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Rockwell VersaCut RK3440K Circular Saw Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Rockwell VersaCut RK3440K for metal

Review of Rockwell VersaCut RK3440K

We give the Rockwell VersaCut RK3440K Circular Saw a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. 

Build Quality: 4.5/5
Power: 4.4/5
Features: 4.3/5
Price: 4/5

Review Summary

Rockwell Tools is a relative newcomer to the business, starting operations in 1994. Even so, they have not wasted any time bringing out new and innovative tools that offer excellent quality for a reasonable price. Sounds like a good formula, doesn’t it?

Their VersaCut RK3440K is a prime example. This compact, powerful, circular saw is perfect for novices, DIYers with limited tool storage capabilities, and experienced users looking for a tool they can use when the full-size circular tool is too big. Laser guidelines, 10’ extension cord, blades to cut any material, and more combine for an exceptional value and versatile tool. Regardless of skill level, everyone is going to want this tool in their arsenal.

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VersaCut RK3440K – a Quick Look

  • Compact, powerful, easy to transport
  • Cuts practically any material, in place or on the bench
  • Limited depth of cut


Brand name: Rockwell Tools, Inc.

Model: VersaCut RK3440K

Motor (VAC, A): 120, 4.0

No-load RPM: 3500

Weight: 4 pounds

Blade diameter: 3-3/8”

Depth of cut: 1-1/16”

Laser guide: Yes, battery operated

Edge guide: Yes

Rockwell VersaCut RK3440K for metal

Everything you need comes with the saw

Rockwell provides everything the user will need to get started with the RK3440K immediately. The saw ships with three blades for wood, metal, and tile. It has an edge guide to simplify long cuts a specified distance from the edge of the material. A pair of hex wrenches are included to make the necessary tool adjustments, and blade changes which the user can store in holders by the electric cord. A contractor bag keeps everything together and ready to go to the job, a real benefit because you will be using this tool regularly.

Plunge cut capability

If you have never used a plunge cut, you are in for a treat. Set the depth of cut on the saw, place it flat on the material, engage the safety, pull the trigger, and press down while pushing forward. Plunge cutting is an essential feature when cutting in the center of stock and extremely useful when cutting installed material in place.

10’ power cord

Readers may find this an interesting feature of the VersaCut to call out so prominently. Most power tool users have experienced that frustration of getting things set up only to find the power cord on their tool is just a bit too short. They have to stop and get an extension cord. The 10’ beauty on this tool won’t eliminate the need for an extension cord, but it will reduce the number of times it’s needed.

Rockwell VersaCut RK3440K in wood


How good is the quality of the VersaCut RK3440K?

The quality of this tool is among the best you can find, especially at this price point. It is well put together, the fit and finish are outstanding, and the materials are tough and hold up well to hard use.

What kind of materials can the saw cut?

When you install the right blade, this saw will cut any material you might encounter including wood, flooring materials, plastics, ceramic tiles, slate, aluminum, thin steel, and sheet metal.

How easy is it to handle when cutting?

Rockwell has built a tool that is light and balanced without sacrificing quality and functionality. It is easy to use one-handed and doesn’t wear you out over long periods of use.

Rockwell VersaCut RK3440K in use

What the Users Say

Once in a while, a tool comes out that is a must-have for the workshop. Our favorite example is the cordless drill which has been a liberating addition to the toolbox primarily because it does not tether users with a cord. While the VersaCut RK3440K is a corded tool, it ranks right there with the cordless drill and research into what users say about it proves the point.

In the plus column, users report they love the versatility of the saw and the ability to use it where larger circular saws do not fit. Users report being able to cut stubborn material like HardiePlank siding, a very “tough customer” indeed. Working with paneling, cutting it to size, and creating cutouts for light switches and receptacles receives frequent mentions. The quality of the tool and accessories gets high marks as does the accuracy of the saw when coupled with either the edge guide or the laser. The general user sentiment we find appears to be, “This is my favorite saw.”

Before getting overly excited about the glowing reports, there are those users that do not find the RK3440K to their liking, either at all or in specific areas. Users frequently point out the lack of bevel-cutting capability. Not being able to cut a bevel is particularly bothersome when working with molding. Other users are dissatisfied with the limited thickness of material the saw can cut. With a maximum cut depth of 1-1/16”, the saw is not going to handle a 2 x 4 without turning the material over for a pass from the backside.

Another common complaint reported is that the blade is very difficult to see due to the protective housing. Obstruction of the blade can be an issue when making cuts where you don’t want an overrun that will spoil the stock. The last major issue users report is the considerable downward pressure required while using the tool because of the plunge function.


It’s clear this is a specialty tool and is best combined with a full-size circular saw to handle every situation users may encounter. And that is a role the VersaCut RK3440K fulfills beautifully. The saw is like any other tool when you use it for the task intended; the results are acceptable. Push it beyond its limits, and you will be dissatisfied.

Ease of setup. Versatility in material cutting capability and going where full-size saws can’t. Outstanding quality. The inclusion of everything the user needs to start work immediately. All make this a must-have tool.

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