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8 Kitchen Countertop Trends in 2024 – Design Ideas For A Modern Home

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Remodeling can be so much fun, and nothing is more rewarding than improvements in the kitchen because they are often as functional as they are attractive. One of the best projects to get started with is a new countertop. Older surfaces can be stained and discolored from use and time, while microscopic scratches can enable bacteria and mildew to grow and take hold. If you would like to update your countertop but need a few ideas first, you’ve come to the right place. Here are countertops that fit with modern trends to help you get your creative juices flowing.

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The Top 8 Kitchen Countertop Trends in 2024

1. Quartz

The Hanstone Montauk is a perfect example of the current trend to use quartz as a countertop. You can polish this durable stone to a nice shine, and it won’t scratch, so it’s easy to clean and keep sanitized. The light colors of this design will help it look more elegant.

2. Kitchen Island Countertop

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Image Credit: user32212, Pixabay

The Kitchen Remodeling Quad Cities Kitchen Island is a great example of the kitchen island countertop trend. It uses a large piece of stone to create an overhang that is functional and attractive. It’s also a testament to the strength of this stone, as it would be difficult to make such a thin overhang with another material.

3. Quartz Island Countertop

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Image Credit: DokaRyan, Pixabay

The Quartz Island Countertop uses several current trends, including quartz, high polish, and a pattern. This idea shows you how you can effectively use quartz with an attractive design while still retaining a light-colored countertop that will help dissipate light and make the room livelier.

4. Pebbled Dark Quartz Countertop

The Lowe’s Brockeye Countertop shows you that not all countertops need to be light-colored. This kind of quartz looks almost like tiny pebbles and helps the room feel calmer and more peaceful. This kind of counter is well suited to kitchens that receive plenty of natural light.

5. Polished Kitchen Countertop

A current trend is a highly polished surface that is easy to clean and sterilize. This example shows you how you can use a dark-colored counter with light-colored décor to create a comfortable environment that isn’t too shadowy.

6. Marbled Countertop

The Sensa Orinoco Countertop is a great example of how you can use marble instead of quartz to create an elegant countertop that is as attractive as it is easy to clean and sanitize. Some people might not like the dark color of this design, but it works great when the kitchen is part of a large room.

7. Veining and Patterned Kitchen Countertop

This design is a great example of how to use patterns and veining to your advantage to create something useful and attractive. This idea might look a little stark in the image, but it works with a wide variety of lighting that will help you create many different environments.

8. Embedded Sink Countertop

The Soliel Double Bowl Kitchen Sink is part of the current trend of adding a sink to the counter. This design looks attractive, and it makes the countertop more functional, especially if it’s an island or not located near your standard sink.


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Kitchen Countertop Trends


Quartz is a fantastic material to use for countertops due to its resiliency. It also requires less maintenance than other types of stone, like marble, to keep a nice shine. It’s easy to clean and keep sterilized, which is likely why it’s one of the most popular current trends in countertops.


Highly polished surfaces have been making a comeback over the last several years due to how much easier it is to wipe down and keep clean. Large, polished quartz, marble, or granite surfaces also require less maintenance than other materials, including tile.

nordic kitchen
Image Credit: R ARCHITECTURE, Unsplash

Veining and Patterns

After a few years of solid color countertops, people seem to be moving in the direction of more veining and patterns to help break up the monotony, especially on a large surface. The veining and designs are not usually bright enough to attract attention. They simply provide a bit of variation.


One current trend that we have seen is countertops with a cutout for the sink. Many builders assemble traditional counters around the sink, but these designs start with the counter instead. Many of these designs are more attractive, and they enable you to put the sink where it will be the most useful.

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There are several ways to create an attractive countertop using modern trends. Many designs use stone, but there are many other materials if it’s outside your budget. High polishing so it’s easy to clean and keep sanitized is essential to help minimize the risk of salmonella and e. coli while you are cooking. Patterns and veining will also help you keep up with current trends, and if you have the budget for it, having the sink built into the countertop is extremely popular.

Featured Image Credit: Max Vakhtbovych, Pexels


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