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7 DIY Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas to Build (With Pictures)

a wheelbarrow planter

Have an old wheelbarrow? You can easily DIY that wheelbarrow into a planter to give it new life and gain a functional, aesthetic planter in the process.

Alternatively, you can also build a wheelbarrow out of wood and use that as a planter. Obviously, this is a bit more complicated than using an existing wheelbarrow since you have to build the actual wheelbarrow, too – not just refurbish an old one.

However, if you like the wheelbarrow-planter style, then building your own is often cheaper than purchasing a new wheelbarrow just for this purpose.

Below, we’ve listed plans to help you spruce up your yard a bit with a wheelbarrow planter of your own. Some of these are extremely simple and only require basic knowledge of building. Others require more complicated tools.

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The Top 7 DIY Wheelbarrow Planter Plans

1. Decorative Wheelbarrow Planter

diy decorative wheelbarrow planter
Image By: BuildEazy

If you don’t have an extra wheelbarrow laying around, you can use this plan, as it involves building your own. Not only is this wheelbarrow planter decorative, but it is also functional. When built correctly, it will move from place to place.

Because you’re actually building the wheelbarrow, it is a bit more complicated than other plans out there. There are a lot of tools and materials involved, so it is best for those that have some experience building things.

With that said, there is no stain called for in this plan, but we do recommend one. The planter is just made out of regular wood, so it may rot if left outside without some sort of paint or sealant.

2. Spoked Wheelbarrow Planter

diy wheelbarrow planter
Image By: HowToSpecialist

This plan is quite similar to the last one. However, this one features a spoked wheel instead of the solid wood wheel that we typically see. In all honesty, this makes it look a bit fancier than some of the other plans on this list. However, it does also make it more difficult to make.

There is a lot more cutting and gluing involved in this plan than in others. Therefore, it tends to be a bit more time-consuming.

However, you can’t really beat the aesthetic of this wheelbarrow. So, if you like how it looks, you could very well decide that the extra time investment is more than worth it.

3. Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter Display

diy wooden wheelbarrow planter
Image Credit: ByStephanieLynn

Out of those we’ve looked at, this plan is probably one of the most straightforward. It absolutely looks like a wheelbarrow, but it is missing many of the “extra” pieces that other planters seem to include. Therefore, it is probably a great option for those who just want something simple and easy to do.

The whole thing is made out of wood, including the wheel. As you might imagine, this does require a bit of finesse on your part, as well as some tools. We recommend at least having some DIY knowledge before attempting this plan.

Luckily, the amount of material you need is quite small, likely because this plan is pretty straightforward. You may find this plan cheaper to build than others.

4. RunnerDuck Wheelbarrow Planter

diy wheelbarrow planter
Image Credit: RunnerDuck

Overall, this wheelbarrow planter looks a lot cleaner than the others we’ve mentioned thus far. It is completely functional as an actual wheelbarrow, which also means that it comes with more parts and pieces than other plans. It is a bit more difficult to make, but much of that is due to the fanciness of the wheelbarrow.

Compared to others, it looks much more professionally done.

However, this extra aesthetic also comes with some extra work. You’ll need more material and time to put together this plan. You may not want to tackle it until you have some DIY experience under your belt.

5. Rustic Wheelbarrow Planter

This wheelbarrow is cheap and easy to make. It is crafted out of old pallet wood, which turns into a rustic-looking wheelbarrow. The wheel is completely made out of wood, which is quite difficult to do out of pallet wood.

For this reason, we don’t recommend this plan for those that don’t have much experience with DIY and building, as it requires a bit of finesse to turn pallets into wheelbarrows.

However, if you’re looking for the cheapest option possible, this is probably it. The rustic design is also very unique and fitting for those who have other rustic elements in their yard.

6. Multipurpose Wheelbarrow Planter

diy multipurpose rustic wheelbarrow
Image Credit: Duke Manor Farm

This wheelbarrow is designed to do a lot of different things. It can be completely functional, as well as used as a planter.

Compared to other plans on this list, this wheelbarrow is extremely aesthetically pleasing and looks professionally done. It does require paint, which most other plans don’t mention. Of course, you can change up the paint as you see fit. That’s one of the perks of going the DIY route, after all.

For the most part, you won’t actually need that many tools or materials. While it does look fancy, this wheelbarrow is pretty straightforward to put together. If you have the time and effort to put into it, most people could build this plan with ease.

7. Overturned Wheelbarrow Planter

diy spilled wheelbarrow planter
Image Credit: The Honeycomb Home

This design is completely unique when compared to the others. It uses an actual wheelbarrow, which is perfect if you have one lying around. If you don’t, it’s probably best to use a different plan. A new wheelbarrow wouldn’t look exactly right.

While the plans do call for a paint sprayer, you can also paint your wheelbarrow using other means. (Or not at all, if you want to go for a more rustic look.)

Once the wheelbarrow has been prepared, there isn’t actually much left to do besides put it in position. This is by far the easiest and cheapest plan on this list. However, it does leave you with a different look than the other plans – which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what you’re going for.

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Final Thoughts

You can make a wheelbarrow planter by building a wheelbarrow from wood or repurposing a wheelbarrow into a planter.

As you might imagine, it can be a bit difficult to build a wheelbarrow for new DIYers, especially when it comes to the wheel, spoke, and other complicated parts.

However, there are some simpler plans that involve building your own wheelbarrow as well. Usually, the more intricate the wheelbarrow is, the more difficult it will be to build.

On the other hand, using an old wheelbarrow is often extremely simple. Since planting flowers in metal wheelbarrows doesn’t always work out, there is a reason wooden wheelbarrows are typically used.

Whatever you decide on, we hope that you find a plan on this list that fits your style and skill level.

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Featured Image Credit: Foto Phanatic, Unsplash


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