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10 DIY Guitar Stand Plans You Can Make Today

Guitar Stand Plans

Guitar Stand Plans

Keeping a guitar off the ground is a must. Damage can happen to guitars rather quickly if they are not properly taken care of. Having a guitar stand is a great way to prevent damage, but it can be expensive to purchase. The good news is that making your guitar stand is not a very difficult or costly project. A guitar stand that costs several hundred dollars can be replicated for less than $50 if you have a decent amount of woodworking ability.

We put together a list of ten free plans that teach you how to build a guitar stand that you can start working on today. You will need some necessary supplies, a little bit of patience, and a desire to care for and display your guitar correctly. Let the building begin!

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The 10 DIY Guitar Stand Plans

1. Guitar Plan from Instructables Living

First on our list is the Guitar Play by Instructables Living. If you have some woodworking skills, this stand will put them to the test. You can customize this plan to be a bit more user-friendly, but if you want to replicate this exact model, including the quotes on the side of the stand, this will take some delicate work and a bit of your time as well. In the end, you will have a great piece to display your guitar proudly for years to come.

Skill Level: Expert

Tools: Saw, Drill, Sander

Supplies: Felt Strips, Screws, Sandpaper, Wood

2. Guitar Stand Plans by Love to Know

If you are concerned about your guitar hanging from the neck or sitting on just the bottom of the base, this Guitar Stand from Love to Know could be a great choice. As you can see from the picture, the Love To Know plan works to hold your guitar in the most natural way possible. Wear and tear from not storing your guitar properly could be detrimental. Follow this simple plan to take care of your instrument correctly.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Sander

Supplies: Wood, Handle, Felt

3. Guitar Stand Plan by Wood Work Junkie

A bit different than our last example, this Guitar Stand Plan holds your guitar from the top. Depending on the weight of your guitar, this model will either be a hit or a literal flop. Make sure that you purchase quality wood for this particular guitar stand. You will need a decent amount of woodworking ability to make this stand look as smooth as the example. This project is probably best for an intermediate level woodworker.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Sander

Supplies: Wood, Stain, Screws

4. Simple Guitar Stand Play by Mackenzie

If you are starting to get intimidated by the amount of work that goes into building a guitar stand, hang in there. This Makenzie Simple Guitar stand plan takes a bit less woodworking ability to get the job done. Although this plan calls for just wood, we would recommend buying some felt strips to make sure your guitar is protected on the bottom. You will love the simplicity of this design and will likely end up having to make a few extra for your guitar playing friends.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Sander, Glue

Materials: Wood, Felt Strips (optional)

5. DIY 6 Guitar Stand Plan by My Outdoor Plans

If you have an entire family of guitars, this is the Guitar Stand Plan for you. This plan from My Outdoor Plans will help you build this beautiful stand that comfortably houses six guitars of varying sizes. This is a downloadable plan that is not difficult to follow. If you have some woodworking skills, you will easily be able to get this project completed in a short period of time.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Drill, Hammer, Tape Measure

Supplies: Wood, Paint, Felt, Screws, Nails, Sandpaper

6. Modern Guitar Stand by DIY Modern

If you happen to like having a video tutorial when completing woodworking projects, this plan from DIY Modern is perfect for you. We love the clean lines on this plan and the fact that it can fit a variety of different size guitars. If you have a few smaller guitars or one large one, the Boomerang Guitar Stand will work for your needs. Since this is more of a simple design, you can easily modify the dimensions to work for you.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Screws, Drill, Sander

Supplies: Wood, Glue, Foam, Screws

7. DIY Folding Guitar Stand by Pretty Handy Girl

What we love most about this DIY Folding Guitar Stand by Pretty Handy Girl is that it was once an old ironing board. What tremendous vision the creator had to turn this into a really neat and clean looking guitar stand! You won’t need to find an old ironing board to make this plan for yourself; you can simply use wood cut to the same dimensions. The fact that this stand folds up and moves from room to room so quickly is a great benefit.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Saw, Screws, Drill, Sander

Supplies: Wood (possibly an old ironing board), Glue, Sandpaper, Screws, Hinge

8. PVC Multi Guitar Rack by NickRehm

For this PVC Multi Guitar Rack, we found another video for you. The thing you will love most about his guitar rack is that it only costs about $20 to build. In addition to the low cost, the actual building of this model is quite simple. Since PVC is so light and easy to move, you can really consider this a portable guitar stand as well. That’s a lot of benefits for a $20 stand!

Skill Level: Beginner To Intermediate

Tools: Saw

Supplies: Glue, PVC Pipe, Paint

9. Small Folding Guitar Stand by I Like To Make Stuff

When your guitar really needs to get up off the ground, but you are not a professional woodworker, this is the video you should watch. This Small Folding Guitar Stand by I Like To Make Stuff is cheap to make, as it does not use very much wood. It will help you to simply raise your guitar a few inches off the ground and keep it from getting damaged. The entire plan should only take you a few minutes to complete and then you can be on your way to your next gig with your stand and guitar.

Skill Level: Beginner

Tools: Saw, Drill

Supplies: Wood, Screws, Hinge, Brass

10. Hanging Guitar Holder by Crafted Workshop

A bit different than a stand, we thought we would finish up with this Hanging Guitar Holder by Crafted Workshop. If you want your guitar to double as a piece of art on your wall, this could be a great choice for you. The building process a little different than some of the other methods we have found, as it uses a bent wood lamination method.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Tools: Jigsaw, Sander, Exacto Knife

Supplies: Plywood, Glue, Brad Nails

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We hope that looking through these 10 plans has helped you get some inspiration and real actionable steps to start your guitar stand project today. There are options here for all woodworking abilities, so learning how to build a guitar stand that looks excellent in its own way is easier than ever. We know how hard it is to keep your guitar out of your hands, but when it has to happen, make sure it’s on your own custom stand.

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Featured Image Credit: KlausHausmann, Pixabay

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