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Niagara Stealth Toilet Review 2024 – Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Niagara Stealth Toilet

We give the Niagara Stealth Toilet a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. 

Appearance: 4.8/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Features: 4.5/5
Price: 5/5

The Niagara Stealth is a unique toilet with one purpose in mind; to be as quiet as possible. It’s even in the name, so there’s no mistaking the intention. From the outside, this toilet appears completely average in every way. It looks like any standard toilet, with a two-piece design and no interesting styling cues. However, it’s what’s inside that really sets this toilet apart from the rest.

If toilet noise is of concern to you, then there might not be any better toilet for you to choose. This is definitely one of the quietest toilets on the market, possibly even the quietest altogether. It’s specifically designed with silence in mind, loading in several special features you won’t find elsewhere that are all designed to reduce the noise this toilet makes.

For such a specialized toilet, you might be surprised at the price; we certainly were. This toilet is more affordable than most options on the market, even though it’s got so many great features integrated to provide the quietest toilet experience possible.

More than just quiet, this toilet is also extremely economical with water, though that can sometimes mean it doesn’t flush as strongly as we’d like.

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Niagara Stealth Toilet – A Quick Look

New ceramic toilet bowl_New africa_shutterstock
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock
  • Brand name: Niagara
  • Model: Stealth
  • Water usage: 0.8 and 0.5 GPF
  • Max waste flush: 800 grams
  • Toilet type: Two-piece
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Uses just 0.8 GPF
  • Ultra-quiet flushing and filling
  • Affordably priced
  • Available with dual flush
  • Uses Fluidmaster 400A fill valve
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • You’ll often need a second flush
  • Has a hard time getting toilet paper down

Ultra-Conservative Water Use

One big draw of the Niagara Stealth is the tiny amount of water it uses. You can get it as a single flush or dual flush toilet, and both are incredibly economical.

As a single flush toilet, each flush uses a meager 0.8 gallons of water. If you opt for the dual-flushing Stealth instead, the larger flush uses the same 0.8 gallons, while the smaller flush uses just 0.5 gallons of water.

Flapper Free Operation

This toilet has gotten away from the old-school flapper designs and updated to a modern flush valve that’s completely flapper-free. There are several advantages to this. First, a flapper doesn’t allow for the quick exchange of water that the 360-degree valve in the Stealth makes possible. This is necessary to make the most of the tiny amount of water used with each flush.

Inside the tank, a Fluidmaster 400A fill valve is taking care of flushing, making this toilet much less susceptible to leaks than other toilets. It allows for a powerful flush, even though it’s using very little water each time.

Can You Even Hear it Flush?

As you could guess from the name, the real draw of the Niagara Stealth is its nearly silent operation. We weren’t sure how quiet this toilet would actually be, but after using it, we can say that it’s impressively quiet.

How does it achieve this? Through several mechanisms.

First, the tank is noise canceling. This helps to prevent any sound from escaping into the bathroom. But it’s also in the way that the tank is designed. Instead of emptying all the way with each flush, the tank remains mostly full, using only a small portion of the water inside for a flush. This allows the valve to remain submerged, which further prevents any noise it makes from transferring out of the tank.

Toilet Seat_shutterstock_structuresxx
Image Credit: structuresxx, Shutterstock

Best for Bidets

While this toilet lives up to its name by offering near-silent flushing and filling, there’s always a tradeoff when you start reducing the volume of water used for each flush. Flushing becomes more difficult, and that’s the biggest issue with the Niagara Stealth.

Overall, it seems to flush pretty well, and the bowl holds a large enough volume of water to prevent waste from sticking to the sides. But when using toilet paper, we noticed that this toilet has a pretty difficult time getting everything down the pipes. As such, it’s perfect for use with bidets.

This toilet has no problem flushing down solid waste and can flush a maximum of 800 grams at once. But once you add the toilet paper into the mix, it starts to struggle. If you plan on using a bidet seat, then this toilet could be ideal. But if not, then you’ll want to be aware of its flushing limitations.

A Great Buy on a Budget

With all these great features culminating in an extremely quiet toilet, you might expect the Niagara Stealth to cost an arm and a leg. It wouldn’t be surprising if it did. But it’s somewhat surprising that it doesn’t. In truth, this is one of the most affordable toilets on the market, even though it’s got some great technology employed in making it so quiet. If you expected this level of luxury to be expensive, then you’d be mistaken.

It’s Plain in Every Other Regard

There’s no doubt that this toilet is special in its own way. It’s likely the quietest toilet we’ve ever used. But other than that, there is nothing special about it. It looks completely average, though it’s not ugly by any means. If you’re looking for a toilet that will enhance the looks of your bathroom, this probably isn’t it. It won’t detract from the appearance of your bathroom either though. It’s just a very standard looking toilet, even if its operation is anything but.

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Image Credit: Rasulov, Shutterstock


Is the Niagara Stealth toilet ADA compliant?

Yes, the Niagara Stealth toilet is ADA compliant.

Do you have to hold the button down for the toilet to flush?

No, you simply need to push the button and release it. In fact, you don’t even need to push the button down all the way. About 1/8-inch is all that’s necessary.

Does this toilet include a seat and mounting hardware?

All Niagara Stealth toilets include a seat and the necessary mounting hardware.

Is there enough water in the bowl to prevent waste from sticking to the sides?

The Niagara Stealth toilet uses a large water surface in the bowl to ensure that waste doesn’t stick to the sides.

Niagara 77001WHCO1

What the Users Say

We always try to compile as much useful information about any models we review as possible. While we’re confident that we’ve covered all the bases when it comes to the Niagara Stealth, we also realize that our opinions aren’t the only ones that matter. So, we searched the internet to find out what real-world users of this toilet had to say so that we can share their thoughts with you.

Many users were glad that this toilet comes with a seat, though many seemed disappointed in the seat’s quality. The seat is cheap, flimsy plastic, so you’ll probably want to replace it if you value comfort. It’s also not a soft-closing seat, which many people prefer today.

A common thread was that most users were quite impressed with how quiet this toilet truly is. Most users seemed surprised that it is nearly silent, and the toilet receives a lot of praise for this fact.

Users were also very happy with the low water consumption of this unit. However, there were plenty of people that were less stoked at this toilet’s struggles to flush toilet paper.

One thing everyone seemed to like was the price. This toilet is priced like a budget buy, even though it’s got some awesome features not found on toilets several times the price.

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Overall, we were fairly impressed with the Niagara Stealth toilet. It definitely lives up to its name by offering some of the quietest flushing we’ve ever witnessed. The noise-canceling tank and submerged valve ensure that almost no noise escapes during flushing or filling. It uses hardly any water, though this does make it difficult to flush toilet paper. Still, for such an affordably priced toilet, we think the Niagara Stealth offers quite a lot.


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