


The Milwaukee M18 drill is not the most convenient drill. As mentioned above, this drill is heavy, which can make it cumbersome to carry around. Especially if you have to use this drill for long periods of time, its weight can become a problem.

There are some convenient features of this model. For example, it has a battery level indicator so that you know when it’s about to die. It also has an integrated work light, though it begins to dim after 7 seconds. You don’t have to hold down the light switch either, which is nice.

Overall, Milwaukee M18 is average when it comes to convenience. There are some convenient features, but there are some features of the drill that are the opposite of convenient.

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Is the Milwaukee M18 powerful enough for professional use?

Yes. The power, durability, and price of the Milwaukee M18 make it a good cordless professional drill. In fact, the M18 is better suited for professionals than homeowners.

Should DIYers purchase the Milwaukee M18?

If you are just a DIYer, you will likely want to look for a more affordable model. Although this drill is powerful, it is more powerful and expensive than most homeowners need. You should be able to find a more affordable drill that is better suited for your needs.

Can I use the Milwaukee M18 for masonry work?

Although you can technically use the Milwaukee M18 for masonry work, it’s best to get a drill specifically designed for masonry. Just the smallest difference in drills can really be seen in masonry work.

Is this a regular drill or a full-time hammer drill?

The Milwaukee M18 has a hammer drill setting and standard drill setting. You can flip between these functions, in addition to a screw function, so that it meets your specific needs.

Does the Milwaukee M18 come with a warranty?

Yes. The Milwaukee M18 offers a five-year warranty for replacement or repair. You must keep the receipt and take it to a certified Milwaukee repair shop in order to utilize the warranty. It is not transferable.

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What the Users Say

Most users agree that the Milwaukee M18 is a highly powerful and efficient drill. Some highlights users report are power, durability, and reliability. The power of the drill is surprising to most given that it has a cordless design. Users also love the fast charging time and how long the batteries last.

There are a couple of negative reviews here and there. For example, it is often listed as an unnecessarily powerful and expensive product for regular homeowners. This is not an outright complaint about the drill. Instead, it simply means it might be too heavy-duty for some users.

Another problem that some users report is a faulty battery. This comment is mostly reported whenever the drill was purchased refurbished. To avoid this problem, you should be able to purchase a new battery without any problems.

Even so, customers note that this product is powerful, heavy-duty, and durable. It might be so effective that it isn’t worth it for individuals who just need an occasional drill for home purposes. Be careful if you are purchasing your drill refurbished because there may be some problems with the battery.


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The Milwaukee M18 drill is a powerful drill. It is a good option for professionals who need a powerful yet cordless design that they can take with them on the job. Even though it might be a tad heavy and take longer to drill, it is worth the effort given its fantastic power.

Even though this product is pretty great, it might not be worth the money if you are a homeowner and DIYer. Its extreme power might never be useful for regular homeowners, forcing you to spend extra money on a product you won’t fully be able to utilize.

So, the Milwaukee M18 is a good choice for professionals in need of a capable yet cordless model, but homeowners should save some money by finding a more affordable and relevant drill for their needs.

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