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Stihl RB200 Pressure Washer Review 2023: Pros, Cons, FAQ, and Verdict

Stihl Pressure Washer RB200

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Stihl RB200 Pressure Washer a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Build Quality: 4.8/5
Power: 4.5/5
Features: 4.1/5
Price: 4.0/5

If you need a heavy-duty pressure washer with enough force to clean driveways, sidewalks, and siding just like the professionals can, then the Stihl RB200 is an outstanding choice. It’s just one of the many pressure washers that Stihl makes, but it provides enough force to complete just about any job with ease.

It’s a gas-powered pressure washer that can produce up to 2,500 PSI, which is more than enough power for most DIY home-improvement jobs. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty that you can double to 4 years with the right add-on purchase, giving you a little extra peace of mind.

It’s a little more expensive, but it’s also extremely high-quality except for the wheels. It’s such a small thing, but it can lead to a ton of frustration if the wheels break off as you try to move it from place to place.

Overall, it’s a great pressure washer you should consider getting if you need a high-powered option for your next project around the home.

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Stihl Pressure Washer RB200 – A Quick Look


Brand Name: Stihl
Model: RB200
Height: 37.3 inches
Length: 27.3 inches
Width: 18.1 inches
Weight: 62.5 pounds
Maximum PSI: 2,500 psi
Power Source: Gas
Engine Horsepower: 5 horsepower
Water Flow: 2.3 GPM
Hose Length: 25 feet
  • Very durable product
  • Very powerful maximum PSI
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Outstanding water flow
  • Great 2-year warranty
  • Lower quality wheels
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Heavier option

divider 4Stihl RB200 Pressure Washer Details

Outstanding Quality

When you’re spending a little more for a product, you want it to last, and you want it to be a high-quality selection. With the Stihl RB200, you’re getting just that.

While there are some issues with the wheels, the engine, the hoses, and all the other components that make up the pressure washer are nothing but the best. You’re making a significant investment in the RB200, and with the quality you get, we think it’s well worth the price.

Extremely Portable

So, the Stihl RB200 is heavy, but since it doesn’t use any external power sources, it’s pretty easy to take from place to place. The most important thing is that you can get an adequate water supply. So, if you can, there’s no reason you can’t take the RB200 wherever you go.

Outstanding Warranties

It doesn’t matter how great a company makes a product, every once in a while, a dud rolls off the assembly line. While it’s extremely unlikely that this will happen with your Stihl pressure washer, it’s nice to know that in the unlikely event that it happens, Stihl has an excellent warranty process.

For all residential Stihl pressure washers, there’s a 2-year warranty that covers just about anything that would come up during routine use. However, if you plan to rent your Stihl pressure washer out, that does reduce the warranty to just 3 months.

But for most people, you get a 2-year warranty, which gives you more than enough peace of mind that you got a great pressure washing from Stihl.

Subpar Wheels

While just about everything is of impeccable quality with the Stihl RB200, one notable exception is with the wheels. Because of the amount of weight they’re trying to haul around, they don’t hold up well.

It’s simply a matter of time until the wheels fail, and if you go with a Stihl repair, they’ll keep failing on you. The last thing you want is to need to modify your new pressure washer, but when the wheels fail, that’s exactly what we recommend.

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It’s perfectly normal to have a few questions before you spend this much on a pressure washer. We understand, and that’s why we decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions for you here.

Can you use 10% ethanol fuel?

Yes, 10% ethanol fuel is the maximum amount of ethanol you can use in the fuel for any of their gasoline engines, but they run just fine with this amount of ethanol. You can also use fuel mixtures with less ethanol, but don’t use anything with more than 10%.

How can you double the Stihl warranty?

It sounds like something that’s impossible, but it’s actually pretty easy to double the Stihl warranty. If you purchase either six 2.6-ounce bottles of Stihl HP Ultra Oil or a 1-gallon container of Stihl Motomix premixed fuel with your new pressure washer, you automatically double the warranty.

For the Stihl RB200, that would take the 2-year warranty to a 4-year warranty. However, you need to purchase the oil or fuel in the same purchase as the RB200 to double the warranty.

What personal protective equipment (PPE) should you wear with an RB200 pressure washer?

Yes, you should wear PPE with an RB200 pressure washer. We recommend wearing hearing protection, gloves, and a face shield when using this pressure washer.

What the Users Say

Most users love their Stihl RB200 pressure washer. They rave about the cleaning power, dependability, and overall quality of the machine. However, one complaint that comes up time and time again is the quality of the wheels.

Whether they comment about them breaking after a few months or a year or two, if there’s a complaint about the RB200, the wheels are usually at the center of it. They always note that the warranty process to replace them is seamless, but it does take a little while.

It’s really a shame because the rest of the pressure washer is exactly what you’re looking for when you’re spending this much on a machine.

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If you’re in the market for a pressure washer and want one that has enough power and portability to handle any job anywhere, you can’t go wrong with the Stihl RB200. Be ready to invest in some new wheels for when the stock ones break off, but the engine, hoses, and the rest of the machinery will hold up for years without any problems.

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