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WEN 4214 Drill Press Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, & Verdict

WEN 4214 12”

WEN 4214 12

We give the WEN 4214 Drill Press a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. 

Build Quality: 4.2/5
Power: 4.2/5
Features: 4.7/5
Price: 4.1/5

Review Summary

Welcome to the top end of the WEN bench-top drill press lineup. The 4214 is a good choice for skilled homeowners and DIYers, and for specific tasks in small manufacturing processes and use by commercial contractors. It provides the largest stock handling capacity in the WEN bench-top line, along with the most powerful motor. It features a 5/8” chuck in place of the 1/2“ chuck on the other three choices. As you would expect on the top end of the line, it drills 3-1/8” holes, the deepest of all the models.

The precision is respectable, but users with a need for CNC-level precision are still not going to get that with the 4214. It is a highly capable, solidly built tool that compares well in performance to models from other manufacturers that cost significantly more. It is an excellent value for the money.

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WEN 4214 Drill Press – a Quick Look

  • 5/8” chuck for more drill bit versatility
  • Larger work table
  • Big and heavy, may not work in shops with limited space


Brand name: WEN

Model: 4214

Motor details: 120VAC, 5A, induction, ball bearings

Horsepower: 2/3

Speeds (number, RPM): Variable (530 – 3100)

Laser: Yes

Chuck capacity: 5/8” – the maximum shank size it can accept

Drilling capacity: 3-1/8” – maximum hole depth it can drill

Swing: 12” – maximum width of stock it can accept and drill holes on the centerline

Table size: 9-1/2” x 9-1/2”

Table tilt: Yes, 45o L/R

Height: 37”

Shipping dimensions: 29-1/2 x 20 x 11-3/4

Shipping weight: 95 pounds

WEN 4214 12” drill

Large work table with sliding roller extension

The 4214 has the largest work table in the WEN bench-top drill press line. It also features a sliding extension which effectively increases the work table size. This feature is especially useful if you need to drill holes off center in a larger piece of stock. The roller aspect of the fence also allows the user to slide the stock to the next drilling location, further simplifying stock handling.

Increased capabilities all around

With the 4214 you get more power and greater capacity than with the next lower model, the 4212. In addition to the variable speed motor and laser crosshair, you get the capacity to drill centerline holes in 24” wide stock, and also get upgraded to a 5/8” chuck capacity, which lets you use larger straight shank drill bits. Last, but not least, you can drill deeper holes with this model.

Respectable accuracy

The 4214 gives users respectable accuracy when the chuck is properly installed to minimize run out. However, the tool is not intended as an alternative or replacement for a CNC machine. If you need to drill straight holes in a wide variety of stock materials and perform some simple machining tasks, the 4214’s accuracy will meet your needs.

WEN 4214 12” plate


Can the 4214 double as an oscillating drum sander?

If you have the correct shaft diameter for a sanding drum, you can use it in the chuck as a drum sander. The oscillation portion is not a feature of the drill press. That is provided by lateral movement of the sanding drum. Drill presses are designed to minimize side-to-side motion.

Is it possible to remove the chuck and insert MT2 tooling in its place?

You can remove the chuck and install any MT2 taper tool in its place. It increases the versatility of the press. Depending upon the tool you use, you’ll need to be aware of the tool “walking” because of spindle limitations.

Is this drill press belt driven or gear driven?

The 4214 is belt driven and uses metal pulleys for durability. The variable speed works quite well with the belt system, and the readout LED seems quite accurate. It is a very well-built system.

WEN 4214 12” control

What the Users Say

The specifications and capabilities of the WEN 4214 are impressive on paper, but the true tale is told when a tool is put to use. We researched user reactions to see how they felt about this drill press after putting it to work on their projects.

Users are thrilled and pleased with the capabilities and performance of their 4214s. Even experienced machinists and serious woodworkers find the drill press equal or better in performance than tools they use on the job. This is very high praise from individuals known for being difficult to please.

Quiet, smooth power and operation are another area of satisfaction users report. Rotary tools make noise and can vibrate as a natural consequence of their rotation. Users appreciate how quiet the 4214 is while running and how smoothly it works. They also comment on the power it delivers in every type of stock they need to work.

When it comes to the warts users uncover, the top one is the quality of the 4214’s build. Users report issues with the fit and finish and, on occasion, with parts breaking, especially plastic and soft cast metal. A couple of users report issues with the motor making odd sounds or generating sparks in operation.

Despite the experiences reported by other users with positive views of their 4214s, poor customer service crops up frequently among dissatisfied owners. In these reports, the representatives contacted were either disinterested or did not know the product.


The 4214 is a great value for the money according to user reactions. The feature set, the quality of the product’s assembly, its power, and its smooth, quiet operation compare extremely well with far more expensive alternatives. Experienced homeowners, contractors, DIYers, and even small commercial production operations will find something to like about the WEN 4214. It is fairly adaptable to performing tasks outside simple drilling operation, which is a plus. The 4214 is one of the best values in a drill press currently on the market.

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