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10 Types of Interior Design Styles (with Pictures)

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Understanding interior design styles isn’t for the faint of heart. To the untrained eye, several of the most popular styles may look similar. Still, taking the time to understand the current trends and what they can bring to your home is a must if you’re planning on tackling a change in your interior design.

Below, we have 10 of the most popular interior design styles. Taking a look at each of these styles, and what they can bring to your home, may help you determine which one is best suited for you. Check each one out, then speak with your interior design expert about which one is calling you. Before long, your home will have a fresh look and you’ll be the talk of your neighborhood, maybe even the entire town.

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The 10 Types of Interior Design Styles

1. Mid-Century Modern

This mid-1900s style is best known for the iconic pieces it has produced. Using refined lines, natural shapes, and minimalist silhouettes, this style creatively uses materials like molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum. You’ll find pieces of this style that can complement other styles easily and are very versatile.

2. Industrial

Industrial design is often referred to as rustic and real. Taking us back to the days of the turn-of-the-century industrial area, materials such as exposed steel and distressed wood are used quite a bit. You’ll also find that exposed brick walls are a great complement to this style.

3. Country

This interior design style reminds us of an English or French style. You’ll find chintzy patterns such as tartan and floral are the most notable. The wooden furnishings used in the Country style also feature a whitewashing or a distressed look. Antiques also make this type of design shine when added.

4. Urban Modern

If you’ve ever been in a loft apartment in a big city, you’ll understand this design. Large furniture and throw pillows are often a focal point. Other decorative accents like mirrors and tables are also a must. Geometric designs and vintage elements truly make this type of interior design stand out.

5. Contemporary

Simply put, contemporary design is the current trend. This means it doesn’t stay the same. Instead, this style of interior design is constantly changing and adapting to current times and themes. Clean lines, sophistication, and simplicity are all trademarks you’ll find when it comes to Contemporary style trends.

6. Traditional

If you’re looking to design your home in the Traditional Style, that simply means you prefer classing European designs and an older, more timely look. This style is used to make a room warm and inviting. A Traditional style home is predictable and comfortable while still appealing.

7. Transitional

The Traditional style of design is used to offer the elegance of a traditional look and contemporary accessories in one place. This style easily uses clean lines, textiles, rich woods, and plush fabrics to give any home a look of flawlessness.

8. Bohemian

This interior design style is all about being carefree. Bohemian uses bright colors, expression, vintage accessories, and even individuality to make a home look amazing. Often items for this style of design can be found at flea markets or thrift shops. Incorporating them into your design makes your home feel brighter and more inviting to those who pop by.

9. Hollywood Regency

If you’re looking for a glamorous design for your home, Hollywood Regency is your answer. Inspired by the Golden Age of Cinema, contrasting color options, glossy black décor, and flamboyant chandeliers can easily make this style come to life inside any home.

10. Minimalist

If you aren’t into over-the-top things, then the Minimalist home design is the style for you. With this approach, you believe less is more. By accepting the space in a room, a minimalist approach avoids unnecessary accessories and items and only focuses on keeping things as simple as possible.

light bulb divider How to Choose the Right Interior Design for Your Home

Choosing the right design style for your home can be a bit difficult. When shaking things up, we’re often left wondering what’s best for us or if we should simply fall in line and follow the crowd. When it comes to your home, however, being a follower isn’t the best answer. Instead, you can follow these tips below to help you discover the perfect interior design for your space.

Try to Learn Your Style

This is the hardest part of choosing the right design for your home. Still, it can be done. There are even quizzes out there that can help you. If you still feel unsure, though, speaking to an interior designer and browsing their portfolio may be the perfect thing for you. Seeing other homes and the way they flow can help you choose the best style for you.

Ask Questions

Different interior designers in your area will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Perhaps you don’t truly understand the difference between modern design and contemporary. If you don’t, you shouldn’t panic. This is what interior designers do. They help homeowners realize what styles are hidden inside and bring them out.

Make Yourself a Budget

The last thing you want to do is spend more money than you have to design your home. Before you start shopping, make yourself a budget and stick to it. This will help you find more items and decorations all while knowing when to say stop.

Be Open to New Things

If your designer wants to show you something unique, don’t shy away. Being open to new and exciting things will make redesigning your home not only productive but fun. Keep in mind that your designer is the expert. Be willing to hear them out and be adventurous. You may end up loving what they suggest.

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Understanding these 10 interior design styles is the perfect way to redecorate your home using the style best suited for you. Whether you want things to remain simple, a bit flashy, or reminiscent of times long past, the right design for your home is one you feel comfortable with and enjoy each time you step through the door.

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