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30 Safest Countries and Cities in Africa in 2022 (with Pictures)

a coastal area in Cape Town with the table mountain view

Note: This article’s statistics come from third-party sources and do not represent the opinions of this website.

While Africa is often characterized as a dangerous place, it really isn’t in the grand scheme of things. Africa is a very large continent that takes up much of the earth’s surface, so it only makes sense that there would be a variety of people and cultures.

With so many different cities and countries in Africa, it can be hard to determine where to visit.

However, in this article, we’ll help you determine the best places to visit in Africa based on their safety, which we determined by looking at a wide variety of sources. There is no international database of crime rates in Africa, and some areas are not very good at reporting the various crimes that occur. Therefore, we did our best to make a determination based on what we could find about the country or city.

You’ll be surprised by just how safe some of the areas in Africa are.

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The 30 Safest Cities and Countries in Africa: A Quick Look

This list is not in any particular order. Finding hard statistics on Africa is difficult, so it is nearly impossible to determine the slight crime differences between the safest communities. We used the Global Peace Index to determine the general peacefulness of each country. (Global Peace Index)

The 15 Safest Countries in Africa

1. Rwanda

city road of Rwanda
Image Credit: Portraitor, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 2.002
Population: 12.95 million (World Bank)

Rwanda is one of the safest countries in Africa. In fact, it’s safer than many western nations, including the United States. It’s the ninth safest country in the world, so you should not avoid visiting because of safety reasons.

Rwanda was able to turn itself around after the genocide of 1994. Today, the country places a heavy emphasis on safety largely because of the genocide that occurred decades ago.

This country is considered safe for both those visiting and residents.

2. Botswana

buildings in Botswana
Image Credit: hbieser, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 1.795
Population: 2.352 million

Botswana is also largely considered one of the safest countries in Africa. It is extremely rare for anyone visiting to experience crime. This country has a very well-established tourism development, so there is a lot to do and many safe places to stay. The area is dry from May to October, though it is quite wet from December to March, which is also when zebra migrate through the area.

It isn’t odd for travelers to go into the wilderness with very few people, thanks to the general safety of this country.

3. Mauritius

landscape view in Mauritius
Image Credit: Bernard_Loo, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 1.663
Population: 1.266 million

For an African beach vacation, consider traveling to Mauritius. This country is one of the safest in Africa and has a heavy instance of tourism. Therefore, it is one of the safest places to travel. It is also one of the area’s richest nations, which traditionally means less crime.

This nation is known for being very multicultural, though there are very few divides within the people. If you’re planning on traveling as a family, you can’t get much better than this island nation.

4. Namibia

desert in Namibia
Image Credit: nike159, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 2.066
Population: 2.541 million

While it is a country of mostly deserts, this small African country is a popular tourist destination. It is best known for its sky diving and biking experiences. Plus, if you want to get a clear view of the night sky, there is no better location.

The crime rate throughout this country is quite low. It has a sparse population, which typically lends itself to a low crime rate. Plus, the weather is pretty consistent throughout the year, making it a good option for travel during the wet season. It doesn’t rain here nearly as much as in other African countries.

5. Seychelles

beach in Seychelles
Image Credit: Walkerssk, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: Not Rated
Population: 98,462

If you want to see the ocean, then Seychelles may be the best option for you. This small cluster of islands is an extremely safe destination for tourists and is technically still part of Africa, though it may not feel like it. Overall, it is one of the most biodiverse areas you can visit.

The government of this country is extremely stable, and tourism is one of the islands’ main sources of income. Therefore, safety is one of their top concerns.

You can also stay at one of the beach resorts, which decreases the chance of you experiencing any serious crime.

6. Ethiopia

a long road in Ethiopia
Image Credit: CATER59, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 2.739
Population: 115 million

While Ethiopia may not be a stereotypical tourist destination, it receives a surprising amount of tourism each year. Crime rates are extremely low, especially outside the capital. If you visit more sparsely populated areas, then you’re very unlikely to experience any crime problems.

For many years, this country was associated with famine. However, it has had strong economic growth since 2007, which has helped substantially with the community’s safety over the years. It is now considered a very stable country, which has a budding tourism industry.

7. Morocco

a village in Morocco
Image Credit: gavilla, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 2
Population: 36.91 million

Morocco has always had a pretty substantial safety record. There are very few reports of tourists falling victims to serious crimes or travel advisories. However, scams and pickpocketing are quite common in major cities, where you will need to be vigilant.

The government is extremely stable, which helps with safety. You will need to visit in the spring or fall, though, as the summers are extremely hot.

Tourism is a major industry in the area, so the government does a lot to ensure that tourists are kept safe.

8. Lesotho

a mountain village in Lesotho
Image Credit: hbieser, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: Not Rated
Population: 2.142 million

This mountainous country is one of the few landlocked countries in South Africa. It is extremely small with a sparse population outside of the cities, providing tourists with plenty of room to travel and explore.

The countryside is known for its slow pace, which also makes it quite safe. Crime in the outskirts is very rare, though it is higher in the cities. Furthermore, it is also best to hike in groups to avoid crime.

9. Zambia

a landscape in Zambia
Image Credit: 12019, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 1.897
Population: 18.38 million

Zambia does have a pretty high crime rate within the cities, where theft is rather high. However, violent crimes are rather low, so it is still considered one of the safest places to visit. Furthermore, you can easily skip the cities and fly into wilderness areas, which tend to be the biggest boons in the area, anyway.

If you fly straight to the wilderness, then you can expect to avoid most crimes. You can also stay at wilderness resorts and go on safaris, which help increase safety.

10. Kenya

busy road in Kenya
Image Credit: ninastock, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 2.507
Population: 53.77 million

Kenya is well known for political conflict, as well as issues along the coast. However, it is now largely safe, especially if you stick to wilderness areas inland. The tourism industry is well established in this area, so the country typically does a lot to ensure that tourists are safe. Plus, the country has significant amounts of infrastructure, which makes it easier to get around.

However, there are areas that you need to stay away from. Crime rates are much higher in cities, for instance. Therefore, it is best to avoid heavily populated areas. You should also stay away from the northern coast and Somalian border area, as crime rates are much higher there.

11. Malawi

a mountain village in Malawi
Image Credit: Graham-H, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 1.871
Population: 19.13 million

According to many sources, such as the Global Peace Index, Malawi is one of the safest countries in Africa. It is very similar to Italy in ranking, in fact. Generally, crime is rather low, though you should still avoid large crowds and demonstrations, where theft may be common. There are some areas that are more dangerous than others, so do your research before you go.

12. Ghana

a busy road in Ghana
Image Credit: jozuadouglas, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 1.78
Population: 31.07 million

Ghana has a relatively low GPI, which means that it is safer than most countries out there. In fact, it is generally considered to be safer than France and the UK.

With that said, this country’s overall safety seems to be falling. It has lost a few GPI points over the last few years, which is linked to an increase in crime. However, even with this drop, it is much safer than some other countries out there.

This country does sometimes have travel advisories due to safety concerns. However, these advisories are usually not serious.

13. Sierra Leone

a coastal area in Sierra Leone
Image Credit: shajaman007, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 1.856
Population: 7.977 million

Sierra Leone used to be a very safe place to travel. However, it has generally become less safe over the last few years. Its GPI used to be much higher. However, over the last few years, it has fallen rapidly. Violent crime has become more common, which has prompted a few travel warnings.

The police in the region are under-trained and do not have the experience necessary to respond to violent incidents, which is likely why the country has become more dangerous over the past few years.

With that said, the country is still rather safe and a decent place to visit for most tourists.

14. The Gambia

a river in The Gambia
Image Credit: IsaacTuray, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 1.85
Population: 2.417 million

The Gambia is a pretty safe country to live in and visit. However, the crime rate is somewhat high, especially in petty street crimes. Therefore, it isn’t terribly uncommon for theft and similar things to occur. These occurrences are quite often, so it is recommended that you take the appropriate steps to avoid being a victim yourself.

There are several tours avoidable for you to go on, which is recommended. However, there are also nature reserves that are quite popular. You can often stay in the small villages around the park, where the crime rate is lower.

Many tourists purchase Kora, which are musical instruments that are made by the Wolof tribe. They are considered the national instrument of the Gambia and are popular in many different areas. Wood carvings and wooden masks are also common.

15. Senegal

horse-drawn carriages in Senegal
Image Credit: DEZALB, Pixabay
Global Peace Index: 1.86
Population: 16.74 million

Senegal is an extremely small country that is in West Africa. It nearly surrounds the Gambia, which is quite similar. It owes its name to the Senegal River and features a heavy mix of different tribes, including the Wolof, Fula, and Serer people.

With that said, this country is quite poor and has a low human development index. For this reason, it is not one of the most popular tourist destinations. There just isn’t much infrastructure. With that said, it is one of the safer places to visit. Most crime is theft and other low-quality crime.

The 15 Safest Cities In Africa

16. Kigali

tourist spot in Kigali
Image Credit: Portraitor, Pixabay
Population: 1.1 million
Country: Rwanda
Threat Level: Medium (OSAC)

Kigali is the capital of Rwanda, as well as the largest city in the area. It has a series of valleys followed by steep slopes, so the elevation around the city changes quickly. If you want to visit a city in Africa, this is by far the safest option.

This city is known for its exciting cultural experience. You can visit community arts troupes, which are very common around Kigali. There are plenty of places to visit in this city, including a 20-story “city tower,” Museum of Natural History, and the National College of Science and Technology.

17. Windhoek

a church in Windhoek
Image Credit: Phlando, Pixabay
Population: 431,000
Country: Namibia
Threat Level: High (though due to COVID, not crime) (OSAC)

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and is also its largest city. It is located in a plateau area and is almost exactly in the middle of the country. It is also the social, political, and economic center of the country, which is one reason why tourists may want to visit.

The city was built on an ancient spring that was commonly utilized by indigenous pastoral communities. It took a while for this community to get going, as it was the center of many wars and conflicts. However, today it is quite safe. Many people visit for the cultural experience.

18. Lusaka

Population: 1.7 million
Country: Zambia
Threat Level: Low

Lusaka is considered to be a low-threat city, which makes it a great option for tourists. It does have some property crimes, such as theft. However, these crimes are usually aimed at residents, not visitors. Still, they can happen in some situations.

This city is the economic hub of Lusaka. Therefore, there are quite a few stores and similar areas to visit. Infrastructure is in place, which makes it easier for tourists to get around.

19. Gaborone

new central business district in Gaborone in the South of Botswana
Image Credit: Wandel Guides, Shutterstock
Population: 230,000
Country: Botswana
Threat Level: High (because of COVID)

This is the center of Botswana and a large city—it contains about 10% of the country’s population. For the most part, only petty crime occurs in this area. Tourism is an important industry, so the government does its best to protect it. There are also plenty of tours and similar tourist attractions in the area, so finding something to do shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The whole country is one of the safer options, so you can also travel around a bit. There are also game reserves, allowing you to go on safaris and similar tours.

20. Port Louis

a location in Port Louis, Mauritius
Image Credit: wurliburli, Pixabay
Population: 147,066
Country: Mauritius
Threat Level: Low

Mauritius is one of the safer countries in the world. Therefore, it only makes sense that Port Louis, the capital city, is also one of the safer options. This city is one of the cultural, political, and economic centers of the area.

This country is the home to the country’s main harbor. This is the main source of the country’s income and the city’s economy. This community is an active cultural community, which is one reason that many people visit, and it has attracted painters, poets, and similar creatives for centuries.

21. Victoria

a coastal area in Victoria, Seychelles
Image Credit: SCAPIN, Pixabay
Population: 26,450
Country: Seychelles
Threat Level: Low

Compared to other cities on this list, Victoria isn’t really much of a city. The population is comparatively quite low. However, that is largely because it is located on an island. As you might imagine, this means that the city has limited space to expand and is, therefore, much smaller.

This city feels much different than the rest of Arica, as it is on an island. Therefore, it is more of a tropical destination than an African destination.

22. Accra

a monument in Accra, Ghana
Image Credit: lapping, Pixabay
Population: 4.2 million
Country: Ghana
Threat Level: Medium

Accra is the largest city in Ghana and the capital. It is located on the Gulf of Guinea, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a pretty large urban population compared to other cities, but the crime rate is quite low comparatively.

This city has a serious transport infrastructure. Therefore, it is easy for tourists to get around. For this reason, many people visit this city for the cultural experience and the surrounding wildlife.

23. Lilongwe

Population: Almost 1 million
Country: Malawi
Threat Level: Low

Lilongwe is the home to many cultural experiences. Plus, there are many experiences for tourists in the surrounding area as well. While there is some crime, it is largely aimed at residents. Therefore, major crimes occurring against tourists are not common in the least.

Lilongwe is not one of the most popular visiting options out there. However, it is one of the better places to visit if you’re worried about safety.

24. Dodoma

Dodoma, Tanzania
Image Credit: Dodoma, Tanzania, afromusing, Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0 Generic
Population: 410,956
Country: Tanzania
Threat Level: Medium

Dodoma is the capital city in Tanzania, though only recently. The capital was moved there in 1974 for cultural and economic regions. Plus, it centralized the capital within the country. Originally, this city was only a small market town. However, it is since grown to house about half a million people.

There is an airport in this city, as well as plenty of infrastructure. Therefore, it is pretty easy for tourists to get around. While this city isn’t a huge tourist destination, it is one of the safer options for most tourists.

25. Monrovia

Population: 1 million
Country: Liberia
Threat Level: Medium

Monrovia is the capital of Liberia, which is located on the western coast of Africa. It is a rather large city and is home to about 29% of Liberia’s population. Its economy is mostly centered around its harbor. While this city is not the most popular option out there for tourists, there is still a lot to see. For instance, you can visit the national museum and watersides markets. There are also several beaches for you to visit.

This city is also home to many universities, as well as many public and private schools.

26. Cape Town

the table mountain view in cape town
Image Credit: Aldk, Pixabay
Population: 4.7 million
Country: South Africa
Threat Level: Medium

Cape Town is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. There is a lot of infrastructure set up for tourists, which is one reason why it is safer. However, the overall crime rate is quite high, which is something that you need to stay aware of.

Tourism is one of the city’s main sources of income, accounting for about 9.8% of the GDP. It is known for its mild climate and natural setting. It also has a number of features that attract tourists, such as Table Mountain and Cape Point.

27. Port St. Johns

Population: 6,500
Country: South Africa
Threat Level: Medium

Port St. Johns is a small town on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. It is not home to as many people as the other cities we’ve mentioned. However, it is a popular tourist destination for those looking for something a bit quainter.

In fact, it is the center of tourism on the Wild Coast, complete with three beaches. This community is specifically known for its famous “sardine run,” which draws tourists to the area each year.

28. Tangier

a coastal area in Tangier, Morocco
Image Credit: C_Ki, Pixabay
Population: Almost 1 million
Country: Morocco
Threat Level: Low

Tangier is easily one of the safest places in Africa to visit. This city is located on the Maghreb coast, which means that it’s full of beaches. Lately, the city has undergone rapid development, with many tourism projects being developed along the coast.

This city is a great option for those that are interested in a beach vacation in Africa, as the beaches are the main draw of this city.

29. Nairobi

a crowded road in Nairobi, Kenya
Image Credit: ninastock, Pixabay
Population: 4.3 million
Country: Kenya
Threat Level: Low

Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya, featuring many safaris and similar sight-seeing opportunities for visitors. While this city was once considered quite dangerous, crime has been decreasing since 2006, and it is a much safer city today than it once was.

Most crimes are not aimed at tourists. The police presence has improved greatly, which has allowed the country to lower the city’s crime rate significantly.

This city is Eastern Africa’s economic hub. Therefore, it isn’t odd to see lots of visitors from other areas there.

30. Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa
Image Credit: Addis Ababa, Laika ac, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 2.0 Generic
Population: 5 million
Country: Ethiopia
Threat Level: Medium

Ethiopia is one of the safest countries in Africa. Therefore, it only makes sense that its capital city would also be pretty safe. While Addis Ababa is one of the safest cities, it isn’t the safest, largely due to its huge size.

This city is prone to theft and similar crimes—just like any other large city out there. However, it is also prone to rebel attacks and similar problems. Therefore, while it may be one of the safest, it isn’t the safest.

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How to Stay Safe in Africa

Visiting Africa is the trip of a lifetime. However, there are several things you should do to stay safe on this continent.

Where you choose to visit matters a lot, and there are some extremely safe places in Africa that have lower crime rates than most western nations. These countries often have well-established tourism industries, as well, which helps keep tourists safe when they visit.

However, there are also a few very dangerous countries. Some are so dangerous that someone from a western country would be very likely to be involved in a crime of some sort, which is exactly why tourism is not very common in the region.

Therefore, do plenty of research before you go to ensure that you’re visiting a safe area. Some safer cities also have areas that are considered dangerous, so be sure to avoid those locations as well.

On top of this, you should travel in groups where possible. There are a few African countries where hiking alone isn’t a terribly dangerous occurrence. However, in most areas, hiking alone can quickly lead to trouble.

Traveling in groups is safer no matter where you go.

You should also avoid large crowds where possible and demonstrations, as these can bring pickpockets to the area. Where possible, don’t flash your money around or wear anything expensive, as this will only make you a target.

The usual suggestions for traveling all apply in Africa.

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There may be some pretty dangerous places in Africa. However, there are also some pretty safe places. It all depends on where you visit. However, there is a safe country out there for pretty much any tourist, ranging from tropical islands to safari-rich coastlines. It mostly depends on the experience you want.

Where possible, book your vacation with a company of some sort. Tourist companies know the safest places to go and have transportation in place to help you see more of the country. It is not recommended to travel by yourself, as this makes you a prime target for crime.

Sometimes, these vacations allow you to see multiple countries at once.

Featured Image Credit: HPBotha, Pixabay

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