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8 DIY Bunk Bed Ladders You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

bunk beds in a room

If you’re putting together a bunk bed, a very important step is the ladder. After all, the ladder needs to be safe and functional. It also needs to withstand children, which isn’t an easy feat. Whether you’re building a new bed or replacing an old ladder, we’ve included many potential plans in this article.

These ladders vary in difficulty and design. Therefore, you should be able to pick the perfect one for your needs below.tool divider

The 8 DIY Bunk Bed Ladders

1. Simple Bunk Bed Ladder by Plank & Pillow

DIY Bunk Bed Ladder
Image Credit: Plank and Pillow
Materials: Wood of various sizes
Tools: Nailer, miter saw, table saw, tape measure, wood glue, wood stain, sandpaper, wood filler, finish nails
Difficulty: Easy

This pretty straightforward plan works you through how to create the perfect bunk bed ladder. It helps you determine the height you need, as well as other adaptations that may be important for your room. The resulting ladder is pretty practical and looks professionally made. However, the very simple directions make this plan very easy to follow.

Even those with little DIY experience should have no issues following this plan, but you will need many tools, especially in the woodworking category. We recommend only attempting this plan if you have the necessary tools.

2. Rustic Bunk Bed Ladder by The Spruce

DIY Bunk Bed Ladder
Image Credit: The Spruce
Materials: Three 2×6 pieces of wood, angled ladder hooks, felt feet, paint or stain
Tools: Circular saw, electric miter saw, drill, drill bits, drivers, level, sander, speed square, pencil
Difficulty: Easy

These instructions are very similar to the previous ones on this list. However, it does result in a slightly different bunk bed ladder. Therefore, we highly recommend looking at both and pick which option works best for you.

You can adjust this ladder as much as necessary. You can paint or stain it to be whatever color you want, allowing you to match it to the bunk bed as necessary. Plus, you can adjust the size, as well.

3. Loft Bed Ladder by House Rituals

DIY Bunk Bed Ladder
Image Credit: House Rituals
Materials: Various kinds of wood
Tools: Varies (something to cut the wood with, at least)
Difficulty: Easy

If you’re making a ladder for a loft bed instead of a typical bunk bed, then this is an excellent option for you. This plan is specifically for a loft bed ladder and works through how to make a custom model for your bed. It tells you how to determine the number of rungs you need, as well as the overall measurement of the ladder.

This way, you can make a perfect ladder for your loft bed.

4. Rope Bunk Bed Ladder by My Fortress Construction

Materials: Thick ropes, wooden rungs or dowels, eye bolts or hooks, carabiners or metal rings, screws or nails
Tools: Drill, screwdriver, measuring tape, pliers, saw
Difficulty: Easy

Kids love climbing, so a Rope Bunk Bed Ladder will never be a bad idea. It’s an effective and simple way to keep them entertained, even at bedtime. All you need is rope and a few basic tools you probably already have at home.

This project is perfect for beginner-level DIYers hoping to add a fun aspect to their kid’s bedrooms. In just a few hours, you’ll have a fun-filled bed bunk ladder that your little ones will adore! Plus, you won’t need to worry about potential injuries with this sturdy and durable ladder.

5. Spiral Bunk Bed Ladder by wikiHow

Spiral Bunk Bed Ladder by wikiHow
Image Credit: wikiHow
Materials: Wooden boards or plywood, handrail, balusters or spindles, screws or nails, wood glue
Tools: Circular saw or jigsaw, drill, screwdriver, measuring tape, level, clamps
Difficulty: Hard

The Spiral Bunk Bed Ladder may be a challenging project, but the result is worth the effort. It’s an elegant and eye-catching addition to any room, and your kids will enjoy the change. With this wikiHow tutorial, you can ensure this bunk bed ladder is safe, structurally sound, and long-lasting.

The tutorial details how to build a full-sized spiral ladder. But you can easily scale down the measurement to suit the bunk bed’s size.

6. Pipe Bunk Bed Ladder by Handeeman

Materials: Metal pipes, pipe fittings, screws or bolts, paint
Tools: Pipe cutter or hacksaw, drill, screwdriver or wrench, measuring tape, level
Difficulty: Moderate

If you’re hoping to match the industrial theme of your bunk bed, there’s no better way than this Pipe Bunk Bed Ladder. With this project, you can finally make use of the random pipe fittings in the back of your garage. The result is a rustic, one-of-a-kind ladder with a durable construction.

Although all types of pipes can be used for this project, galvanized or black steel pipes are the best option for their unique looks. In terms of pipe fittings, elbows, tees, or flanges are the best options. You can also finish with spray paint to match the room’s color scheme.

7. Bookshelf Bunk Bed Ladder by Instructables

Bookshelf Bunk Bed Ladder by Instructables
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Wooden boards or plywood, shelf brackets, screws or nails, wood glue
Tools: Circular saw or jigsaw, drill, screwdriver, measuring tape, level
Difficulty: Moderate

A bunk bed ladder can be more than just a way to access the top bunk. This Bookshelf Bunk Bed Ladder allows you to utilize the space to store books under the steps. It’s efficient, space-saving, and totally genius!

Although the project sounds complicated, it’s simpler than you may think. You’ll need basic woodworking skills to build two adjoined bunk bed ladders. One will serve as a bookshelf, while the other will be a standard wooden ladder.

This is the perfect project for anyone sharing a small room and hoping to make the most of their limited space.

8. Folding Bunk Bed Ladder by Instructables

Folding Bunk Bed Ladder by Instructables
Image Credit: Instructables
Materials: Wooden boards or plywood, hinges, screws or nails, wood glue
Tools: Circular saw or jigsaw, drill, screwdriver, measuring tape, level
Difficulty: Moderate

Some bunk bed ladders can be bulky and take up unnecessary space in the room. In that case, the Folding Bunk Bed Ladder is the perfect space-saving solution you need. When it’s not in use, you can simply fold it away to make your room appear cleaner and put together.

Luckily, this project is simple and only requires basic woodworking skills. You can expect to be done within a few days with the help of essential tools you may already have. Plus, the plan is incredibly simple, so you can adjust any measurements as needed.tool divider


Building a bunk bed ladder isn’t difficult. However, it does require some specific measurements. For instance, you must have the rungs a specific distance apart for safety reasons. Because there are very specific measurements needed for bunk bed ladders, there aren’t very many ways to build a bunk bed ladder.

Therefore, many plans are quite similar. You’ll find small differences, but they all have the same measurements. For this reason, we recommend looking at the instructions and seeing which one makes more sense.

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Featured Image Credit: cfesd, Pixabay


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